When looking for 55 and older communities it is easy to get distracted by financial uncertainties and personal woes. But, what if we told you that our partner real estate agents could help you keep your eyes on the end goal: your new home. They can! From the sprawling vineyards of California to the seaside breezes of New Jersey, our partner real estate agents have helped countless people just like you find prime real estate within their budget in the 55 and older communities of their dreams. Plus, utilizing a real estate agent during the home buying process has its perks.

  1. It saves you time: Scouring 55 and older communities takes time and effort, and unless the thought of a part-time job sounds like fun, you probably don’t have the energy to go it alone. Our agents specialize in 55 and older communities throughout the country so you can spend more time touring potential homes and less time identifying where the ones for sale are located. Instead of turning to the internet to identify homes for sale in your desired location, leave the guesswork out of the equation and entrust a real estate agent to help you find properties you might have otherwise overlooked on your own.
  2. It helps you estimate costs: No one else can walk into a home for sale and immediately estimate its value as accurately as one of our partner real estate agents. It is practically in their DNA. It’s best to hire a real estate agent to help you navigate homes within 55 and older communities so you can avoid overpaying. From being knowledgeable on the value of real estate in a particular neighborhood to what money pitfalls to look out for, our agents care about what’s in your best interest, most importantly your financial interest.
  3. It’s an extra set of eyes: The allure of certain 55 and older communities makes overlooking a potential home’s downfalls easy. Think you might have to settle for the fixer-upper in order to live in the perfect community? Just because a particular community accommodates your style doesn’t mean all of the homes within it do. Our partner agents can help you keep a level head by being quick to point out costly repairs.

Whether you are looking for a neighborhood close by or thousands of miles away, 55Places.com’s team of partner real estate agents can help you discover 55 and older communities that fit your specific needs and wants. The benefits of working with an experienced real estate agent to help you find the perfect area to call home are enumerable. So what are you waiting for? Contact a 55places.com partner agent today.