3 Ways to Use the Internet to Stay Connected During Retirement.

These days, it seems like everywhere you look, you’ll see a brand new technological innovation. Today’s technology is constantly evolving, and senior communities across the country have certainly been working hard to stay on top of the popular trends.

And while you may be happy to make use of your retirement community’s computer lab to access anything from online games to email correspondence with your family, there are several other ways you can take advantage of today’s technology to stay connected with loved ones throughout retirement.

  1. The benefits of videochat: From Skype to Google Hangouts, there are dozens of computer programs that allow you not only to chat with loved ones across the country, but to see them during your conversations. Take a look to see if your community’s computer center is equipped with video cameras. If not, you can find one at virtually any computer store. Simply download the program, follow the step-by-step set up instructions, and connect with your family and friends through audio and video!
  2. Consider social media: While you may have heard your grandchildren going on and on about Facebook, Twitter, and Google+, social media networks aren’t just for those still in high school! These days, more and more seniors are creating online profiles in order to stay connected with old friends and new friends alike! Setting up a profile is easy; finding friends, sending messages, and reconnecting is even easier!
  3. Try keeping a blog: Though there are certainly many people out there who create and update a blog (a type of interactive, online journal) for the entire internet to see, there are just as many who keep a blog for friends and family’s eyes only. Simply select a blog provider (Blogspot and Wordpress are both free and easy to use), create an account, and start writing! From updates about your annual vacations to passages about your weekly trips into town, blogs are the perfect way to keep your friends and family updated about your life – and to read about their lives too!

Whether you’re an internet professional or you’ve yet to step foot into your senior community’s computer lab, learning how to use the internet to connect with your loved ones is even easier than you might think! To learn more about the benefits of staying connected during retirement or to search for senior communities today, visit our homepage.