Adding a second job can help active adults decrease debt and retire sooner. 

Just because you’re retired doesn’t necessarily mean you wouldn’t like to still be making money on the side, right? In fact, nearly four in every ten Americans are making extra money thanks to a side hustle. And now, active adults are getting in on the action for a number of reasons. This includes the opportunity to increase their long-term savings and also to continue taking an active role in the community without the commitment that comes with a full-time career.


According to a Northwestern Mutual’s 2018 Planning and Progress study, one in three baby boomers has no more than $25,000 saved for their retirement. Additionally, many more adults over the age of 60 face the issue of having to pay off debt, specifically student loans. These loans are often taken out for both for children or grandchildren. On average, the amount of debt owed is roughly $23,500.

With that in mind, many active adults are turning to jobs on the side to help increase their savings and make sure they go into full retirement debt-free. For those who complete extra work at least once a month, earnings average $836/month, though two-thirds bring in less than $500/month. Regardless of how much money a second job brings in, there are a lot of benefits to enjoy.

Side Hustles to Consider

Fortunately, there’s a lot of fun and unique opportunities to consider. Many adults are turning to services like Uber and Lyft for extra money. Both services allow people to sign up as drivers to help pick up passengers and take them to their destination. Drivers are allowed to make up their own schedule and drive as much or as little as they would like. Depending on how many rides you give each month, drivers can make anywhere from hundreds to thousands each month.

Other great options to keep in mind include taking on freelance work. Freelance means getting paid based on how individual assignments for other companies. Examples can mean anything from writing articles for a blog or selling photos to a local paper. Like Uber and Lyft, how much work you do and how much you contribute is often up to you to decide.

More Than Just Money

While there are economic benefits to having a side job, there are also health benefits. Working in a more free and relaxing environment can have a positive effect on your overall health. Not only are you able to socialize and interact with a variety of different people, but you’re maintaining an active presence in your community. Plus, you might just find yourself in a role that could end up being something you come to love.


For help in finding side jobs, there are a couple of websites to check out, like SideHusl and Side Hustle Nation. Both websites let visitors learn about different gigs and informs readers on how to pay taxes and set up a retirement account.

Whatever your reasons may be for taking one, side jobs present themselves as wonderful opportunities to help active adults explore unique jobs that bring in both extra money and health benefits.