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If you're waiting to sell your current residence before enjoying the benefits of living in an age-restricted or active lifestyle community, we can help!

The real estate experts that are part of our national Partner Agent Program are hand selected based on their expertise and knowledge of the market they represent. To put it simply: we can help you sell your home fast for the highest price. Of course, working with also means you have someone in your corner from the initial consultation and market analysis to listing your home and closing, and every step in between.

What are the benefits of working with our real estate experts?

Keep peace of mind.

Feeling overwhelmed about downsizing or decluttering? That's our specialty. Want tips for staging or low-cost improvement ideas? We've got you covered. Our real estate experts are adeptly trained to help homeowners who are 55 and older.

Keep peace of mind.

Selling a home with one of our real estate experts means your listing will be added to the MLS, which feeds directly into home search websites.

Sell smart.

Your real estate expert will conduct a comparative market analysis and help with your home sale strategy based on current market conditions and qualities buyers are looking for in your area.

Gain exposure.

Real estate experts in our Partner Agent Program receive a large number of homebuying inquiries across the country every day. Because of this, you'll have another person in your corner connecting home seekers to your listing.

Know that first impressions count.

Your real estate expert will guide you to make your home stand out, which means finding ways to strengthen curb appeal and sprucing up your living space so your home sells at the highest price.

What can you expect throughout the process?

You'll have help to ease the selling process.

Your real estate expert will provide you with a checklist so expectations of the process are clear and concise.

Negotiating home sale offers can be tough.

Your real estate expert will identify the pros and cons of every option on the table to make your decision easier and will be with you every step of the way..

Selling a home comes with a lot of paperwork.

Your real estate expert handles all the contracts to make sure every "t" and "i" is crossed and dotted.

Advocating for your interests comes first.

Your real estate expert will act as a buffer between you and all potential buyers—fielding and answering questions, identifying serious offers, and negotiating on your behalf.

Stay informed with home selling resources.

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