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  • Places like Rome, Italy, and London are among the most popular vacation spots in the world. Some people may spend a lifetime dreaming of visiting these travel hotspots, but where should you go if you're looking for a similar experience without the crowds? There are plenty of other spots in the world that may not get the notoriety they deserve.
  • A world of adventure awaits for active adults who have the opportunity to travel. All around the globe, excitement beckons in a myriad of ways. Whether travelers are interested in music or museums, food or fun, sightseeing or skydiving, a great way to see the world is to plan a trip around your passions. Read on for some of the best destinations to see depending on your specific interests.
  • For patients on dialysis, travel may seem daunting. However, dialysis patients can enjoy travel and leisure across the U.S thanks to several dialysis-friendly cities. These five cities combine the best of entertainment and travel with access to dialysis centers for the most convenient destinations for dialysis patients.
  • With unbeatable outdoor recreation, miles of beautiful coastline, and world-famous attractions, it's easy to see why Southern California is a top vacation destination. To make the most of your next trip, we've prepared some essential tips for traveling SoCal like a local.
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    Las Vegas, Nevada is known all around the world for its famous "Las Vegas Strip," its variety of casinos, high-end shopping, and gourmet dining. Tourists from all over enjoy many of Las Vegas' signature attractions, but for those who want to experience this vibrant city the way a local would, it is easier than you may think.

    by Adam Prestigiacomo on December 7th, 2018No Comments

    One of the many benefits of moving to an active adult community is the great number of amenities and clubs to participate in. As such, residents have a variety of options to choose from. In particular, one of the most popular clubs/activities in any community is the travel club. Read on below to learn about some of the many communities that offer travel clubs.
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    North Carolina stretches from the beautiful beaches of the Atlantic to the majestic mountains of the southern Appalachians. As a big state, it has a lot of offer and is a great place for a vacation. However, there are some things that are the same across the whole state, and certain things to try for an authentic North Carolina experience.

    by Cari Oleskewicz on December 7th, 2018No Comments

    Traveling in Central Florida can include everything from Walt Disney World in Orlando to Legoland in Lakeland and Busch Gardens in Tampa. The area is more than theme parks, however, and if you really want to experience the best of the sunshine state's core, you need to travel like a local. Here are some ideas that will help you feel more like a resident and less like a tourist.
  • The New York City and New Jersey metro area is one of the most visited areas of the country, drawing millions of tourists every year. Its dense populations and a constant influx of travelers make the roads busy, dinner reservations difficult, tickets to a show nearly impossible. Here are ways to avoid all of that like the locals do.
    Seattle and Portland are what come to mind for a lot of people when they think of the Pacific Northwest. However, the northwestern corner of America, made up of Washington, Oregon, and Idaho, offers so much more than those big cities. There is an abundance of wonderful, wild, and whimsical small towns waiting to be discovered throughout the region.


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