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Are Grandkids Allowed in 55+ Communities?

by Susan Quilty on 67 Comments

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Generally grandkids are allowed to visit 55+ communities. However, there may be restrictions on when they are allowed in the community and where in the community they are allowed to be.

One of the first questions potential homebuyers ask about active adult communities is, “Will my grandkids be allowed to visit me?” They are relieved to learn that the answer is a resounding yes. Even in age-restricted communities, kids are welcome to visit as long as they follow the community rules and don’t become permanent residents.

There are some misconceptions about active adult communities, particularly when it comes age restrictions. Many active adults choose age-restricted communities because they want to live among their peers. They may prefer living on a street that isn’t lined with playing children or frequented by teenaged drivers. But that doesn’t mean that they dislike kids or want to ban them from the community entirely.

Residents at age-restricted communities are often grandparents themselves, or they may have close friends with young children. They typically welcome a chance to meet their neighbors’ visiting family and friends, including kids of all ages. In fact, many active adult communities include playgrounds to entertain young visitors. Some active adult communities offer other special amenities as well, such as the grandchildren’s pool at PebbleCreek in Goodyear, Arizona.

While age-restricted communities are designed for active adults, there are amenities which will appeal to kids. Visiting grandkids often enjoy activities like catch-and-release fishing in communities which have stocked lakes, swimming in resort-style pools, bringing a pet to the dog park or trying out some crafts in a community art studio. Some golf communities even have junior programs for young golfers.

In general, problems with visiting kids only arise when they don’t follow the community rules, which may include limitations on the length of an extended visit. These rules are in place to support the rights of all of the community’s residents, not to make it difficult for grandparents to spend time with their young visitors.

At age-restricted communities, limitations are typically put on visitors under the age of 19, but that age can be different from one community to the next. The length of time that kids are allowed to visit can also vary, but it’s common for kids to be limited to visiting no more than 30 to 90 days out of the year.

It’s likely that there will be rules regarding how or when visiting kids can use the community amenities, such as swimming pools or sports courts. They may only be allowed during certain hours or on certain days, and they typically must be accompanied by an adult. This is both for the safety of the kids, and for the comfort of the other residents who are using the facilities.

Before kids come to visit, it’s important that residents understand the rules for young visitors. Respecting these rules is the best way to be a good neighbor, avoid unnecessary problems and ensure that your grandkids will be welcome to visit again.

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  1. I lived in one of the Sun City communities (Texas). One time, a resident brought her grandkid to the indoor pool. He proceeded to foul the pool which then had to be closed for a week for cleaning. I never went into the pool again after hearing about this incident which, thank God, I wasn’t there to witness in person. Kids should not be allowed in pools, especially at retirement communites, for the benefit of the adults who live there. I do not want to be in a pool where kids will be peeing — or worse.

  2. That is a valid point, Marianna. My wife and I are currently shopping for a 55+ community, and so far, our favorite is The Villages in Florida. They have both family and adult pools.

    1. Bill, I have friends in the Villages who have l lived there 10 years or more — they love it — they are my age (65). They have so many pools there, I’m sure they can reserve a few for those who love peace and quiet in an adults-only setting. I would move to the Villages myself, except I can’t stand hot, humid weather.

    2. We are moving to Ava Maria village near Naples fl. Warner and smaller at this point. Looked at the villages but Ava Maria blows it away. Look like not it.

  3. I think the biggest reason for the children not being allowed in the indoor pools, NOISE. The space is large and there is nothing to absorb the sound. Most of the indoor pools are designed for lap swimming and working out. Which keeps us hopefully limber. I truly enjoy watching the little ones having fun with grandma and grandpa and even found other grandparents who offer to help the little one with swimming strokes. I live in On Top of the World and we have a miniture golf course that the kids of all age love. Also have a basketball court, swings and other things grandkids love along with grandmas cooking. Judy

  4. We live in a Del Webb community and there have been many battles amongst the residents on this subject. The children’s hours have been limited to 3-5 in the afternoon with extended hours on holidays. The battles continue and people have stopped being friends over this issue…sad, but true.

    1. I have found most grandparents to be very territorial. In other words, “Love me, love my grandkids.” But there are many of us who desire to live without the noise and bother of children. If I’m paying a hefty community association fee to live in a peaceful retirement community, then that’s what I want — peace and quiet with no kids running loose.. I’m 65 but have never liked the noise of kids, even when I was very young. I am not alone. I think it’s time for truly adult communities without grandkids. Right now, I live in a normal, all-age subdivision with no active community association. There is a nice family with 4 kids across the street — they bother no one because the parents are responsible. The rest of my surrounding neighbors, so far, are retirement age. I have more peace here than I had at Del Webb. I guess it’s the luck of the draw who moves in next to you.

  5. I am a Realtor who lives in one of the Valencias in South Florida and also sells the surrounding Communities. Our HOA has enacted a rule that children under 3 and incontinent adults have to wear swim diapers and rubber pants under their swimsuits when they swim in our Social Club Pool. They are not allowed to use our Athletic Club Lap Pool. Any child under 14 must be accompanied by an adult when swimming. This seems to be working.

  6. Always a hot topic in age restricted communities and when there is only one pool it becomes far more challenging to resolve. In the original Sun Cities we have seven pools with three of them allowing children at fixed hours of the day. It solves two problems in that residents who don’t want to be around kids stay away during the hours they are allowed there. The second works well in that the hours are distributed during the day so there is never really a time they can’t get to a pool.

      I currently like in a 48+ community and there are more children and grandchildren here than when I had my own home or condo. I pay a high HOA and Comm charge without even going to the club because whenever I want to go to the gym, pool, bbq or other, all I see is kids yelling, screaming and running around and the parents or grandparents are sitting chit chatting with themselves or reading without paying attention to the children. That is very unfair when they do not pay for anything and you know that if they went outside and had to pay a membership to a club and spa, it would be prohibitive and you would not be able to go out for dinner ever. I personally do not care for non diving pools so I do not go to the pool but I certainly will not agree that not only do these parents allow these children to run around and annoy others but they also want them running around near the home or outside of another owner’s home. If they come to visit, that is fine but why bother if owners are not paying attention to them or even stay with them to enjoy their stay at the community. For that matter why did they buy a place in a 55 community?? Was it because they wanted to get away also every so often? Did they hate staying in a home where the adult was not wanted because it was considered a burden? If you love your parent, do not place them in a place where they will be alone and be ecstatic when they are visited by their families because you figure it is cheaper that way. Be fair to the ones you love and enjoy them entirely while they are alive because the elderly will not need you after. If non-residents want to enjoy their parents or grandparents, place then they should pay for it per person. Using the amenities at a club and spa of a 55+ community will become a big expense eventually because of over usage and oops there goes a low HOA and common charge for every one. Is that fair??
      This is not a question of being the “old bitty” but more like taking advantage and being callous or thoughtless for the people over a certain age. It is like the commercial that asks the elderly mother,” .. mom, have you thought about getting life insurance? Why would a parent that owns a home with or without any mortgage want to pay for MORE insurance on their life when if they are gone, the home can pay with the proceeds of the sale of the home and whatever is left will go the selfish children!!! We ‘old bitties’, break our so and so for our children and they care less and less as your like goes down the hole. How selfish can children continue to be with their parents/grandparents. I lost my parent and she died in my arms at home with me and not away from those she loved. She took care of me, I took care of her to the hurtful and painful end……Do u love your parents or are you still taking advantage of them??

      1. Many communities have become daycare centers…. It is up to the “adults” to maintain order and follow the guidelines set forth by the association. I agree with many of the comments posted. Grandparents/parents need to understand it’s a matter of common courtesy and common sense.

      2. thank u for saying what a lot of use think . we love our grandchilden but we knew the rules when we bought our home how fast so many forget why we bought a55 plus assoclike it say;s 55 plus

      3. Remember when you were young and played freely out on the open? But you don’t want this for the younger generation? When I was a kid older folks were part of the community more and kids were an accepted and wanted part of life. Unless you came from those joyless ‘children should be seen and not heard homes’ If getting old means you can’t enjoy the sound of kids playing and enjoying life I hope I never get old! Of course, I suspect these types have always been cranky and old age gives them an excuse to be a right ole grump! Cemeteries are very quiet places–while I’m alive I want to be with those with a zest for life!!!

      4. I understand what you are saying but if they are over the age of 18 and are going to school and cause no problems I see no reason for them not allowing to stay sometime it a good thing they can learn from people who are older and sometimes we can too

      5. you see mia its not the kids its the parents when people who raise children badly this is what happen you get bratz and the children aren’t selfish but the parents are kid only do what they are taught to do so if they are bad that how they were raised to be like the old saying goes we are what are parents made us

      6. mia you sound like a great person your right with a lot of points you made and I understand were your coming from but a lot of people will not most people aren’t good like years ago I am not saying everything was perfect back then but god help us if another came to are parents and told the we where misbehaving are parent would correct us today they just look to have and altercation with the person that the difference

  7. I checked out this website to ascertain what other condo communities are doing about visiting grandkids. I live in an over 55 community in a condo. The area is beautiful and serene “most of the time”. However, visiting grandkids above me are destroying the peace and quiet that I moved here to enjoy. We are now instituting a 2-week continuous visitation rule but I feel we are not going far enough in restricting grandkid visitation as a few days could be skipped and the grandkids are back for another 2-week visit! Also there is no restriction now on the number of days per year that grandkids can visit. We all should be able to enjoy the homes for which we paid good money and not be hassled by visiting grandkids. I totally agree with the lady who said if people want grandkids to visit all the time, they should have moved somewhere else rather than a condo where it disturbs and annoys people living in such close proximity! Hopefully, there will be a standardized visitation rule for all condos in the future so people will know what they’re getting into when they buy!!!!

  8. I’m trying to find an age-restricted community (preferably in northern Ohio or any northern state, but I’m not limited) that does not allow grandchildren to visit, or limits their visits strictly. I’m sick of people talking about kids as the future, etc., etc. Whether they are or not has nothing to do with me; I just want peace and quiet and adult company. People without children have rights too, especially when they’re paying a great deal of money to live in a community.

    Does anyone know of a place that has such restrictions?

  9. I am truly amazed at the comments on this site. I will however say you have made my decision much easier. I prefer to surround myself with kind and caring people. From what I am reading the residents of these “communities” seem to be bitter lonely people with a dash of rudeness thrown in for effect. I’ve chosen to stay where I currently live. Yes there are children that run around and yes they do make noise. When I take the time to sit and listen they are quite amusing. Yes there are young couples that have fairly loud gatherings but it is those “selfish” “noisy” neighbors that snow blow my driveway in the winter and they don’t charge me a maintenance fee, they do it because we are neighbors. If we don’t see Bertha outside waiting on the curb every other day we go check on her. Why because we are neighbors. My family visits me often and they stay as long as they want, and not once has anyone held a meeting to have my families time restricted or worse yet prohibited. No I’ll stay in the neighborhood I currently live in. Why??? Because we are truly a neighborhood and no one charges a fee.

    1. some of you just don’t get it..senior communities are SENIOR communities for a reason..many of these residents have severe health problems.my mother is 89 and has sleep apnea and moved to a senior community to escape the family lifestye community type of apartments due to the noise of kids and the boomcars blaring their (c)rap music! sleep apnea is a lethal condition! not long after she moved in to the senior living community,two of the ladies in her building began to babysit their grandkids every day,letting them run amok,screaming ,running around the property.the owners of the community wouldn’t do anything which totally amazed me. my mother has moved to another senior community which is quiet 24/7 as they enforce the rules unconditionally!! my statement to those of you who welcome the noise to please stay in your family lifestyle complexes…that’s where you belong..not in senior communities which are aimed at seniors..not families and kids..or do you still not get it?

      1. Wow… really? Sleep apnea? I know several people with sleep apnea and while it has killed people if left untreated it is certainly not cancer. Perhaps YOU don’t “get it” 55+ communities were not created for the ill. That’s assisted living and nursing homes. 55+ communities are simply places that offer cheaper and more convenient housing for older people. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve looked at an affordable Florida property only to discover it was only for folks over 55.

      1. The Ghost hahaha! Sounds about right. Florida is heavens waiting room. Full of a bunch of bitter old people who only care about the mailman, the trash, and kids that make noise. Been there…had a life..now sitting around quietly waiting to die.

    2. Daryl,

      I also made my decision, these communities have more drama than my highschool students. Its all about choices.

    3. your comments are true but most of these didn’t get like this because they got old they was always like this miserable and unfriendly the type of person who never said hello to nobody just ran into their home when they came home never stopping just to see how your neighbor are doing make a friend its a good thing young or old you never know when somebody just need someone just to listen to them for a second it call being a good person

  10. I too am truly amazed Daryl, but more so by your comments. Seems you’ve read a dozen remarks by folks on this site and have come to the astounding conclusion that people living in age restricted communities are “bitter lonely old people with a dash of rudeness thrown in.”

    No offense brother, but hardly the case. Are there some folks with issues? Sure, but even in your perfect neighborhood, I suspect we’d find a couple of them with a chip on their shoulder or a few that would qualify for anger management classes. It would hardly inspire me to critique the entire population of a community.

    The reality is this: Even back in the 60’s when Del Webb first opened Sun City AZ, the expectations were no more than 6% to 7% of those eligible to move here would even consider it. While those percentages are up a tad, it’s still the minority of seniors opting to live in age restricted communities.

    Seems to me to be reasonable to let those living where they do to enjoy it and not assess them all based on a couple of comments you don’t agree with. On the other hand, if you like/love where you live…good for you. Age restricted communities are not for everyone. Mixed age living isn’t for everyone. Hopefully I never become so cynical I judge entire populations by a handful of comments.

    I would just close by telling you the original Sun City has 43,000 residents. We give back millions of hours per year as volunteers to maintain that “sense of community” that has been one of our core values since our inception. We don’t look for outside influence to solve our problems, we do it ourselves. Doesn’t get much better than that eh?

  11. WOW…My wife and I are well over 55, and our lovely granddaughter lives with us. We were considering a 55+ home to alleviate home maintenance and be surrounded by so many great amenities adult communities offer. BUT, if I have to be surrounded by a neighborhood of “nasty, grumbling, grumpy old farts”, I too would rather stay put in my home and hire some “teenagers” to help with maintenance. We have 7 children and 17 grandchildren.. love them all and can’t wait for their visits with open arms. Here, here Daryl, I wouldn’t even have written if I didn’t read your response to MIa. Mia, you belong in an old person’s home, I can’t believe your comments regarding our young children. Do all of you in 55+ have the same attitude? I still enjoy coaching my granddaughters, playing catch, teaching them the skills of sports. We senior citizens, aren’t going to be around much longer to enjoy these wonderful moments with the young’uns. And…I understand most 55+ communities will allow live-ins at age 18….no trouble there.. parties, fast cars and more. 55+ is not for us! WOW!

    1. Most older people are so miserable and awful to be around, I’m glad u hide yourselves in those stuff and boring communities. Thank you from the bottom of my heart

    2. I am very sorry for the rude people that think they can buy in a 55 and over community then bring all their kids and grand kids in to stay.
      Most people in these communities have families also but choose to live in a community with their peers.
      I cannot even use our club pool because we have children there from 11-3 daily peeing diapers no hair in pony tails suntan oils everywhere. Kids leave everything out dont put it up fun jump and yell as all children do.
      I dont want to swim in that kind of environment. Rude grandparents taking away the rights of others . Most people have given up using the facilities due to the inconsiderate people taking advantage of the amenities. Take your kids to a plunge or the beach go on a picnic. why be so rude to others.
      I am sick of selfish rude people.

      1. Dear, I think you are the rude one. Just because you hate children doesn’t mean 99% of the population does. If you wanted a truly child free home, you should have looked for one. If you are seriously that uptight about a few kids daring to use your community pool without a full biohazard scrub down then perhaps community pools aren’t for you. I’m pretty sure EVERYONE has body oils, dirt on their skin, bodily fluids and much, much more when entering any pool. Even if they showered 30 seconds earlier. That’s what the chlorine is for dear. Even though you you may be 55+, I think you may need to grow up……

    3. 55+ is exactly what it means!!! If you want to have less maintenance, move to a condo with no age restrictions . . . . simple enough, isn’t it!!!??? Why should those who’ve paid good money to live a quite life in a 55+ community have to deal with your 17 grandchildren visiting??? And, why is everyone having such a difficult time understanding the 55+ concept???

      1. Why do you have to be so rude. If someone asks a question (nicely or not)either answer them politely or not at all. Weren’t you taught “If you have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all?”

    4. Bob, it is 55+ for a reason. If your lovely granddaughter lives with you, guess what? It’s now not a 55+ community. You shouldn’t be living there, or you should be paying everyone else’s HOA.

    5. We currently live in a 55+ Community and due to major issues we need to take our 16 year old granddaughter who is the sweetest and most lovely child she is quiet and very friendly We have gone to the office to make the request and are awaiting there answer, I am sick while waiting as she calls me crying and begging to come here as her home life is terrible and I hate to have to say that about my daughter and her husband but the truth is truth So my question is if they say No is there any law that I can use to persuade them to let her come here, I am sick everyday she is not here with us. Thanks for any input

    6. bob your right where old but not dead but some of these have die all ready and don’t know it to all the people who are like this welcome to the graveyard

  12. Truly amazing comments from people who haven’t a clue. Living in an age restricted community is a way of life. Different for sure, but for many of us, it’s just a better way to live.

    For those of you who elect to live in age blended communities, more power to you. The difference is I won’t sit in judgment whether some of you may be happy, sad or glad. Happiness comes from within and it appears as if some of you may be wasting your lives judging those of us who choose to live a more quiet lifestyle.

  13. @bill pearson
    i agree with you..my mother has sleep apnea and can’t live in an age blended community because of the noise ..i myself have a sleep disorder and must live in a senior community where it’s quiet nearly 24/7..a-holes above like BOB are clueless and seem extremely ignorant.

  14. Hi all,, I’m a 67 yr old resident at a 55 community, central fl. Pennbrooke Fairways .sounds innocent enough, close to The snake as I like to call it.. The Villages, anyway, my front yard is fronted by a old gal with a pool,, she has anyone, everyone, anyone who is young, old , relative or stranger come and go in her pool, it’s all she has to Show Off, as she hasn’t changed her then old furniture in the 15 yrs iv known her.ok back to the noise, she has these young kids of a relative of a relative of a friend , you know the story, these kids come very un disciplined as is then give them a pool and you got trouble, they refuse to use the community pools,,2 of them, but they holler and scream from 30 feet away at my location.my blood just boils as I try to be very considerate ,so the last time it happened I took a small radio out to where the properties join,, I’m on my property now , since it sounds like a party anyway why not some Beatles or buddy holly or some waylon jenning to really get the thing goin here. Needless to say my radio was met with some aggression from a 25 yr old dad of the kids who was hollering already, saying he didn’t like my music and it had to go, a stair down ensued my radio stayed he went back to his screaming kids and wife, mind you now he is a guest in the community , 25 yrs old with screamers , I’m 67 and a 12 yr resident paying 150 dollars for nothing, I moved here hoping for quiet, I got a careless neighbor who plays the constant victim, my house is up for sale now after the latest episode, a word of advice to all potential 55 wanna be’s. Don’t move in the area of someone with a pool,, you will live to regret it. Ps my home was already built when these aholes bought the lot next to mine and I really had no choice in the matter,, good home hunting.tah tah for now

    1. Dear Joey,
      Why do you call “The Villages”…”The Snake”?
      I’m considering purchasing a mobile home near “The Villages”…
      Your post sounds so familiar…it’s a shame some people are so inconsiderate of their neighbors.Why doesn’t the Association crack down on violators? Loud noise is annoying…music, screaming, motorcycles etc.
      It’s basic social etiquette to teach children/grandchildren to behave in a proper manner in a public place.
      Hope to hear from you soon!

    2. joey I am sorry to hear what your going it just goes to what I was saying to someone else you garbage raise garbage so call the garbage collector in this case the police threatening gestures towards you I think that will stop it

  15. This is for the folks like Bob and Trent who seem upset that seniors who pay for all the facilities at these communities out of their own pockets would like to see some checks and balances . After all these screamers don’t give a hoot about where their granny lives , only that they usually get Their Way when visiting because after all that’s my grand child , they can do no wrong, same with a majority of dog owners, they never hear their own dog barking., so to Trent and bob and your kind , just stay where you are.you will not be needed or missed at any 55 community swimming pools, and please don’t move close to me, iv got ear plugs in now !! Ps to the statement that these young kids are our future, Well The Future Is Not,,,Not What It Used To Be!!!

  16. Hi Goldie, the reason the association don’t crack down is that there is no penalty for wrong doing here. Speeding, no penalty, stop signs,, no penalty, loud music, dog barking, no penalty, one must go through the lake county sheriffs dept. property manager may talk a good line and maybe write a letter to the individual but no real penalty,, She has No power at all,, and neither does the phoa.the reason I call the villages a snake is that when you buy there you must pay like a 20,000 dollar bond which in essence a front payment for all the emenities you will use including all that free golf they will tell you about, and that’s just the begenning, I can give you a name of a book that will spell it all out for you that some one wrote about The Snake., one off the top of my head is you must use the villages realtors if you decide to sell,, can’t use your own.. I’m in and out

    1. To correct a few errors…in The Villages, on some pre-owned homes the bonds are completely paid off or partially paid off; if you are looking at a pre-owned home in The Villages ask the agent or the owner if the bond is paid off or if there is still a balance due on the bond.

      As far as reselling a home in The Villages, an owner can use a Villages agent, an agent who does not work for The Villages or the owner can sell the home on their own. Owners are not required to use a Villages real estate agent.

  17. Goldie, a good book to read is Leisureville, written by Andrew Blechman. It paint a good picture of villages life,, some good, some bad, personally it’s good to live Close to but not in the villages.i thought Pennbrooke was the answer but unfortunately it isn’t . If I can assist contact me.

  18. Greetings fellow +55ers,
    I reside in a 55+ community in Tacoma, WA. I chose this complex because of what I thought were age restrictions, as I wanted a quieter life style. Would you believe that the people who moved in next door to me have two teenagers? They told me over a year ago that one was a grandchild (not in school, appears to be about 18 or 19) and the other one was supposedly a senior in high school. As the latter is still in school and going to football practice daily, he would have needed to be 15 or 16, not 18 as professed. However, it is the visiting adult daughter who drives me crazy. Her chihuahua is never on a leash and is frequently running through the neighborhood. And she is a screaming mimmie daily as she plays wii or video games, while the residents are either working or out and about. So evidently as long as one member of a household is 55+ that is the only age criteria to be met. So as someone else mentioned in earlier comments, you cannot control who will be living next door to you. The good news is that this is a single story complex so no one is running around upstairs.

  19. I am not 55 year old but all for the communities but I have to put my input in on a few things.. I visit my mom and dad at their 55 community acting just as rude as young people. I have sat at the pool and watched the group of “seniors” play their loud music and forget about trying to get in the pool because I guess they felt they owned it.. I am not talking about me getting in the pool but my parents couldn’t get in.
    There is a community in Ohio that runs similar to a 55 plus community but is not.. They just have alot of rules and are strictly followed. so it keeps families connected without causing problems. I would live there before a 55 community.
    i have seen some older people get rude with my parents regarding things.. although some people are super friendly others are plain rude.

  20. I came across this site because I am interested in living in a 55 community in Florida. I have been reading the many comments here, and the one question I have is “what is the rule regarding children in one of these communities”? It seems to me, from reading the many comments, that children seem to have a lot of freedom in these places. Please don’t misunderstand me, I love children and I do believe that children should be visiting their grandparents. But, I also believe that the many people who choose to live in one of these communities have chosen so to be with people their own age and be able to relax by the pool or take a peaceful walk around the grounds. As for myself, I would like to live here for that reason. To be able to relax and unwind and enjoy my retirement. I hope I didn’t “strike a nerve” with some people. Believe me, that wasn’t my intent. I do believe children are more than welcome to visit, but what they are allowed to do in that community needs to be imposed. If I didn’t mentioned this, I do have one child. No grandchildren yet though.

  21. Wow!! I have read through all these emails and now I am not sure if I should or should not consider moving into a 55+ community. I was interested in Sweetwater in Jacksonville FL. I have two grandchildren that stay with me 2-3 times a week with an overnight on the weekends (Friday or Saturday). I am interested in being in a 55+ community because of the amenities, group activities, and having people around me within my age group. But I also want to be able to enjoy and have my family and grandchildren visiting me without being restricted.
    After reading these I realize that the resident living there is entitled to what the community offers (amenities). But I do not feel that 55+ means that families should be restricted. I personally feel that regardless of where you live, WE should all be responsible for our guests, our families, our grandchildren, and our pets. WE should all CARE about our neighbors – regardless of where we live – be it in a regular neighborhood, a subdivision or 55+ community.

  22. What is the point of 55 Plus communities in Florida? I am from NY and we have them as they get a big break on school taxes if no kids are enrolled in school system. In Florida I don’t really see the tax break.

    Also 55 Plus is an arbitrary age. For instance I am 55 and have 10, 14 and a 16 child and my wife is under 55. I have been looking on-line and 55 plus places are fairly cheap in Florida. Could I buy one as a vacation home in my name? And how does HOA block owners own children from staying over? I mean a lot of HOAs only say one person has to be 55. With folks getting married later and later I have a lot of friends 55-70 with children under 18.

    1. HUD requires a 55 plus community to have at least one owner be age 55, and no full time residents under the age of 19. That limits anyone 55 or older, who have under age children from moving in. And BTW – check out some of Taylor Morrison’s 55+ communities. unlike Del Webb, they build within a large planned unit development. So, we are in our own little community within a much larger community of all ages. Our pool is for residents only. Our grandchildren take advantage of all the playgrounds and community pools within the planned unit development. This concept keeps everyone happy 🙂 We are surrounded by all ages – but our neighbors are our peers….

    2. no they do no but if they are staying for long period of time the only thing they required is the child to be over 18 years of are jj55 really thing about this yes it is cheaper but as you can see most of these people don’t like children or anybody else for that matter and they are going to look a every thing you do but if you are still interested I would look at villages or water oaks the are right next to each other they people are very nice and most of they don’t care about children like I said most of them

  23. Well I am 56 and live in a 55+ community in Florida. Ihsve lived here two years and do love the price and quietness the only thing I am hoping to negociate on is my youngest daughter age 21 is graduating Auburn in June and would like her to stay with me a month to save to get her own place but they only allow two weeks if you are younger then 55 so I want to figure out how to do it. She will be teaching elementary school but will need more then two weeks to save

    1. I live in a Del Webb community for over 55, and kids can live here with parents as long as they are 19 or older. there are quite a few young adults living in the community

  24. One of the problems with over 55 communities is that too many municipalities give them exemptions from paying school taxes. In places such as Palm Beach County in Florida, the schools suffer and are underfunded because too many seniors who can afford to pay taxes try to mooch out of it. It’s bad enough when I visit my mother in her over 55 community with her grandson that we receive dirty looks (and we visit only once every three years-they are snowbirds). The greater community (the one outside the gates of the over 55 community) shouldn’t have to suffer because old folks aren’t responsible enough to pay their fair share of tax. To counter the argument that they don’t use schools so they shouldn’t have to pay for them, I send my child to a private school. I still have to pay school taxes too. Too many old farts use the excuse “I have mine so you don’ t have to have yours!!!”

    FWIW, I find too many of the gated communities, especially the over 55 ones to be quite freaky. I shouldn’t have to justify my presence to a rent-a-cop, just because I’m a few (though not many) years younger than 55. Years ago, my wife visited her father in a over 55 community in Texas for 5 days and my then four year old was treated like some sort of cancer. Seriously, people??? Get A LIFE!!!

  25. Wow I like reading all these comments, sound like to me that there are a lot people out there that just have there head up their butts. When you are looking for a place 55 and old read the rule and what they are offering the do’s and do not’s. And if what they have is what you want then good if not move on to something else. Read the rules on the 55 or older that are Government has written. Now I would think that most people moving in to a place like that 55 or older would expect that, not kid running around and for the people that do move into a place like that and want their grandkids there to, I say move somewhere where they have all of that to offer so you can put up with all those other kids that don’t belong to you too, and not make people put up with your kids that don’t want. And for people 62 and older those communities have different rule they can go by, Laws that is that are Government has written

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