Pinterest is becoming a popular social media outlet for retirees.

Pinterest is becoming a popular social media outlet for retirees.

Pinterest, which first gained popularity back in 2012, is a photo sharing website that allows users to organize images from around the web into different categories or “pinboards.” Since then, the site has become a mainstay for anyone looking for fresh ideas on anything from recipes to workouts to apparel. According to the company’s reports, the average user spends 98 minutes a month pinning.

One of its most popular uses, however, has come from home décor inspiration. Rather than just searching the web for interior design ideas, Pinterest users can now find it all in one place, and then organize it onto a pinboard of their own for easy access. This also allows users to share ideas with each other.

Before, only professional designers were sharing tips on the web - now anyone can pin a photo of their DIY project for others to see. DIY, or do it yourself projects, are a huge component of the Pinterest phenomenon. They are also, coincidentally, a great way to decorate your home on a budget. Pinterest inspires users to craft their own home goods, rather than buying expensive store bought versions. Everything from art pieces to storage units can be found on Pinterest, with links to sites that tell you how to recreate the projects in your own home.

Additionally, both professional and amateur designers have taken to Pinterest to help you decorate your home. Posts on Pinterest not only tell you how to craft your own décor, but how to arrange it once you have it. Tips and tricks on creating different styles can be found, from “Simple Décor Ideas for a Bohemian Style Home” to a how-to on creating your own gallery wall with photos. Martha Stewart, a prolific designer by trade, even has her own Pinterest account full of boards with tips you can use in your own home. There is truly something out there for every style and taste.

Ever see something on the Internet you want to buy for your home, but aren’t sure where it’s from? Pinterest helps solve that problem by linking images through to their original webpage. This means users who are admiring a candle holder they saw on a friend’s Pinterest board can merely click through, ending up on the page the pin came from - often the brand or store’s website. This makes it easier than ever to recreate the looks you find online.

But Pinterest isn’t just helpful in decorating the rooms in your home - it can be pivotal in designing said home from the ground up, as well. Many homebuilders are now active on Pinterest, posting everything from floor plans to architectural design tips. You can make a “dream home” pinboard and keep all of your ideas for your ideal master suite or outdoor patio all in one handy place. Pinterest is integral in the home design and decoration process because it truly has options for everyone. Because the pins are all aggregated by users from all over the world, there is a home design idea for every budget, region, and personal sense of style.

Whether you’re looking to build a luxury new construction home or just decorating your guest bathroom on a budget, Pinterest can help you stay both organized and inspired.