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High $100s - Mid $200s
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Construction Dates
2003 - 2010
Kleiner Group
  • 3.30 out of 5 star review
23 reviews
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Cranberry Creek Overview

Cranberry Creek is a rural community close to Route 9 and the famous Jersey Shore beaches in Little Egg Harbor. Situated in desirable Ocean County, southern New Jersey, this intimate community is perfect for adults 55 and over who enjoy good boating and fishing activities. Tucked away in lush surroundings, Cranberry Creek in Little Egg Harbor is comprised of 325 ranch-style homes with unique versatile layouts.

A well-appointed clubhouse provides plenty of indoor and outdoor amenities to keep active adults at Cranberry Creek fit and entertained. Despite the quiet location, there are grocery stores close by with the hub of shopping only ten minutes north of nearby Manahawkin. Little Egg Harbor makes for great relaxing strolls and hikes through the scenic countryside, while Atlantic City and the Atlantic City Expressway, which leads to Philadelphia, are close enough when residents want some livelier recreation options.

Cranberry Creek Amenities

Cranberry Creek at Little Egg Harbor boasts a 10,000 square-foot clubhouse. Residents can exercise at the fitness center, relax over a game of billiards, or socialize with friends in the multi-purpose room. The Cranberry Creek clubhouse also features several hobby rooms, where creativity reigns. Lots of planned social gatherings take place in the ballroom which features a cozy fireplace.

Outdoors, residents can relax in the large heated outdoor pool. For those who like outdoor activities, there are tennis facilities, bocce ball courts, shuffleboard courts and a horseshoe area. A wonderful picnic area for socializing outdoors rounds out the amenities at Cranberry Creek.

Cranberry Creek Homes & Real Estate

Cranberry Creek in Little Egg Harbor was constructed between 2003 and 2010 by Kleiner Group. An assortment of pre-owned homes in five different floor plans are available for resale and contain between 1,126and 2,184 square feet of living space. The ranch-style residences in Cranberry Creek offer two or three bedrooms with elegant master bedroom suites, and some three bedroom homes come with an additional loft. Residences at Cranberry Creek include one or two-car garages and two or two-and-a-half-baths. Many homes also have sun porches or sunrooms. Other features include crown molding, wainscoting, upgraded kitchen cabinets, breakfast bay areas, nine foot ceilings, and hardwood floors.

Cranberry Creek Lifestyle

This tight-knit community with a strong sense of camaraderie is perfect for active retirees who want to maintain a luxurious and active lifestyle while remaining close to friends and family. The four-season climate, well-maintained homes, friendly neighbors, and lots of desirable amenities make Cranberry Creek in Little Egg Harbor an appealing choice for active adults over 55. Whether spending fun-filled hours playing cards and board games, working out at the fitness center, playing ball, or participating in the social clubs; there is something for everyone at Cranberry Creek.


Cranberry Creek at Little Egg Harbor is located off of Route 9, just south of Tuckerton, which is a very small rural community with waterfront homes. Tuckerton Seaport, a maritime museum, is just down the road from Cranberry Creek. Long Beach Island with its sandy white beaches is only a short drive away from Cranberry Creek. The Barnegat Lighthouse, Barnegat Light Museum, the Surflight Theatre, and Long Island Beach Historical Association Museum are also popular attractions on Long Beach Island. Residents also have easy access to Trenton, Philadelphia, and Atlantic City, all of which offer a large variety of entertainment options. All of these cities have international airports as well for convenient long distance travel.

Cranberry Creek Amenities

  • Clubhouse - 10,000 Sq. Ft.
  • Fitness Center
  • Ballroom
  • Craft Room
  • Table Tennis
  • Multi-Purpose Room
  • Card Room
  • Billiards
  • Outdoor Pool
  • 2 Tennis Courts
  • 2 Bocce Ball Courts
  • 2 Horseshoe Pits
  • 2 Shuffleboard Courts
  • Picnic Area

Cranberry Creek Clubs, Groups, Activities & Classes

There are plenty of activities available in Cranberry Creek. Here is a sample of some of the clubs, activities and classes offered here.

  • Art Class
  • Arts & Crafts Club
  • Billiards
  • Bocce
  • Book Club
  • Cards Club
  • Dominoes
  • Energizer Bunnies
  • Games
  • Holiday Parties
  • Ladies' Club
  • Library Club
  • Make A Difference Club
  • Men's Club
  • Poker
  • Pool & Pizza Parties
  • Red Hat Ladies' Clubs
  • Sunshine Club
  • Tennis Group
  • Veterans Club

Single Family Homes

Price Range: High $100s - Mid $200s

An assortment of pre-owned homes in five different floor plans are available for resale and contain between 1,126 and 2,184 square feet of living space. The ranch-style residences in Cranberry Creek offer two or three bedrooms with elegant master suites, and some three bedroom homes come with an additional loft. Residences at Cranberry Creek include one or two-car garages and two or two-and-a-half bathroomss. Many homes also have sun porches or sunrooms. Other features include crown molding, wainscoting, upgraded kitchen cabinets, breakfast bay areas, nine foot ceilings, and hardwood floors.

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Model NameSq. Ft.BedsBathsGarage
Ralph Waldo Emerson1126221
Willkiam Faulkner13302 + Den21
F. Scott Fitzgerald1456222
Ernest Hemingway1628222
Walt Whitman21842 + Den - 32.52

Cranberry Creek Reviews

Average Rating:
  • 3.30 out of 5 star review
  • Rating:
    • 4.00 out of 5 star review
    I guess we are considered “new’ here as we are only here about 2 years now. But we love our house and we have lots of nice neighbors who are newer here too. It’s a shame to know we are considered doing wrong just because we would like to update it here and make some nice changes to old ways here. Other community’s freshen up and add nice updates but when we suggest it we get rejected. We all just want to make Cranberry Creek look good and update it because we care about our houses. We are new but we want to have say here too. That is why we moved here. It is a very beautiful town and we feel proud to be here. It’s a very special place to be and live in. That’s all. Have a good day.
  • Rating:
    • 3.00 out of 5 star review
    Have been here almost 10 years. Lots of nice people and great houses. The maintenance and amenities are neglected, especially in the last few years. People don’t want to be involved in much here anymore and that’s because of the HOA. If that ever changes, it will most likely improve everything here. We still like our house & think the area is great enough to recommend living here.
  • Rating:
    • 3.00 out of 5 star review
    I have lived in Cranberry Creek for over 10 years, the homes and neighbors are great. I can clarify many recent reviews, the amenities are in disarray, the only way to judge is look for yourself. The controlling HOA Board is stuck in there ways and not open to new ideas. I would not let that deter you from moving in this beautiful community.
  • Rating:
    • 3.00 out of 5 star review
    Nice houses in Cranberry Creek but I think I have to say I think the opinions about how it looks are true as I can see . There are all dead trees and scrubbie lawns which we don’t want. The club house is closed now but looks nice but the tennis and other things look neglected and old. Nice houses though and some very nice people and a beautiful town. Thank you for referring us to this opinion page. Have a nice day.
  • Rating:
    • 5.00 out of 5 star review
    I have been living in Cranberry Creek for over 13 years and it is a wonderful place to live. The grounds and the amenities are beautiful and the caring and hard -working Board of Trustees Continue to make Cranberry Creek a wonderful place to live! I have met many, many wonderful people here who have greatly enriched my life. This is why I gave Cranberry Creek the highest rating. While living in a community with an HOA is a bit different in that residents are required to follow rules and regulations to keep the community beautiful, they are very easy to follow!
  • Rating:
    • 5.00 out of 5 star review
    We had looked at other communities in Ocean county but decided on Cranberry Creek for a number of reasons. The truly peaceful area surrounding the community and access to LBI and the surrounding state forests.
    I have resided here for over 15 years, and some new people have taken to task the Trustees, well if you have lived here long enough to know the past trustees, the trustees in place now have turned the place around for the better. I enjoy living here and there are some great people here. All communities have there problems one way or another ours seem minor.
  • Rating:
    • 5.00 out of 5 star review
    I have lived here for many years and love it. From the comments left by other people, not everyone should live in a community with rules. I am one of a small group of volunteers who spend a lot of time trying to keep our community in shape.
  • Rating:
    • 4.00 out of 5 star review
    We love our lovely house, which is new to us. Great neighbors and the town is just lovely with so much nature. We don’t really use much in the community so far as the amenities go so the only issue we might have is the way the lawns are maintained by the committee. Yes, they are weedy and not very well looked after which IS a disappointment. But we do love our house and we have met some lovely people in here on our walks and The houses are so nice and many are decorated beautifully. Thank you.
  • Rating:
    • 3.00 out of 5 star review
    Nice homes and I also love the woods and proximity to beaches BUT those great things don’t do a thing to make the grounds and recreation areas and especially the weedy scrubby lawns look any better for years now. The lawns here are disgusting. I am also so disappointed in all these things here. Just saying. Moving on.
  • Rating:
    • 3.00 out of 5 star review
    They are very Beautiful houses and who wouldn’t love the location by the water and the beautiful forests but the cost is higher than I want considering what the maintenance looks like. I mean the grounds and recreation areas are very neglected comparing to other less expensive 55+ houses. Also it seems many owners we met are kind of upset about charges and what they get for it. I wish it wasn’t a red flag because the house was very luxurious but I’ll pass on it. Oh well. But thank you for this site and the information sharing.
  • Rating:
    • 4.00 out of 5 star review
    Houses are very beautiful and the location too. But it is not a good HOA and why is it not nicely maintained like it should be for the money we pay. Quite disappointed in the way it compares to other places like this where you can see where the money they pay goes even tho their fees are less than ours are. Disappointed.
  • Rating:
    • 1.00 out of 5 star review
    Beautiful Community, nice neighbors, good location but poorly run by HOA Committee.
  • Rating:
    • 3.00 out of 5 star review
    Real nice houses but the HOA (Board) is terrible. The grounds and amenities are very shabby and not taken care of at all. You don’t get anything but pool and snow removal for $160 every month. Yet HOA fees just went up another $30 a month. It’s a very poor value for what you DON’T get here. You aren’t allowed to do anything nice to improve your house and it is starting to show that people are sick of trying to do anything nice just to get knocked down by the Board here, which is a rotten way to live. We never expected to feel like this when we retired here. We were charmed by the house and by being in the pines and near the beaches when we bought in Cranberry Creek. We love our house but wish we had known what we know now before we bought here. If we had known or been advised, we would have kept looking elsewhere.
    We hope this helps you find a great place to live where you’ll be happy.
  • Rating:
    • 3.00 out of 5 star review
    We have been looking for some time in ocean county for a place to retire. We don’t have much experience looking at retirement neighborhoods, so we looked here for advice. We loved the beautiful house in Cranberry Creek we saw but didn’t jump into it. We are glad we did wait because it led us to really look hard at Cranberry Creek and the advise here. We talked to people who live there too. We can’t afford to make a mistake now that we are retired. Thank you for saving us from a bad choice for US.
  • (Resident/Homeowner)Rating:
    • 3.00 out of 5 star review
    Hello, fellow retirees!!
    I just want to share our experience with you, to possibly save you the disappointment and stresses we’ve experienced because of a poorly managed community and petty, ‘stale’ HOA/Board. We live in a lovely home in the beautiful pines of NJ in a 55+ neighborhood called Cranberry Creek. Our personal experiences with the HOA have led us to agree with our neighbors: THIS is NOT a ‘happy place’ and, despite the very substantial increase in HOA fees, it is very badly managed and maintained. The HOA discourages pride of ownership and any updates or improvements, citing ‘bylaws and conformity.’ We, personally, have been ‘knocked down and denied’ improvements and updates to our property, even though our neighbors have expressed appreciation for the appeal and the ‘fresh approach’ to improving the appearance of Cranberry Creek. The community is not new any longer and it is to the advantage of everyone’s property values to ‘update’ the eclectic appeal of our homes, but the Board, for peculiar reasons, discourages any modifications that improve the community’s image, while they allow the grounds and so-called amenities to degrade. In reality, the common grounds and ‘amenities’ in the community are pretty derelict and neglected...which opens a huge question SO many residents ask about ‘where’ the homeowner’s HOA fees are being spent.
    You know, it’s a sad statement that we, like most of our neighbors, moved here with a thrill to retire and hopes of happiness, only to be disappointed by an HOA that fosters a culture of disenfranchisement and complete lack of transparency about their decisions and control, using their selective reference to ‘bylaws’ to edit, monitor and control the community AND it’s finances.
    We now number among SO many neighbors who regret moving to Cranberry Creek, despite the beauty of the homes and topography of the pine lands.
    Unfortunately, until there is a substantial—and welcome— change in the management, Cranberry Creek will never become or thrive as a ‘happy community’ where people want to be involved AS a community. It is peculiar that we, here in Cranberry Creek, PAY for not only a ‘management company, ‘ but, also-TWO onsite ‘managers...’ Yet, ALL management decisions are made by a small group of unprofessional VOLUNTEERS who are supposed to represent the community as our ‘Board,’ whose responsibility should include encouraging happiness, community pride, property value stability and a mission to enhance quality retirement ...working for THE COMMUNITY’S benefit.
    YET, people are Intentionally UNinvolved in the community, discouraged and DISinterested in improving/updating, UNhappy with management and ... as far as ‘property values’... well... check it out for yourself.
    With those considerations, it is clear WHERE the performance and success of ‘our’ Board ranks, as far as how WE are served by a Board that has given itself more power than it should have over the community it should be working FOR.
    So... meanwhile, we, like our neighbors, will enjoy living IN our house... until we, like so many of our neighbors and former neighbors, move to a different community...

    Sent from my iPhone
  • Rating:
    • 3.00 out of 5 star review
    We’ve lived here for nearly 4 years now - We really didn’t know anything about Cranberry Creek, except for what we were told by our realtor. After living here, we can honestly share the following capsule overview with you, as our own experience qualifies us to do...
    Hope it helps...
    Beautiful homes, lots of nice neighbors, pretty location at the bay in the pines... but... be aware: ‘The Creek’ could be perfect, IF the HOA, which has had the same ‘lead’ members for YEARS-took a fresher interest in keeping the place up (amenities and grounds) and Updated, instead of obsessing on what time garbage cans are put to the curb!
    But... the houses ARE extremely nice. And IF your goal is to simply live in your exceptional home and not make any personal improvements or outside accents that don’t strictly adhere to the ‘cookie-cutter code of conformity’ the Board demands — (which won’t fly by or be ‘allowed’ by the ‘very controlling’ HOA Board —And-believe me, I know!) —Then Cranberry Creek is an excellent choice— It’s a skip to the most fabulous NJ ocean and bay beaches and waterways, boardwalks and recreational attractions, historical ‘hot spots’ and antiquing galore—all set in a halo of unspoiled forests and parks and a geographical location in the most beautiful naturally preserved location in the state—peaceful and secure...and that’s what WE love about living here!! Suggestion: Look around with a critical eye, consider WHAT you ‘get’ for the HOA fee which has just risen another $30), TALK to RELIABLE people about their observations and experiences in the community AND COMPARE!!
    I hope THIS honest review helps you decide how you’ll write the next and most wonderful new chapter of your life!!
    Good Luck!!
    Be safe!!
  • (Resident/Homeowner)Rating:
    • 4.00 out of 5 star review
    The houses are very nice and the location is great for retirement- but the HOA is in serious need of change. They seem to want NO improvements to the community or homes and they are more concerned with the time garbage cans are put out than the fact that the grounds and recreation areas are a embarrassing mess. Plus the fees went up $30 and why? A HOA Board can really bring down a community in every way.
    That’s my opinion.
  • Rating:
    • 2.00 out of 5 star review
    Cranberry Creek is a premiere example of how a community that, by all counts, should be a wonderful, beautiful place to retire in can be degraded by bad management, neglected amenities and an attitude of disregard by the ‘people’ who are supposed to work FOR the community, but, unchallenged, have taken on ‘ownership’ of the community, without any regard for the happiness and benefit of the people who actually OWN the homes in Cranberry Creek.
    Which is WHY most people wonder ‘WHAT’ we pay a management company and TWO onsite managers for— IF the BOARD—a little group of ‘volunteers’— is in total ‘power’ to decide how bylaws and—money—are handled.
    Until big changes are made, this community will spiral further and further down.
    So— do your homework-check the ground out and LOOK at how ‘encouraged’ the community is to upkeep and freshen its image... and ASK around before you waste some of your retirement years in a badly managed community, when you deserve to be enjoying every peace and happiness—because you earned it!!
  • (Resident/Homeowner)Rating:
    • 2.00 out of 5 star review
    Yes, the homes are lovely and the topography is beautiful- but we agree with the general consensus of the neighborhood—The community is poorly managed and the Board is petty and small-minded. We regret moving here. It’s NOT a happy place to retire to.
  • Rating:
    • 2.00 out of 5 star review
    Regrettably, I agree with Lucinda. If we had known how poorly managed and petty the Board here is, we wouldn’t have moved to Cranberry Creek. This is NOT a ‘happy place.’
  • Rating:
    • 2.00 out of 5 star review
    The homes are extremely nice and the location in the pine barrens is beautiful- BUT- the amenities which excepting the pool and club house are running down and shabby and our picnic area is crumbling down for years. Yet the fees have gone up $30 and many people are unhappy here and are looking to move . If I could I would move to one of the other communities where residents say there community is taken better care of and they are happy. I am sorry I feel like this and for my neighbors who also do :(
  • Rating:
    • 5.00 out of 5 star review
    Have been living here since 2007 and would not want to be anywhere else. Have made many great friends and love the community.
  • (Resident/Homeowner)Rating:
    • 4.00 out of 5 star review
    We own a home here that we purchase about 2 years ago. At the time we spent well under $200k for our place and it's around 1600 square feet. It's a friendly neighborhood and has a really casual and welcoming feel to it. We enjoy it.

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