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    Little Egg Harbor is a township in Southern New Jersey. It is one of the most affordable coastal areas in both New Jersey and other mid-Atlantic states. Temperate seasons, plentiful water and outdoor recreation, and local amenities make this suburban-style township a popular destination for retirees. 

    Climate & Geography 

    Located 25 miles north of Atlantic City and 50 miles east of Philadelphia, Little Egg Harbor is on the flat, southern coast of New Jersey. It experiences a mix of coastal and continental climates. The region experiences all four seasons, but the Atlantic Ocean helps regulate the weather. Winters are milder with less snow than other inland New Jersey cities, and summers tend to be cooler. Tropical storms can bring heavier than average rain, while snow usually comes from coastal storms called nor'easters. 

    Ocean County has been one of the fastest growing counties in New Jersey in the past few years. The Bass River State Forest is located directly in the center, and the Garden State Parkway cuts the township in half, taking residents up and down the New Jersey southern coast. 

    Recreation, Culture, & Entertainment 

    Between the ocean and a large state park, Little Egg Harbor has many options for outdoor recreation for active adults. Residents can drive through, hiking around, and picnic at the Great Bay Boulevard Wildlife Management Area. Water lovers can swim, canoe, and kayak at the Bass River State Forest, and hunters and fishers can head out to Edwin B. Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge. Tuckerton Seaport & Baymen’s Museum is a local port with small restaurants and shops all focused around seafood.

    Retirees can also enjoy golfing at the Sea Oaks Country Club and Ocean County Golf Course at Atlantis. Nearby Long Beach Island on the Atlantic Ocean is an 18-mile beachfront area with a three-mile nature preserve at its southern tip. Outdoor movie nights, local eateries, and small boutique shopping are also available to residents. 

    Cost of Living & Taxes 

    The cost of living in Little Egg Harbor Township is very close to the national average. Though the cost of housing and transportation are slightly above the U.S. average, they are far below New Jersey’s average. Utility costs are above, while groceries match, and health care is below average.

    New Jersey is moderately tax friendly toward retirees because Social Security is not taxed, but withdrawals from other accounts like pensions, IRAs, and 401(k)s are partially taxed. The state also offers substantial deductions for retirees above 62. Property taxes are the highest in the U.S., and sales taxes are about average, with key exemptions including groceries, medication, and many types of clothing.

    Health Care

    According to Gallup’s Well-Being Index, the state of New Jersey generally scored well, ranking in the top 31 states. The state scores highest in the social and physical categories, indicating that residents have supportive relationships and good health.

    Although there are no hospitals within the township, Hackensack Meridian Health Southern Ocean Medical Center is ranked as high performing by U.S. News and is just 10 miles away. Nearby Atlantic City has AtlantiCare Regional Medical Center, ranked as high performing and the No. 7 hospital in New Jersey.

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