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    Rogers is a growing city in Northern Arkansas. The city is home to a bustling shopping mall, a local farmers market, and is within close proximity to plenty of museums and restaurants. Hobbs State Park is a popular destination in Rogers due to its natural scenery and opportunities for outdoor recreation. Retirees are choosing Rogers for its affordability and wide range of activities available.

    Climate & Geography

    Rogers experiences all four seasons, with summer highs reaching the high 80s, and winter lows dropping down to the low 20s. Rogers receives more sunny days per year than the national average, as well as less snowfall than average and more rainfall than average. The rainiest months in Rogers are May and June.

    Rogers is situated on mountainous land near the Ozark Mountains. Osage Creek flows through Rogers, and Lake Atalanta is located on the eastern half of the city.

    Recreation, Culture, & Entertainment

    Retirees have multiple options for exploring the outdoors in Rogers. Hobbs State Park features several trails for hiking and mountain biking through wooded areas. Lake Atalanta Park offers fishing, hiking, and biking. Additionally, the city is home to a number of golf courses for locals to enjoy.

    Active adults can discover plenty to do in the Rogers area by spending a day at one of the many local breweries or museums. Several shopping and dining options are available at Pinnacle Hills Promenade, a local shopping mall within Rogers. Rogers residents can pick up fresh produce and other goods at the Rogers Farmers Market, open seasonally each year.

    Cost of Living & Taxes

    The overall cost of living in Rogers is below the national average. While the low cost of homes and housing in Rogers makes the biggest impact on lowering the cost of living, health care, transportation, and utility costs are all below average.

    Arkansas does not tax Social Security, and income tax can range from 0.9 percent to 6.9 percent. While property taxes in Arkansas are lower than the national average, sales tax in Rogers is above average, at 9.5 percent.

    Health Care

    The Rogers area scores in the top 100 communities to live in the country on Gallup’s Well-Being Index.

    There is one hospital available to residents in Rogers, Mercy Hospital Northwest Arkansas, which is ranked the No. 5 hospital in the state by U.S. News, and is rated high performing in three procedures and conditions. Washington Regional Medical Center, located in nearby Fayetteville, is ranked the No. 2 hospital in the state, and is high performing in four procedures and conditions.

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