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The Villages, FL vs. On Top of the World (Ocala), FL

by Elliot Crumpley on 21 Comments

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Which Community is Your Favorite: The Villages, FL or On Top of the World (Ocala), FL?

The Villages, FL

On Top of the World (Ocala), FL


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Leave a Review For The Villages, FL

The Villages Florida is not only the largest age-restricted active adult communities in the state, it’s also one of the largest in the world. What started as a small neighborhood in 1978 has blossomed into a sprawling community that will eventually be home to an estimated 56,268 households of residents aged 55 and better. The Villages Florida spans three counties, three zip codes and over 20,000 acres. The entire community is connected by over 100 miles of golf cart legal streets and trails. This 55+ community is an entirely self-sustaining town complete with retail establishments, restaurants, banks, post offices, healthcare centers, and countless recreational amenities.

Leave a Review For On Top of the World (Ocala), FL

On Top of the World in Ocala, FL is a beautiful active adult community in the heart of Central Florida. The planned 10,000 homes make the community one of the largest in the state. It has attracted retirees from across the country with its finely crafted homes, world-class amenities, and active lifestyle. The setting provides the perfect escape for active adults who want to get the most out of life. With everything that On Top of the World has to offer, it is easy to understand why so many retirees have chosen to call this 55+ community their home.

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  1. Do the rent in the villages? I have a Sm dog also so needs to be pet friendly. Maybe for a couple of weeks next January

    1. Hi Kristie,

      Our site deals only in sales, but you can find valuable rental information here.

      Best of luck in your search,

      Samantha – 55places.com

      1. Hi Samantha,
        The link did not open. can you send it to me?


        Looking to rent for a couple of months in Jan, Feb March time frame

      2. Hi John,

        You can view valuable information on rentals here.

        Best of luck in your search!
        Patrick – 55places.com

    2. Lots of pet friendly rentals. Go to VRBO.com or Homeaway.com and search for pet friendly in the Villages. We’ve stayed a week in a really nice villa with our cockapoo and our pittie girl.

  2. Two items to consider. Is the community crowded so you have to wait “in line” for a lot of services.
    Does the community have a lot of part time residences.

    I think the Villages would wind on both of these items and that is a negative.

    OTOTW is not crowed and close to community services.
    Vote for OTOTW

  3. Lot’s of traffic and crowded restaurants etc. in the Villages. Spanish Oaks (oldest area) manufactured homes that are in some cases in rough condition. Newer home tiny with big price tag and bigger homes with even bigger price tag. OTOTW has a few new homes being built starting around 150,000 and UP…lots of villas, town homes that are older and need lots of work and or updating…could get a deal but then there’d be the work to do. My husband and I looked at most all of the 55+ communities in Central Florida before we bought in Spruce Creek Preserve…smaller, yes, slightly outside west of Ocala & quiet, yes. Small community. Prices are reasonable, stand alone homes, townhomes (some), Villas (some). Golf course next door. Great clubhouse, beautifully kept, friendly, gym, tennis, pickleball, bocce ball, pool, etc and of course social clubs and activities. Bigger not always better in our opinion.

    1. We have a house in The Villages and love it. By the way it’s Spanish Springs not Spanish Oaks. The oldest residential areas are not there, but across 441 in Orange Blossom.

      1. Hi Paulette,

        One of our expert partner agents will be getting in touch with you shortly.

        Patrick – 55places.com

  4. My wife and I looked at the villages twice to make sure we didn’t like there before building in OTOW. Lot size is better, prices are lower, and sales staff was much friendlier. We visited some friends in the villages and I kept thinking people were going to comer ask us to be quiet when we were on their back patio because it was so close to the other homes. Sales staff at the villages had the attitude that if you don’t buy a house there, the next person behind you will. We ran into several people who were looking at escaping the villages when we were visiting other active adult communities because they did not like it there. I am voting for OTOW overwhelmingly.

  5. I have looked at dozens of retirement communities in Texas and Florida. You can’t beat On Top Of The World for what you get for your money. I go to Florida twice a year and always look for other places, but keep going back to OTOTW. Saleswoman Val is awesome! I will be building in 2 years there and can’t wait to retire!

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