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Maine is a state tucked away into the country’s northeastern corner, yet it’s geographical variation speaks volumes for itself. Maine is home to the towering Appalachian Mountains in the northwest, as well as the Atlantic Coast that features sandy beaches and rocky coastlines in the southeast. Maine offers active adults plenty to do in terms of exploring the outdoors. Residents of Maine enjoy the scenic views and densely forested land throughout the state.

Climate & Geography

The geography of Maine ranges from mountainous land in the northwest and central portions of the state, to flatter, lower land that is part of the Atlantic Coastal Lowlands in the southeastern portion of the state. Part of the Appalachian Mountains and the Longfellow Mountains are located in Maine, and lakes and rivers are scattered throughout the state. 90 percent of Maine is covered by forest, and the state offers dozens of state parks to its residents, making it the perfect location for nature lovers to retire.

The state of Maine experiences more rain and significantly more snow than the national average. The northern portion of the state receives snowier winters and milder summers in comparison to the warmer summers of the southern portion of the state.

Recreation, Culture, & Entertainment

The population in Maine is lower than that of most states, creating a serene, laid back environment that is great for those who appreciate the peacefulness of nature. Residents of Maine are lucky enough to have access to scenic views of both mountains and the ocean. The state features plenty of state parks, offering an abundance of outdoor recreational opportunities to locals.

Besides outdoor recreation, the state is home to the historic Portland Head Lighthouse, which features a museum and park, with the area dating back over 200 years. The state’s larger cities like Portland and Lewiston are also home to plenty of shopping and entertainment options.

Cost of Living & Taxes

The overall cost of living in Maine is just slightly above the national average. Grocery, health, housing, and utility costs in Maine are all just above the national average, while transportation costs are lower than the national average. 

Sales tax in Maine is lower than average at 5.50 percent as cities cannot add on to the statewide sales tax. Property taxes in Maine are on the higher end of average in comparison to the rest of the country, and income tax in Maine can range from 5.80 percent to 7.15 percent.

Health Care

Maine scores on the higher end of average on Gallup’s Well-Being Index.

Maine’s top rated hospitals are generally located in the southern portion of the state, where the majority of the state’s population resides. The No. 1 hospital in Maine is Maine Medical Center, located in Portland, which is nationally ranked in one speciality and high performing in three specialties. Tied for the No.2 spot are Eastern Maine Medical Center in Bangor and Mercy Hospital of Portland. Eastern Maine Medical Center is high performing in four procedures, and Mercy Hospital of Portland is high performing in three procedures.

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