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Maine is an attractive state for active adults for a number of reasons. Located in the most northeastern point of the United States, Maine is known for its beautiful scenery and a rich culture. With numerous active adult communities across the state, Maine is a great choice for retirees and active adults looking to be in the upper New England area.

Climate & Geography

Maine is the 39th largest state in the country consisting of 35,000 square miles. With almost 230 miles of ocean coastline, Maine is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean and New Hampshire to the south and the Canadian provinces of Quebec and New Brusnwick to the north. Active adults looking for a more quiet lifestyle will enjoy Maine as it is the least densely populated state east of the Mississippi River. Known as the Pine Tree State, 83% of the state's land is forest. One of the most unique geographical features is the Old Sow, which is the largest tidal whirlpool in the Western Hemisphere.

Residents of Maine experience a humid continental climate. Summers are warm and humid while winters are cold and snowy. Average precipitation ranges from 35 to 56 inches depending on location. Maine also experiences fewer thunderstorms than any other state east of the Rocky Mountains.

Recreation, Culture & Entertainment

The 23rd state admitted to the union in 1820, Maine has about 1.3 million current residents. Maine has some of the best art museums in the northeast such as the Portland Museum of Art, the University of Maine Museum of Art, and the Museum of African Culture. Multiple colleges and universities also offer continuing education courses for active adults such as University of Southern Maine and the University of New England.

Along the beautiful coastline of Maine you will find numerous fishing towns, historic lighthouses, and relaxing beaches. The outdoors is a major source of recreation in Maine offering great opportunities for fishing, hunting, boating, snowmobiling and hiking. Some of the major natural attractions include Machias Seal Island, Spring Mountain, and Mooshead Lake, the largest lake in New England.

Those who enjoy film, music, and art festivals are sure to love the popular annual festivals hosted throughout Maine. Some of the more notable events include the American Folk Festival, the Ossipee Valley Music Festival, and the Maine International Film Festival. All of these represent the strong presence of arts and culture in Maine.

Cost of Living & Taxes

While the cost of living for active adults in Maine is lower than the national average, taxes are slightly higher. Income tax is separated into two brackets with a rate of 6.5% or 7.95%. The state levies a tax of 7% on lodging and prepared foods. Maine also imposes an estate tax on all properties valued at $2 million or more.


Maine currently has 307 active physicians per 100,000 residents. With 44 hospitals in the state and numerous other specialty medical centers active adults and retirees are never too far from medical services. Mercy Hospital in Portland has been open for nearly 100 years and specializes in cardiology, oncology, and gynecology.