Older man on a dock looking over a lake during a colorful sunset

Whether you want to retire on a lake or in the big city, Texas has it.

More than 29 million people hang their hats in the Lone Star State. Spanning more than 268,000 square miles, Texas rises as the country’s second-largest state, behind only Alaska.

In Texas, residents can experience all kinds of cultures, flavors, and weather conditions—sometimes in the same day. Texas is so vast that it encompasses several regions with distinctly different climates, from the balmy weather along the coast to the arid weather in West Texas. Whether your taste, Texas has it, whether you dream of retiring in a charming small town or you crave the energy and excitement of big-city living.

Retirees from all over the country continue to flock to Texas. Last year, we named San Antonio as the No. 5 best place to retire, while three cities were named on our most affordable places to retire list this year.

The best places to retire in Texas can be found throughout the state, from the rolling hills of the Texas Hill Country to the tree-lined streets of the Dallas or Houston suburbs. Whether you’re actively looking for homes for sale in Texas or just beginning your search of the best retirement destinations, check out these seven reasons to retire in Texas.

1. A Low Cost of Living

Retirees who live in Texas find that their dollars stretch further than other locations. San Antonio, Waco, and Wichita are among the top 20 most affordable places to retire, according to 55places.

According to Sperling’s Best Places, Texans spend less on groceries, health care, housing, utilities, and miscellaneous items such as restaurant meals and entertainment than retirees in other states.

2. High-Quality Health Care

Retirees who live in Texas can take comfort knowing they’re near some of the nation’s best medical facilities. The state contains more than 600 hospitals, with many nationally ranked in various specialties such as cardiology, cancer, and gastroenterology. The No. 1 ranked hospital in Texas, Houston Methodist Hospital, is nationally ranked in eight adult specialties.

3. Happiness Abounds

When retirees decide to settle in Texas, there’s a good chance they’re enjoying life. Texas is home to some of the country’s happiest people, according to a WalletHub study that compared more than 180 of the largest U.S. cities across 31 key happiness indicators. The happiest city? Plano, Texas, with its spectacular natural beauty, fun-packed attractions, and proximity to Downtown Dallas. Grand Prairie claimed the No. 7 spot.

4. Cultural Diversity

Texas’ cultural make-up is as varied and vast as the state’s landscape. People from all over the world move to Texas, giving the state a rich and robust culture. Retirees who want to embrace new friendships and meet people from different backgrounds will feel right at home in the Lone Star State. According to WalletHub, Texas is the second most diverse state in the country, behind only California.

5. No State Income Tax

Texas is one of only seven states with no state income tax. This means retirees can earn and spend income without having to give it to the state. Instead, Texas gets its revenue from a 6.25 percent sales tax along with taxes and royalties on oil and natural gas production.

6. A Friendly, Welcoming Culture

When retirees live in Texas, they find themselves among friends. Some of the friendliest cities in the country are in Texas. Travel + Leisure asked readers to rank more than 400 cities and towns on 70 different features. Readers voted San Antonio as the friendliest city in America, with Houston coming in at No. 2 and Fort Worth claiming the No. 7 spot. Texans are often quick to tip their hats, help neighbors in need, or just drop in to say “howdy.”   

7. Entertainment For All

Retirees who want to live life to the fullest can explore their passions and pick up new ones in Texas. There’s no shortage of entertainment options and recreation opportunities. From enjoying live music in Austin to fishing off the coast of Galveston, retirees can follow their whims and savor something new every day.

A Rewarding Retirement in Texas

Texas is a dynamic state with so much to offer in terms of history, culture, and recreation. The state also shines with natural beauty, from fields of bluebonnets to miles and miles of ranch land. With a reasonable cost of living and plenty of active adult communities to choose from, retirees can pursue what they love and live their best life in Texas.