San Diego is considered the best place in California for those with arthritis to live.

Those who suffer from arthritis know all too well the pain and discomfort that it can bring on a daily basis. As for those with osteoarthritis, the stiffness and inflammation only get worse with age. There are things arthritis sufferers can do to limit the condition, including anti-inflammatory medications and painkillers, healthy eating, and even acupuncture. One potential remedy that might not spring to mind but can make a world of difference? The climate you live in.

Climates with low humidity and warm weather have been known to be beneficial to those suffering from arthritis. While studies and theories differ on the specifics, changes in temperature and barometric pressure tend to have adverse effects on joint pain, so spending more time in climates that are dry and don’t get too chilly tend to be more effective at minimizing arthritis symptoms.

While arthritic conditions will persist regardless of temperature and climate, here are a few places you should consider if you want to minimize their impact. Coincidentally, they’re all already active adult community hot spots so you’ll be able to find places to live that also offer low maintenance lifestyles, low-impact aerobics, pools, and other amenities that can help ease the symptoms.

San Diego, CA

The San Diego area is considered the best place in California for arthritis sufferers thanks to a year-round mild climate and low humidity. It’s also the kind of place where it’s easy to find places for low-impact exercises, be they at the beach, poolside, or in the city. It’s also home to various medical clinics and hospitals that focus on arthritis and joint pain.

Denver, CO

It might sound counterintuitive given how snowy and cold the Denver area can get in the winter, but this Colorado metro area never sees temperatures get too crazy. Located on a semi-arid plain where humidity regularly remains low and summer temperatures rise gradually, Denver offers a unique change of pace where you can escape the extreme snowfall of the Northeast and Midwest but find seasonal balance.

Phoenix, AZ

Some might think twice about the Phoenix area given the heavy rain season that takes place in the summer but the climate is warm and dry with low humidity for the most part. The air is clean and barometric pressure has a tendency to remain steady, which is certainly a plus for those with arthritis. It might get well past 100 degrees often but the dry heat makes it manageable for locals, and that includes those with joint pain. It’s no wonder that Arizona is usually considered the top state for arthritis sufferers.

Tucson, AZ

The Tucson area works for arthritis sufferers on two levels. First, Tucson has a desert climate that basically has only two seasons: summer and winter. Summer temperatures often exceed 100 degrees and feature low humidity and clear skies, though humidity does rise in the late summer. Second, the University of Arizona Medical Center (UAMC) is located here. This nationally ranked hospital is also the home of the Arizona Arthritis Center, amongst many other notable services.

Albuquerque, New Mexico

Like Arizona, New Mexico’s hot and dry climate can help arthritis sufferers in their daily ordeals. In Albuquerque, the summer heat is tolerable because of the low humidity and although it cools down a bit in the fall it doesn’t rain too often. In fact, the surrounding mountains and highlands create a rain shadow effect around the city, which results in very little rain or snow year-round. Be warned that once you travel west, north, or east of Albuquerque, that effect goes away and you’ll notice that things cool down and get wetter.

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