Want to rent out your home in a 55+ community? We try to answer the tricky question.

Though the fall season has just begun, active adults in 55+ communities are likely to already be making plans on how they’ll spend the winter season. Hoping to avoid the cold climate, many families will pack their things and head out in favor of a more warm and relaxing environment.

Because their homes will be vacant, many snowbirds will surely contemplate the question, “Can I rent out my home even though it is in a 55+ community?” And the short answer is that there's really no short answer. Here are the factors to look into when seeing if you can rent out your home in a 55+ community.

Each Community Has Restrictions

While each community is different, many adhere to strict guidelines, meaning that renting may not be a plausible option. When buying into a community, you’re not just buying a home, but all the rules and practices of the community as a whole. As such, to avoid heavy turnovers, many communities will be dismissive of home rentals. Of course, it never hurts to check with those in charge to make sure. But should the community allow for renting, there is likely to be strict rules applied to the process.

Since you’re in a 55+ community, it’s likely that you’ll only be allowed to rent out your home to a fellow 55+ renter, which could make it harder to find occupants. Additionally, there might be a limit on how many homes in a community can offer rent at a single time. Therefore, it is a good idea to get a head start and talk to those in charge early so it won’t affect you.

Also, one other thing that developers might limit is the duration of a rental. Communities will not likely be a fan of new faces popping in and out on a constant basis. As a result, communities may enforce minimal rental times, meaning that occupants would have to rent the house anywhere from a few weeks to a few months.

Do Your Research

There are a number of websites that specialize in renting out your home. The most popular of these sites is Airbnb. By creating a profile the site allows you to both list your home as a rental and search for other homes that you yourself would like to stay. Airbnb has gained popularity thanks to its easy to use interface and its ability to instantly connect renters together. For more information on renting your home, check out our past article where we go in-depth on how the site functions and why it has become a global sensation.

But Airbnb isn’t the only site for renting. Others like HomeAwayFlipKey, and VRBO offer similar services so it's definitely worthwhile to check out each site and see which one is best suited for you.

Final Thoughts

At 55places, we place rentals in one of three categories: Short-Term Rentals (Less than 3 months), Long-Term Rentals (6 to 12 months or more), and Weekend Getaways (try-before-you-buy). Because our agents are busy assisting potential buyers, we do not assist those looking for short-term rentals. For those seeking long-term rentals and weekend getaways, feel free to speak with our agents and see if they may assist you in your search. For those seeking weekend getaways, check out our article where we provide a list of a number of communities that offer discovery packages.

While renting can be especially tricky in a 55+ community, there are means of doing so. Renting out your home is not an impossible task. It just requires a proper amount of research, time, and forethought.