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New Mexico has plenty to offer its residents with a landscape of mountains, rolling hills, and national preserved areas throughout the state. Most recreational activities include hiking and exploring the various unique sights. The state is also full of cultural attractions celebrating early settlers, whether its parades, art fairs, or festivals.

Climate and Geography

New Mexico experiences a wide range of temperatures with summers reaching the high 80s and winters falling to chilly temperatures in the 20s. The state experiences an average of 278 sunny days and almost 30 inches of snow per year. 

The state is home to many government protected areas including millions of acres in New Mexico’s forests such as the Carson National Forest, Cibola National Forest, Lincoln National Forest, Santa Fe National Forest, Gila National Forest and Gila National Forest. The state has many state parks and monuments managed by the National Park Service and the New Mexico State Parks division. New Mexico is also home to the Kasha Katuwe Tent Rocks and the Gila Wilderness 

Recreation, Culture, & Entertainment 

Recreation, culture, and entertainment center around the incredible landscapes of New Mexico with the most popular places to visit being Big Room Caverns and Caves, and Philmont Scout Ranch, Kasha Katuwe Tent Rocks National Monument, the Canyon Trails, Pueblo Bonito and the Carlsbad Caverns National Park.

New Mexico’s weather allows for residents to enjoy the many hot springs, geysers, scenic drives, ancient ruins, and national parks year round. There are many options for day trips, sightseeing, dining, and shopping for New Mexico residents. 

Cost of Living & Taxes

The cost of living in New Mexico is below the national average with groceries, health, housing, and transportation being factors that are below average national costs.

Although Social Security benefits are taxed, they can be included in the retirement income exemption of $8,000 depending on income. IRAs, 410(k)s, and private and public pensions are also taxed, and can also be included in the retirement income exemption. The state further provides tax relief for residents 65 and older for medical expenses over $28,000 with an income tax exemption of up to $3,000. Further tax relief programs include the property tax rebates for homeowners over the age of 65. Los Alamos and Santa Fe residents can also qualify for the low income property tax rebate program. 

Health Care

With over 50 hospitals available in New Mexico, residents have plenty of health care options including the Presbyterian Hospital which is ranked No. 1 in the state and high performing in several procedures and conditions. Other hospitals include the Acoma Canoncito Laguna Hospital, the Advanced Care Hospital of Southern New Mexico, Alta Vista Regional Hospital, to name a few.

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