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    Alamo, nicknamed the "Land of Two Summers," is a city located in Southern Texas. Named after the world-famous Alamo Mission in San Antonio, the rich history of Alamo dates back to the early 1900s. Alamo is located at the very southern tip of the state, near the Mexico-U.S border, making it perfect for residents who want access to easy international travel. 

    Climate and Geography

    Like most of Texas, Alamo experiences a humid subtropical climate that is characterized by mild winters and hot, humid summers. The climate is highly influenced by the Gulf of Mexico, which regulates temperatures and keeps them cooler than areas that are further inland. Residents can expect less rainfall than the national average, little to no snowfall, and approximately 225 days of sunshine throughout the year.

    Located in Hidalgo County, Alamo is near national protected areas like Lower Rio Grande Valley National Wildlife Refuge, Santa Ana National Wildlife Refuge. Alamo is also known for its incredibly rich soil which makes it a perfect area to cultivate. Consequently there are many farms and ranches in the county. 

    Recreation, Culture, & Entertainment 

    Popular things to do in Alamo include visiting Reef Valley, Pulga de Alamo, Critical Hit Arcade, Alamo Drive In, Rounders Social Club, Santa Ana National Wildlife Refuge, and Arturo’s Tavern. Residents can also enjoy learning about the incredible history of this community at the Alamo Legendary Fort & Texas History Museum. 

    Cost of Living & Taxes

    The cost of living in Alamo is significantly lower than the state and national average. 

    Texas is very tax friendly to retirees since there is no state income tax, meaning all forms of retirement income are exempt, including Social Security benefits, pensions, and retirement savings accounts.

    Qualifying homeowners who are 65+ can also take advantage of the several programs for property tax relief such as the homestead exemption, a tax ceiling, and tax deferments. 

    Health Care

    Alamo residents can choose their health care services from a selection of providers in the area. There are eight hospitals all within 15 miles of the city that are recognized by U.S. News as high performing facilities, with specialties in different procedures and conditions like hip and knee replacement, heart failure treatment, and more. These hospitals include Rio Grande Regional Hospital, South Texas Health System-Edinburg, Solara Hospital McAllen, Doctors Hospital at Renaissance, Cornerstone Regional Hospital, Knapp Medical Center, Weslaco Regional Rehabilitation Hospital, and Mission Regional Medical Center.

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