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Quail Hill Realty at Smithville LLC

Lic. #1540834 (NJ)
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As an Atlantic County real estate agent, Robyn is committed to bringing integrity and trust into her real estate transactions. A former practicing attorney, Robyn uses her education, knowledge, and experience to seamlessly bring her buyers to the closing table. She takes the "whole client" approach with her buyers and thrives on helping her clients with the many aspects and questions of moving into a 55+ community.

Robyn's dedication and commitment to her clients result in happy clients finding the home that is "just right" for them. Robyn looks forward to helping you find your "just right" home here in Atlantic County.

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Walt J.
Trying to sell a house so you can purchase one is a trying experience….it becomes more complicated when the house to be sold is in Georgia and the house you wish to purchase is in New Jersey. My wife passed away a few weeks before Christmas so I set my sights on fixing my current house to go one sale in February. In early January I contacted a realtor and we did not make a connection. Something drew me to the homes in Four Season and I made a contact with Robyn Marmo. It was the smartest decision I made. In fact, I wish Robyn could have been my realtor for my house in Georgia. Now left with just my Wingman Yorkshire Terrier (Maverick), my main requirements were an attached garage, backyard fence for Maverick, and gas to have a backup generator. Robyn offered to extend the area beyond Four Seasons so once my Georgia home went on sale, I made a trip to New Jersey to connect with Robyn. In less than a week, Robyn helped with select the best house for me and Maverick. It is in Four Seasons. It is called compromise. I have my attached garage and gas to have a generator installed and can live without the backyard fence with a possible solution to build a small temporary fence around the outside patio. I have seen a house in Four Seasons that had a overhang in the back and hope I can accommodate that well to cover the patio when it rains. Robyn not only explained all my options, but more importantly is helping me through the appraisal and inspection process. I currently expect to close on 8 April. I would highly recommend Robyn. She is a joy to work with.
March 9, 2022
Marc J.
This was my first time selling a house. Due to some unfortunate circumstances with my mothers health, we had to do this as a short sale. I went to another real estate agency and the agent had no idea how a short sale worked. Quail Hill Realty was my next stop, spoke to Robyn. She knew exactly what I needed and how to process the next steps. Robyn kept me in the loop every step of the way. If I had any questions, she got back to very quickly. She could not have made the process any easier. I will recommend her to anyone I know who wants to buy or sell a house.
October 25, 2021
M. C.
Robyn is very thorough and easy to work with. She made us feel comfortable from beginning to end. We are happy to have worked with her.
October 22, 2021