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    Egg Harbor Township is located in Southern New Jersey near the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. Egg Harbor Township offers its own nature reserve that is perfect for outdoor activities, as well as a number of local restaurants. The town hosts several events and festivals throughout the year, and is close to plenty of shopping and entertainment options.

    Climate & Geography

    Egg Harbor Township experiences all four seasons. When compared to the rest of the country,  the area receives an average number of sunny days, above average amount of rainfall, and lower than average amount of snowfall.

    Egg Harbor Township is located along the coastal plain on low lying land in Southern New Jersey. The town is west of Atlantic City and Ocean City, with close proximity to the beach. Egg Harbor Township is home to several bodies of water, including Little Meadow Run, Patcong Lake, and English Creek Pond.

    Recreation, Culture & Entertainment

    Nature lovers in Egg Harbor Township appreciate the number of outdoor activities the community has available. The Egg Harbor Township Nature Reserve offers activities like hiking, biking, bird watching, and fishing in the lake. Aside from that, there are multiple golf courses in Egg Harbor Township.

    Those seeking shopping options near Egg Harbor Township will want to visit Hamilton Mall. Located in nearby Mays Landing, Hamilton Mall boasts a number of well known brands and stores. Another popular option is taking a short trip to Ocean City. The Ocean City Boardwalk feature a wide variety of shops, restaurants and entertainment options.

    Egg Harbor Township hosts several events and festivals for the community each year, such as the Harvest Festival or the Holiday Craft Show. The town is home to a variety of both local and chain restaurants.

    Cost of Living & Taxes

    The cost of living in Egg Harbor Township is just slightly above the national average, and lower than the average for the state of New Jersey. The median home cost in Egg Harbor Township is below the state and national averages, and sales tax is on the lower end of average at 6.63 percent. Income tax in New Jersey can range from 1.40 percent to 8.97 percent, and localities are allowed to impose income tax. Social Security is not taxed in New Jersey. 

    Health Care

    When ranked on Gallup’s Well-Being Index, the state of New Jersey scores on the lower end of average.

    Egg Harbor Township does not have any hospitals, however, Shore Point Medical Center is located in nearby Somers Point, and Atlanticare Regional Medical Care, located in nearby Atlantic City, is ranked No. 7 in the state.

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