These are the 5 best dog breeds for retirees.

These are the 5 best dog breeds for retirees.

What is the best breed for retirees? That decision is as personal as the car you drive and home in which you live, but there are several dog breeds that are better for retirees than others. Whether you live an active life or one that is more sedentary, one of the following five breeds may make a great companion for your Golden Years.


In Welsh legend, the corgi is the chosen transportation of fairies and elves, making them the most ‘enchanted’ of dog breeds. There are two distinct breeds, the Cardigan Welsh Corgi and the Pembroke Welsh Corgi. Although they are very close in appearance and have similar dispositions, they are distinctly different breeds. For those with active lifestyles and who want a dog with an even temperament, the corgi is a suitable, furry companion because even though they are short of stature, they are big of heart.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Like the corgi, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is a little dog with a big heart and is perfect for retirees. Descendants of the toy spaniel that were loyal companions of the British nobility and supposedly excellent hunting dogs, rumor had it that they could also heal illnesses. Whether trekking through the woods or napping in the sun, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel will adapt to their human companion's lifestyle better than many dog breeds.


With a face that begs to be loved, the pug has an easygoing disposition and is low maintenance. Loyal to their human companions, the pug is content walking alongside you on walks around the neighborhood or napping. They are playful people pleasers, making them a perfect dog for retirees. pugs have been around for a long time, having originated in China around 400 B.C. before becoming the trusted companions of Buddhists in Tibet. Playful and energetic, pugs are ideal for retirees.


As a dog of royalty for over 28 centuries, the maltese have led luxurious lives. Natural companions, they enjoy being at your side and don’t shed like many breeds, making them a perfect choice for pet owners who are prone to allergies. However, their long, silky hair requires considerable grooming to keep it looking beautiful. Affectionate, gentle, and energetic, the maltese will equally enjoy a walk or quietly resting at your side.

Bichon Frise 

A descendant of the Water Spaniel of the 1300s, the Bichon Frise became a favorite of the French Court in the 16th century. They are playful, feisty, yet gentle and affectionate. Perfect for retirees, the Bichon Frise is another breed that sheds less than many other breeds. Although like the maltese, they require more grooming than other dogs.

As we age, our needs change, including the kinds of pets that we keep. Many dog breeds are highly active, difficult to train, and too hyperactive for most retirees. As you downsize your home and your life, you may have to reconsider the type of dog you choose.