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    Hamilton Township is located in Central New Jersey right next to Trenton. Made up of multiple settlements and annexed over the years, the township has several shopping centers, outdoor parks, and yearly festivals. With some of the more affordable housing in New Jersey, Hamilton Township is rapidly growing popular among active adults looking for easy access to both a small town and big city.

    Climate & Geography 

    Hamilton Township is a direct suburb of Trenton, bordering the east side of the state capital. It is also located directly between New York City and Philadelphia. Residents can expect hot summers and snowy, cold winters. Hamilton Township experiences more rain than average and some snowfall, but the Appalachian mountains and the Atlantic Ocean tend to affect temperatures and precipitation. There are approximately 205 sunny days a year, which matches the national average.

    Hamilton Township has expanded rapidly, with very recent construction building up the area further and adding more amenities. As the township has continued to annex former towns and townships, there is no true downtown area, and instead has several commercial districts interspersed throughout the residential areas. 

    Recreation, Culture, & Entertainment 

    Much of Hamilton Township’s entertainment is based around its many parks and outdoor areas. Grounds For Sculpture is one of the most popular venues, a 42-acre sculpture garden and arboretum with over 270 sculptures, six rotating indoor galleries, performing arts events, and shopping and dining. The Abbott Marshlands, located on the southwest of the township, has over 3,000 acres of open space with diverse habitats, trails, and canals. Another popular outdoor area is Veterans Park, which has hiking trails, mountain biking, outdoor concerts, fireworks displays, and an annual Civil War reenactment.

    Outside of parks and natural areas, retirees can enjoy a large number of breweries, several distinct shopping centers, and a few golf courses in Mercer County. Nearby, the Trenton Farmers Market is open on the weekends, featuring dozens of vendors in an indoor and outdoor space.

    Cost of Living & Taxes 

    Though the overall cost of living in Hamilton Township is above the national average, it is below the average for New Jersey. Housing is the biggest reason for this increased cost of living, with transportation and utilities above the average as well. While groceries tend to match the national average, health care is below.

    New Jersey is moderately tax friendly to retirees because it does not tax Social Security but does tax other forms of retirement income at lower rates. There are also major deductions available for retirees, especially those 62 and above. New Jersey has the highest property taxes in the country, although some retirees may be eligible for the Homestead Benefit Program to help alleviate those taxes. Sales tax in Hamilton Township is 6.6 percent, however major costs for retirees, including groceries and medicine, are exempt from sales tax. 

    Health Care

    The Trenton area trends within the top 100 communities in the U.S. according to Gallup’s Well-Being Index.

    Hamilton Township has one hospital, Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital, though it is not nationally ranked. Trenton has St. Francis Medical Center-Trenton as well as Capital Health Regional Medical Center. Penn Medicine Princeton Medical Center, 10 miles away in Middlesex County, is ranked by U.S. News as the No. 11 hospital in New Jersey as well high performing in heart failure, knee replacements, and hip replacements.

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