Camden County, NJ 55+ Active Adult Retirement Communities

Camden County offers a diverse and engaging setting for individuals considering moving to an active adult community. Situated in the heart of South Jersey, Camden County is known for its rich history, cultural attractions, and proximity to major metropolitan areas. The three largest cities in the area are Camden, Cherry Hill Township, and Gloucester Township.

Camden County offers a diverse and engaging setting for individuals considering moving to an active adult community. Situated in the heart of South Jersey, Camden County is known for its rich history, cultural attractions, and proximity to major metropolitan areas. The three largest cities in the area are Camden, Cherry Hill Township, and Gloucester Township.

Camden, located along the Delaware River, offers a vibrant arts scene and historic landmarks. Cherry Hill Township, a suburban community, boasts a thriving shopping district and recreational amenities. Gloucester Township offers a suburban environment with beautiful parks and convenient access to major highways.

For those visiting or considering a move to Camden County, here are some resources for information about local community, events, and historical aspects of the area:

  • Camden County: Explore the official website of Camden County for comprehensive information about government services, community resources, and upcoming events.
  • Courier-Post: Stay updated with local news, events, and community happenings through the Courier-Post, a leading newspaper serving Camden County.
  • Cherry Hill Township: The official website provides information on local events, parks, resident programs, and township departments.

Camden County NJ Area Affordability and Cost of Living 

The cost of living in Camden County is 5.8 percent lower than the national average and about 14 percent lower than the state average. The median home price in Camden County is $276,500, and as a whole the county offers more affordable options when compared to nearby counties like Burlington ($316,600) or Gloucester ($293,100). This makes it an attractive location for 55+ adults looking for more affordable housing options within close proximity to Philadelphia, as Camden County is just across the Delaware River. With the exception of utilities, all other cost of living prices are at or lower than state averages and groceries are just a few percent above the national average for groceries. Camden County offers several parks, recreational facilities, and community centers that provide affordable opportunities for outdoor activities and leisure pursuits.

In New Jersey, the income tax ranges from 1.4 percent to 10.75 percent, social security is exempt from tax, and other retirement income is subject to tax, but there is a large exemption for those on lower incomes. New Jersey does not have estate taxes, but inheritance taxes apply to any property worth more than $500 unless it was inherited by a spouse, child, parent, or grandparent. First $2,500 of inherited property is exempt from taxation for siblings. There are some variations depending on the exact location, but New Jersey has one of the highest property taxes in the country. The average property tax in Camden County is 2.5 percent of the property's fair market value. The New Jersey sales tax is 6.63 percent which is about average in the U.S., it's important to note that groceries, clothing, and prescription drugs are exempt. 

Camden County NJ Area Climate and Geography 

Camden County experiences a humid subtropical climate with hot summers and cold winters. The average winter temperature range from December to February is around 25 to 40 degrees. Snowfall is common during the winter months, with an average annual snowfall of about 20 inches. Residents can enjoy the beauty of winter landscapes and engage in winter activities such as skiing and snowboarding.

During the summer months of June to August, temperatures range from 70 to 90 degrees. Humidity levels can be quite high, with an average summer humidity percentage of around 65 percent. It can be a great time to explore outdoor recreational activities and enjoy the county's parks and natural attractions. Annual rainfall in Camden County averages around 45 inches, which is spread fairly evenly throughout the year. While severe weather events can occur, Camden County is not typically prone to extreme weather conditions. However, like many areas in the Mid-Atlantic region, it can occasionally experience tropical storms and hurricanes during the Atlantic hurricane season, which runs from June to November. 

Camden County boasts beautiful and scenic landscapes. It is located within close proximity to the Delaware River, which offers opportunities for recreational activities such as boating, fishing, and scenic riverfront walks. The picturesque Pine Barrens, a vast natural area characterized by its unique sandy soil, pine forests, and diverse wildlife, is a short drive away. The county is also within driving distance of the Jersey Shore, where residents can enjoy sandy beaches, boardwalks, and oceanfront activities. 

Recreation, Shopping, and Entertainment Near Camden Co NJ Area 

Camden County offers a rich blend of cultural, historical, and recreational attractions that cater to various interests. Whether you're a nature enthusiast, art lover, history buff, or someone who enjoys shopping and entertainment, there's no shortage of options to explore and enjoy in this vibrant region.

Golf and Racquet Sports Near Camden Co NJ Area

  • Pennsauken Country Club in Pennsauken
  • Woodcrest Country Club in Cherry Hill
  • Haddonfield Country Club in Haddonfield
  • Cherry Hill Health and Racquet Club in Cherry Hill

Hiking, Biking, and Boating Near Camden Co NJ Area

  • Cooper River Park in Cherry Hill
  • Timber Creek Park in Gloucester Township
  • Camden County College Bike Path in Blackwood
  • Pine Hill Bike Path in Pine Hill

Museums and Historical Sites Near Camden Co NJ Area

  • Battleship New Jersey Museum and Memorial in Camden
  • Indian King Tavern Museum in Haddonfield
  • Perkins Center for the Arts in Collingswood
  • Camden County Historical Society Museum in Camden

Performing Arts Near Camden Co NJ Area

  • Scottish Rite Auditorium in Collingswood
  • Camden County College Center for the Arts in Blackwood
  • Haddonfield Plays and Players in Haddonfield
  • Ritz Theatre Company in Haddon Township

Shopping Near Camden Co NJ Area

  • Cherry Hill Mall in Cherry Hill
  • Voorhees Town Center in Voorhees
  • Collingswood Farmers' Market in Collingswood
  • Haddonfield Farmers Market in Haddonfield

Parks and Gardens Near Camden Co NJ Area

  • Cooper River Park in Pennsauken and Cherry Hill
  • Camden Children's Garden in Camden
  • Haddon Lake Park in Haddon Heights
  • Barclay Farmstead Museum and Park in Cherry Hill

Festivals and Fairs Near Camden Co NJ Area

  • Collingswood Crafts and Fine Art Festival in Collingswood
  • Haddonfield Fall Festival in Haddonfield
  • Pennsauken Harvest Festival in Pennsauken
  • Cherry Hill Restaurant Week in Cherry Hill

Camden County NJ AreaHealth and Wellness 

Camden County offers many options to support the health and well-being of 55+ active adults. With access to renowned medical centers, local options for fitness and self-care, and farmers markets promoting healthy eating, residents can enjoy a well-rounded approach to maintaining their health and wellness. There are several major medical centers in the region, ensuring easy access to top-notch healthcare services. Nearby hospitals in the region include the Cooper University Hospital in Camden, a leading academic medical center providing  comprehensive healthcare services and Virtua Voorhees Hospital in Voorhees which is a state-of-the-art hospital with a range of medical services and specialties. 

In addition to these medical centers, Camden County offers various local options for self-care, fitness, and mental wellness. There are numerous fitness centers, yoga studios, and wellness centers scattered throughout the area. For those who prefer to exercise outdoors the many parks in the area are perfect for walking, jogging, or biking.

Camden County is home to several farmers markets that provide access to fresh, locally grown produce. Popular farmers markets in the area include Collingswood Farmers' Market and Haddonfield Farmers Market. These markets offer a variety of seasonal fruits, vegetables, and other locally sourced products, promoting healthy eating habits and supporting local farmers.

Recommended Itinerary for Visiting Camden County NJ Area 55+ Communities

Camden County is a wonderful location to consider for retirement, offering a combination of natural beauty, cultural attractions, and a welcoming community. If you're visiting the area to research whether it would be a good fit for you, here's a suggested 2-day itinerary to help you familiarize yourself with the region:

Day One


  • Start your day with a delicious breakfast or coffee at the Corner Bakery Café in Voorhees.
  • Explore the natural beauty of Cooper River Park in Cherry Hill, a picturesque park offering walking paths, scenic views, and opportunities for boating and fishing.


  • Enjoy a leisurely lunch at the Collingswood Farmers' Market in Collingswood. Sample fresh, locally sourced food from various vendors and experience the vibrant atmosphere.
  • Visit the Indian King Tavern Museum in Haddonfield, which offers a glimpse into the area's rich history and colonial heritage.
  • Take a stroll through downtown Haddonfield, known for its charming streets lined with unique shops, boutiques, and art galleries.


  • Dine at Treno Pizza Bar in Haddon Township, where you can savor delicious wood-fired pizzas and other Italian specialties in a cozy atmosphere. 

Day Two


  • Start your day with breakfast or coffee at the Voorhees Diner in Voorhees Township, a local favorite known for its classic diner fare and friendly service. 
  • Meet with your local 55places expert retirement community partner agent to discuss retirement community options and gather valuable information and guidance.


  • Visit the Battleship New Jersey Museum and Memorial in Camden, where you can explore the historic battleship and learn about its fascinating military history. 
  • Take a leisurely stroll along the waterfront in Pennsauken, enjoying the serene views of the Delaware River and the Philadelphia skyline.


Getting to the Camden County, NJ Area

Camden County is conveniently accessible through various transportation modes. Here are directions on how visitors can reach the Camden County:


The closest major airport to Camden County is Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Visitors can fly into PHL from various cities across the United States and international destinations. Some of the major airlines that operate at PHL include American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, United Airlines, and Southwest Airlines. Philadelphia International Airport is approximately 15 miles northwest of Camden County. 


Camden County is easily accessible by major highways. Some of the primary highways that lead to the region include:

  • Interstate 295: Runs north-south, providing access to Camden County from points north and south.
  • New Jersey Turnpike (Interstate 95): Connects to I-295 and provides access to Camden County from various locations along the East Coast.
  • Route 42: Connects to Philadelphia and provides direct access to Camden County.

By Train or bus:

Amtrak provides train service to the region, with the closest major train station being 30th Street Station in Philadelphia. Several bus companies, such as Greyhound and Megabus, offer service to the Philadelphia area. From there, visitors can either take a taxi, rideshare service, or utilize public transportation options, such as the PATCO Speedline, to reach Camden County.

Communities Near Camden County

Price Range

Rent or Buy

Home Types

Age Restriction

New Construction or Resale

Community Size



Price Range




11 communities near Camden County

0 Homes for Sale

The Plaza Grande at Garden State Park - Cherry Hill, NJ

The Plaza Grande at Garden State Park

For Sale
  • Low $400ks - Mid $400ks
  • 608 Homes (1 for sale)
  • 55+ Age Restriction
  • New And Resale Homes
  • 2005 - 2013
  • No Reviews
Centennial Mill - Voorhees, NJ

Centennial Mill

For Sale
  • High $300ks - High $400ks
  • 401 Homes (1 for sale)
  • 55+ Age Restriction
  • Resale Homes Only
  • 2004 - 2007
  • 2 reviews
Montebello - Berlin NJ


For Sale
  • Low $400ks - Mid $500ks
  • 348 Homes (1 for sale)
  • 55+ Age Restriction
  • Resale Homes Only
  • 2007 - 2020
  • 3 reviews
Braddock Preserve at Winslow - Berlin, NJ

Braddock Preserve at Winslow

For Sale
  • High $200ks - High $300ks
  • 222 Homes
  • 55+ Age Restriction
  • Resale Homes Only
  • 2005 - 2014
  • No Reviews
Four Seasons at Forest Meadows - Sicklerville, NJ

Four Seasons at Forest Meadows

For Sale
  • Mid $300ks - High $300ks
  • 152 Homes
  • 55+ Age Restriction
  • Resale Homes Only
  • 2002 - 2007
  • 1 reviews

Hearthstone at Wedgewood

For Sale
  • Low $300ks - High $300ks
  • 104 Homes
  • 55+ Age Restriction
  • Resale Homes Only
  • 2005 - 2010
  • No Reviews
Traditions at Laurel Oaks - Voorhees, NJ

Traditions at Laurel Oaks

For Sale
  • Mid $300ks - Mid $500ks
  • 100 Homes (1 for sale)
  • 55+ Age Restriction
  • Resale Homes Only
  • 2000 - 2003
  • No Reviews
Legacy at Waterford Pines- Atco, NJ

Legacy at Waterford Pines

For Sale
  • High $200ks - Low $300ks
  • 88 Homes
  • 55+ Age Restriction
  • Resale Homes Only
  • 2008 - 2013
  • No Reviews
Kings Run at Haddon Heights, NJ

Kings Run at Haddon Heights

For Sale
  • Low $200ks - High $200ks
  • 66 Homes
  • 55+ Age Restriction
  • Resale Homes Only
  • 2008 - 2009
  • 1 reviews
The Maples - Pennsauken, NJ

The Maples

For Sale
  • High $100ks - High $200ks
  • 50 Homes
  • 55+ Age Restriction
  • Resale Homes Only
  • 2011 - 2014
  • No Reviews

Heritage Village

For Sale
  • Mid $200ks - High $200ks
  • 40 Homes
  • 55+ Age Restriction
  • Resale Homes Only
  • 1997 - 1997
  • No Reviews


1056 Southern Hills Drive, Banning, CA

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  • 2320 SqFt
MLS CV23099287
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