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    Monroe is a town located in Central New Jersey that is popular with active adults. Monroe offers its residents a serene nature park with picturesque lake views and a lively community center. The surrounding area hosts a variety of festivals and events throughout the year. Monroe provides convenient access to city life by taking Interstate 95 to New York City. 

    Climate & Geography

    Being in the northeast United States, Monroe experiences all four seasons. The town receives more rainfall than national average, and slightly less snowfall. Residents of Monroe can enjoy a few more sunny days than the national average. 

    Monroe is located in Central New Jersey, southwest of New York City. Monroe has a number of bodies of water running through it, including Millstone River,  Manalapan Brook, and Cranbury Brook. Monroe is in an area that has lower land, and the town of Monroe completely surrounds the town of Jamesburg.

    Recreation, Culture & Entertainment 

    Locals can enjoy a variety of entertainment options in Monroe. Thompson Park is a popular area to go fishing or walk along a hiking trail during the warmer months. The Monroe Community Center offers activities like ballroom dancing and a photography club, providing opportunities to pick up a new skill or hobby regardless of the season.

    Monroe possesses several restaurants and stores that provide all of the basic necessities to its residents. Various festivals and special events are held in Monroe and the surrounding areas regularly.  For those looking for more extensive shopping and entertainment options, New York City is just a drive away. 

    Cost of Living & Taxes 

    Cost of living in Monroe is higher than the state and national average, with the price of housing playing the biggest role in raising the overall cost. Sales tax is below average at 6.63 percent, and Social Security is not taxed in New Jersey. Income tax in New Jersey can range from 1.4 percent to 8.97 percent. 

    Health Care 

    The state of New Jersey tanks towards the bottom half of Gallup’s Well-Being Index, however, the New York Area ranks about average. Princeton Hospital and Saint Peter’s University Hospital are located nearby Monroe. NYU Langone Hospitals, ranked No. 9 in the country and No. 2 in the state, are located 43 miles away in New York.

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