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Yes, Age-Restricted Communities Are Legal

by Bill Ness on 206 Comments

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While age-restricted communities must be in compliance with both their state and federal laws, there are exemptions which let them legally limit the age of their residents.

While age-restricted communities must be in compliance with both their state and federal laws, there are exemptions which let them legally limit the age of their residents.

When the subject of active adult communities comes up, people commonly wonder whether age-restricted communities are actually legal. The Fair Housing Act protects homebuyers and renters from discrimination based on several factors, so it seems like it should keep developers from closing their doors to residents under a certain age. However, as long as they meet certain requirements, these communities are not breaking any laws.

Established in 1968, the Fair Housing Act protects homebuyers and renters from discrimination based on seven different areas: race, color, sex, national origin, religion, familial status and disability. Age is not a protected class under the federal Fair Housing Act.

Many states do have their own fair housing laws which include additional protected classes such as marital status, sexual orientation and ancestry. Under these laws, each state can also allow for age protection, which would begin at a defined age, but most do not prevent communities from being exclusive to older adults as they recognize the benefit of senior housing programs.

While age is not a protected class under the Fair Housing Act, the law does prevent discrimination based on familial status. In this case, familial status refers to households which include pregnant women or children under the age of 18. However, the Housing for Older Persons Act of 1995 (HOPA) provides exemptions to familial status if a community meets either of the following conditions:

1. All of the occupants of the community are over the age of 62.

2. At least 80 percent of the occupied units include at least one resident who is verified to be over the age of 55, and the community follows a policy that demonstrates an intent to provide housing for those aged 55 or older.

Once a community meets the HOPA requirements, they are free to create their own rules for how they will define their age restriction, as long as they are in compliance with state laws. The community can make the age-restriction more strict than the HOPA requirement, such as stating that all of the residents must be over 55 or that 80 percent of the households must include a resident aged 60 or better.

Most age-restricted communities have two restrictions. The first says that each household (or 80 percent of the households) must include a resident over the age of 55. The second adds an age restriction for the remaining members of the household, such as being over the age of 40 or simply over the age of 18. They can even set guidelines for how long underage visitors (such as grandchildren) are allowed to stay with community residents.

To attract younger buyers, active adult communities can also set lower age restrictions (or no age restrictions) in 20 percent of the development. This can be tricky as a full 80 percent of the occupied units must have at least one resident over the age of 55 to qualify for the HOPA exemption. To be safe, many communities only allow younger households in a smaller portion, such as 15 percent of the development.

While age-restricted communities must be in compliance with both their state and federal laws, there are exemptions which let them legally limit the age of their residents. To learn more about the Fair Housing Act and HOPA exemptions, you can visit the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) online or read their helpful HOPA questions and answers document.

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  1. I think there should be more age-restricted communities all over the country — in all 50 states and not just the ones with all the senior amenities. I never had children, never wanted them, yet have had to put up with the noise and mischief of unsupervised kids in most of the subdivisions I’ve lived in — all 8 of them. There are many folks like myself, married or single, who just want to live their lives in peace without all the distractions brought on by children running wild. It’s really the fault of parents who don’t supervise their kids, but, things being what they are, we childless people need a break. It’s about time.

    1. Listen here Marianna, you are an ignorant person. Therefore, I want an ignorant person free community. The whole argument for age restriction is like saying I don’t like anybody but white people which is racist. You are an idiot!

      1. Actually Dave its you who is ignorant ! Your analogy to white people only is incorrect. Under Federal Fair Housing laws age is NOT a protected class. Also if the property involves a lease, in most states there exists a covenant called “Implied Warranty Of Quiet Enjoyment”. So long as State and Federal Laws are followed these communities are entirely legal.

        If you want an ignorant free community, I guess that means you could not live there either.

      2. Dave, it looks like YOU’RE the one who’s “racist” because you obviously think people who don’t want children are inferior and should be ignored. All the more reason why people who don’t want children should be allowed to form their own communities.

      3. I’m with Dave on this one. Saying you want an age specific community is just as bad as wanting a race specific community. Just because the Fair House Act doesn’t cover age, doesn’t give it any credibility. All of you are grown adults. What do you think would have happened when YOU were children if your parents weren’t allowed to live in the house you grew up just because they were not over 55, or whatever age you want to use? Your parents would be furious, because their sole concern is having a safe and welcoming place for you to grow up. I’m sorry that some of you don’t like to see kids running around, growing up and experiencing the world first-hand. I’m sure some of your neighbors growing up hated seeing you riding your bike down the street, or out playing with your friends. That doesn’t make it okay to ban kids from being kids. And for those of you talking about lower income housing in these types of communities, that’s a laugh. Most of these communities are at least $150,000, depending on the location, and how many amenities they offer. You’re going to attract the right kind of families. The hard working families with values. Having children doesn’t make you some sort of swamp rat not worthy of living in a nice community. It just means you are a human being….with children. I’m sure if there was a community of 40 and under, it would get put under scrutiny for discriminating against the elderly. If you want peace and quiet, invest in some better insulation. If you don’t want to see kids playing outside, then don’t look out of your windows. If you want to be left alone, then why move to a community in the first place?

      4. I feel her reply is perfectly reasonable….You Dave must be one of the many liberals in this state. I too think living near or even dining out with children is obnoxious and this is mainly due to the fact that the parents can’t properly control their children…. You sir need to go to your “safe place!!!”

      5. Age restricted communities have nothing to do with race or with having or not wanting children. I just moved into an age restricted community and I have 3 children and 4 grandchildren. The purpose of age restricted communities is to provide a comfortable, safe living place for people who have reached a certain age and no longer desire to live in a large house in a mixed age community where they have yard upkeep. My community is mixed racially and many of us have grandchildren who come to our houses most days after school until one or both of their parents come home from work. These communities allow seniors to reside in a place where most of the yard work is done through payments to a monthly Homeowner Assessment fee. In addition it provides many many amenities like pools, tennis courts, boccie, shuffleboard and other group activities all paid for by a monthly HOA fee. You should all get your head OOYA and not judge every thing by your own little world.

      6. Dave unfortunately your one of many uneducated American’s that shout these words each time someone has their own views on how they want to live. Your actually sounding as if you’re one of those parents that choose to not monitor your children and certainly not punish them for vandalizing other’s property. Respect for others rights is very honorable. Hopefully you’ll invest in a dictionary and force yourself to better understand the meaning of racist. You’ll probably see name’s like Malcolm X.and the Black Panther’s.Further more Dave you may also try to be more informed of federal and state laws. Just saying. Ignorance is not that bad of a label for you although you may want to label other by facts not childish emotions.

      7. Apparently you do not understand the words usage.i have brought up5children and2 grandchildren I hate squeaky voices and unruelychildfen parents let them run wild like animals. So I am in a 55 community and am still suffering with u supervised youngsters.i want no no no children around me I’ve earned y right to some peace and quiet plus safety of not having someone on a scooter running me over. Maybe you could educate yourself and learn the meaning of you letter

      8. If you want the luxury of seclusion upgrade to a house. If you secretly love complaining stay where you are and keep complaining.

      9. Live in a senior community and I love it. No damn kids to put up with. Not wanting to be around kids doesn’t make you ignorant, make you smart. People have kids they can’t afford and then whine because they have no money. We have paid our dues and deserve to live where we want.

      10. Oh Dave. You are really stupid if you think people over 55 does’t deserve a child free community, especially the way people raise their kids now. Disrespectful, inconsiderate, noisy. You must have kids like these to post what you did. You’re the idiot. You have no idea how wonderful it is not to have to deal with kids unless you want to. LONG LIVE ADULT COMMUNITIES.

      11. I think Dave’s response would have been much different, or even non-existent, had Marianna worded her post differently. Some people simply never had children for whatever their reason, and prefer to live in a place that consists of only, or mostly, older adults who no longer have children at home. That’s all. It’s a completely rational preference, but the post wasn’t very well done, in my honest but most accurate opinion. 🙂

    2. I agree with you completely. I’m 51, a disabled veteran, and lead a very quiet life. Why would I want to live in a family complex with all the noise, litter, and crime that seems to follow the lower income family parks and apartment complexes? I’m too old to buy a $300K house, I’d never pay it off before I’m 80. I’m hoping I can get a waiver to get into a 55+ park, even if I have to pay cash for the house.

      1. Marianne and William seem to have a lot of hostility toward children. That’s sad. Even if you are not a parent, you should realize that children are necessary for the future of the human race. They are natural and God-given, not some kind of horrendous creatures to be avoided and despised. Children are to be loved and nurtured in their communities. It’s sad that some people seem to hate children.

      2. Hmmmm…
        Crime, litter, low income? I welcome children and have had many. None did any of the things you mention, and as for “low income”, I can purchase a 300k+ home cash (so is that low income). However, I’m not ignorant enough to do so because I’m money smart.

      3. Were you able to get a waiver? i live in an inexpensive apartment complex that did not meet section 8 requirements..a new owner fixed that now it will be eligible to ALL section 8 people the good ones and the bad ones. I can understand the rumors about the owner wanting to establish this as an age restricted apartment complex–the bad ones tend tend to be in the lower age ranges….. NOT THAT ALL PEOPLE IN LOWER AGE RANGES ARE BAD ONE, but you can sift through the younger ones and the few bad ones are likely to be in that group. I’m 53 another one wanting an exception..i hope HUD gives exceptions.me disabled too. I suppose I won’t know until it happens I hate uncertainty.

    3. William your point exactly! Your not old enough! too bad! hows that make you feel! 55 plus communities are a drag on the economy and prohibits social advancement. I operate a 55 plus community on a golf course I know bunch of adults 25-45 year old not children that would love to get the deal of resort living at a fraction of the cost. 55 plus communities discriminate against adults up to 55 and some might never live to 55 thus they never get the right to live in that community only because of there age. Its time to stop the segregation. Marianna, your comment is putrid. This has nothing to do with children but thanks for exposing your childhood.

      1. Let me get this straight hab; you “operate a 55 plus community on a golf course” and you don’t think it’s right or fair? Really? Does the community you work for know those feelings?

        Simple enough to change it; just get the community behind you to vote out age restrictions and vote in new CC&R’s. There you go, life would then be perfectly fair in your world then eh?

        One little problem; the vast majority of those living there would fire you in the blink of an eye and hire someone that actually cared about those living in the community. We almost always hear these complaints from those who want a larger range of potential buyers to market to.

        And the simple truth is there are all kinds of mixed age communities for people under 55 to buy into. Pulte/Webb have any number of them, the problem most often is they are newer and the costs are higher.

        Whenever this question comes up, the answer always is; it’s the law that allows age restricted communities to exist. If you can’t get your community to but into you wanting to sell them out, go change the laws…in the long run it may be easier.

      2. I don’t think that Marianne is so wrong… Some people don’t want kids yet they have to deal with others children. Depending on the parents and the actions of the children I believe we all deserve to live in peace, be it with or without well behaved children. Maybe she knows herself better than those that judge.

      3. Hushaboom…fraction of the cost for resort style living? ? ?
        Haaaaa….there’s nothing inexpensive about living in an active adult community. You’ll get to the right age eventually and you’ll want to spend you money the way you want and with whom after spending a lifetime to earn it!

      4. Wanting to escape noise and disruptive activity is putrid? There’s two different issues here besides children: resorts and apartments. I personally don’t think it’s fair to provide playgrounds only to the old and that is not how things really are. Playgrounds are and should continue to be available to the young as well. I just don’t want it directly under my bedroom window. Is that too much to ask? I can’t control peoples’ children, so I should have the right not to have to live with them. That’s not the same as asking for a 20 acre resort—I personally could care LESS about resorts and amenities, I just want some relative peace and quiet. Why are people who don’t want children considered maladjusted? When I was growing up, you were considered maladjusted if you didn’t learn how to control yourself—something which use to be taught and was taught in childhood and considered as much a part of growing up as being on the playground. Most people who hate children REALLY just hate the endless screaming and disruptiveness that has in recent years become unfashionable to control—or even merely raise OBJECTIONS to. The noises children make today are NOT NORMAL. Monkey cages are quieter. When they’re NOT, they are indistinguishable from HUMAN children. Really scary stuff frankly.

      5. Perhaps you should find another profession if you are so anti 55 plus communities. We raised our kids, paid our property taxes so your kids could go to school. So why should we have it our way once we get old?

      6. People that don’t want to have children should NOT have to listen to there noise, banging, yelling, misbehaving, and everything else that kids do. I think it’s a damn shame for us to have to put up with things like this “anyway” I don’t think it’s very fair. Why should I have to put up with other people’s children and their behavior? I don’t think that is fair at all. It’s a lousy law, and should be outlawed. There should be all adult complexes again, they shouldn’t have gotten rid of them in the first place. These people that make these decisions are affected people’s lives and they don’t realize it how devastating it can be.



      2. I never had kids; I was an only child growing up and very quiet and shy. Why should I have something I don’t want. Plenty of people enjoy kids, let them have them.

    5. You live in your own little world. Buy a house in the middle of no where and eat at home. Shop online. There you go…no kids. I guess you just dropped out of the sky a whole adult. You were never an annoying kid. Your so blessed. I had 2 children and have 3 grandchildren. When I’ve had enough of them I go elsewhere. If I was that annoyed like you are, I would do the above.

      1. Dang,! Some people need to relax. Everyone is entitled to live in whatever type of community/setting where they think they’ll be happy. If it’s a child free community, so what. I can totally respect the peace and quiet point. Big deal. Last time I knew this was America. Chill people! 🙂 Enjoy your day.

      2. I would love to go where there are no kids, but people keep having them, but then they don’t want to train them. And so what if someone doesn’t like kids. Some people don’t like dogs, cats, elevators, water or snow. It’s a personal choice.

    6. yes, a break! Us childless adults have to pay school taxes for kids we don’t have! And those kids will be taking care of their own parents and family. Us childless adults will be alone 🙁 broke!

      1. Hey having children is a decision. Some want other don’t want to be bother. It’s a big responsibilty. I have two of my own.Im 53 and yes,I choose to live in a child free community. Yes let them visit you.but I prefer them to have their own place.

      2. It will be worse than THAT in some cases. How are all these feral children going to learn the kind of self-control needed to grow up, get a job and pay taxes? Taxes which go into social security? There is a glut of these children. Generation Y (ages 20-30 ish) is more than twice the size of the Boomers and probably THREE times the size of Gen X—and they are having seems like FIVE times the amount of CHILDREN. And they are more spoiled and more voracious than any of the rest of us EVER were. Back in 1975, if you strayed from your mother’s shopping cart, omg, you didn’t EVEN! But NOW they’re making CARS out if them! For straying children who are so weak-minded they can’t tolerate even 20 minutes of boredom. And not even USING such carts half the time because their mothers let them run through the entire place like lost rabid dogs. I believe it all started when some of us Gen-Xers who couldn’t stop whining about our “impoverished” childhoods decided to have children OURSELVES—out of spite—and spoiled them rotten. That’s the mindset Gen Y and Z are/were “raised” on.

      3. all i wanted was a weekend campground for christian adults to mingle only over 50 i have 2 beautiful daughters and 5 lovely grandchildren jesus first than kids,just a little peace once in a while, new to area love to camp and read

    7. I think everyone is being a little harsh on Marianna. She has the right to her opinion about living with and around kids. And she made a very valid point about their behavior being the responsibility of the parents. With that being said, I only question why she had to relocate to 8 communities before she figured out that she is better suited to an adult exclusive community? Marianna is your expectation of children’s behavior too rigid? I would bet that you’ve never been married (hetrosexually)….no judgment made here. As a father of 4 kids I can say I had control of behaviour when I was present, but God knows what they did when I was out of sight. I realize this was a late post to the blog, but I’m curious if Marianna ever found a peaceful community?


      1. Where it’s impossible to get a decent house unless you’re over 55. The city where I’m in has 5 non-deed restricted houses for sale. 53 in 55+ communities. It’s starting to look like I’ll have to leave the area just to find a place to live.

    8. I have 2 children and i’m not offended by Marianna comments, to each their own she doesnt have to like children….. its a free country,last I checked!
      At least she did the smart thing and didnt have any!
      My kids are grown and i dont have tolerance for wild ,rude and unsupervised kids either!

    9. You complete right, older was had children when was young, but became older won peace not disturbing and we have full right demanding housing for older only. But rules are broken and Gov don’t doing nothing, depend State you live, when liberals are in power rules not exist and Laws. I was denied renew a Lease because I was complain over younger with children in two different times, sure are illegal evict any one for make complaint but again liberals doing what won, include a liberal Lawyer was told me was legal. But that are reality, until change Gov and start heavy punish for discriminate, discrimination be will go ahead and we must suffer.

    10. OMG! There is so much hatred being expressed here. I feel like I wandered in to a meeting of Trump supporters. Look, folks. There is nothing wrong with having chosen not to reproduce. There is nothing wrong with wanting to find a place of quiet and tranquility. I’m 72. I havn’t had a television for at least 30 years, but I love to read. I love to sit quietly, in the shade, with a book (O.K. Sometimes I play Wagner a little too loud.) I don’t want to sit 20 ft. away from over-amplified rap music(?), or dogs that bark all day.
      There is nothing wrong in wanting to spend my last several years enjoying a peaceful environment. I can’t understand why there is such hatred being expressed at anyone who wants that.

      1. No, nothing wrong with wanting peace. The problem is in places like Florida, they deed restrict a significant percentage of the area, then put 55+ people on all the committees and take the entire budget for that area. I live in front of a pot hole 3 feet deep. They won’t fix it, and they’re spending 25% of the transportation budget on roadside flowers in the 55+ area. Doesn’t seem fair to me. I’m looking for a new place to live, but there are only 5 available houses with no age requirements, and 53 with. You can guess how nice the no age requirement ones are. We used to be a nice, small town. Now it’s a slum for people who aren’t over the age of 55. I’m probably going to need to move out of the county, and get a new job.

      2. Rick….Those arent Trump supporters …..Trump supporters agree with you 100% and respect your desire to live in any type community which you prefer…

      3. Had to laugh at Trump supporters being hateful.. opposite is what is true or haven’t you been following the news?

    11. Whats wrong with all of you ? Let people have their freedom ..if you have a community that has a rule 55 and up fine don’t live there if you disagree..
      No one is forcing anyone to live or not live in communities with kids or without kids …If you like kids then live in a location that has plenty of them and leave the ppl alone that don’t want them and let them live in communities without kids…
      Don’t try to control others based on your beliefs … and that goes for our govt also .. as long as everyone repsects others beliefs and rights and follows the law then don’t try to place your beliefs on others …read the comments in here ..talk about political correctness ..no wonder Obama was elcted twice ..

    12. And we had to put up with you and ykjr5driving, I hope that one day you ever Doctor that’s saving you life is not one of them kids you are talking about

    13. To the person being rude to Marianna,

      That’s her feelings on the subject. She’s allowed to not want or like kids. There’s too many immature adults who think they need to have a herd of kids who don’t parent at all just get social services from the county They can be quite the nightmare to Live next door to. Property damage being the number one complaint. If I had a lot of children I would love it if Marianna moved to a community with all persons having to be 21. That way she’s happy, I’m happy, my kids are happy being able to get their ball from next door everytime it goes into the neighbors yard. So she has a very good point.

    14. Under the HOPA act, only 80% of all units must be occupied by at least one person over the age of 55. That leaves 20% of the homes in most over 55 communities available to people like you.

      1. Not necessarily Winston. State and federal statutes are one thing, community documents are another. Simple word of advice for anyone looking at age restricted living, get your hands on the community CC&R’s before buying. Understanding what you buying before you put any money down is just plain common sense.

      2. This 55 community ‘grandfathered’ in a woman and her 2 kids years ago. I thought I was moving into a quiet place, but the woman and her daughters (now teens) argue loudly. All the other renters are seniors are quiet except for them. Do we complain, no, we want to be nice, but this is an example why we old folks want to life with other ‘old folks’.

    15. i agree with you Marianna…..If America were truly free, we would be able to form any kind of community we wish no matter who might be offended or who might disagree…..It is every American’s Inaliable right to discriminate or not discriminate…Any infringement upon that right by government is government overstepping it’s boundaries….

    16. Show: Twilight Zone
      Season 3 Episode 21
      Kick the Can

      Charles Whitley (Ernest Truex), a retiree at Sunnyvale Rest Home, thinks he has discovered the secret of youth. He is convinced that if he acts young, he will become young. His oldest and best friend Ben Conroy (Russell Collins), who he has known since childhood, thinks he is going crazy, and is able to persuade the home’s superintendent, Mr. Cox (John Marley) that this is the case. Mr. Cox decides to put Charles in isolation and under observation. Ben tries to convince Charles to act as sedate as the other residents in order to avoid this fate, to no avail. While Ben sees aging as an inescapable fact of life, Charles is convinced that Ben’s thinking of himself as old is what made him old.

      That night, Charles convinces a number of residents to play a game of kick the can with him. He tries to talk Ben into joining them, but Ben refuses. The residents light a firecracker and throw it out a window, the noise drawing the nurse’s attention so they can sneak out the door. Meanwhile, Ben alerts Mr. Cox to what the other residents are up to. They run outside to find a group of children playing kick the can instead. Ben recognizes one of the children as Charles, become young again. He begs young Charley for a chance to go with him, but the boy seems not to know him, and dashes away into the darkness. Mr. Cox searches elsewhere for the elderly residents, while Ben walks slowly to the front steps of Sunnyvale and sits there with the can, alone.

      You should watch this episode because you sound like Ben Conroy.

    17. I do agree with you Marianna. People have unprotected sex have more kids than they can financially emotionally or in anyway take care of so you’re so right Marianna. People with children turn them out in the street so they don’t have to tear them so they don’t have to take care of them who are they think they’re kidding or lying to. Back twice as high divorce rate or more than people without children because they have so many more problems that’s why they turn them out in the street. Like they’re ignorant parents they have no respect for other people.of Always happy pictures of happy families is a bunch of bunk there are more problems to deal with when you have children in your life the hugs don’t outweigh all the many problems of boyfriends and girlfriends drugs alcohol and everything it takes to raise a child don’t lie to us we know the truth you just want us to be stuck like you are. Way to go Marianna let’s stand up and tell the truth and maybe more people will use birth control he’s people are so ignorant they don’t even know it exists

    18. Everyone should have the right to live where they want. True a community would not want to live with delinquents, but a couple who is in their late 40’s and have no children, study income, and are looking for a small place to live should not be discriminated against due to age.

    19. Welcome to living in a community; don’t wall yourself off from others. Gated communities and restricted ones are not particularly healthy for a strong society. One reason why nursing homes are such depressing places.

    20. Here’s what I think as an under 55 adult living in Florida. You want 55+ communities? Fine! I will be more than happy to develop and live in a strictly under 55 community. No old people to drive in slow and unsafe manners, no complaining, nobody to hold up the lines anywhere. It goes both ways!

    21. Get over yourself.. there are kids everywhere! Go live in a retirement home.. oh wait, kids come visit their grandparents… why don’t you just pitch a tent in the wild bush of alaska.. I’m sure you will be all alone!

    22. She is entitled to her opinion. Why does that make her an idiot, Dave? When I retired from driving a schoolbus for 25 yrs I could not wait to move into a 55+ community where I was hoping for nothing more than a peaceful, quiet life. No yelling, no screaming, no bouncing balls outside my window, no crying. Just a nice relaxing place to chill. It isn’t because I hate children. Every year I drove my bus, those children on my bus were like my own. I cared very much for them, as they did for me. But, now for my years I have left I wished for nothing more than quiet. My health is poor. Often, I cant sleep at nights, because of my chronic pain. Attempting to rest in the days would be a nice thought, but thats about as far as that goes, is a thought. Without the tenants notice, (except i heard it was posted on FB) this 55+ park is no longer, just that, a 55+. Dont assume I am an idiot because feeling really bad on a daily basis, I’d just refer to be where i can not have balls bouncing when im getting a migraine, or would like to sleep in day, if my body allows it. Nothing against children. Just prefer eace and quiet after hearing the wonderful behavior of children for so very long. Calling others names because you disagree with their opinion is really not very nice. We all have our reasons, afterall!

    23. I am in a 55+ community. The disturbers of the peace here are the over 55 ones.. motorcycles, cigarette butts, drunken driving, yelling, cursing, gossiping, not picking up dog waste, and chicken bones & liquor bottles in the grass.

  2. Not even close Dave (ever thought perhaps of a good anger management session or two my friend?). Jumping on Marianna because she likes age restricted communities and then suggesting they are racist in nature (your words friend) is the sign of ignorance, dementia or perhaps early stages of alzheimer.

    Have you visted one? Lived in one? Where is your rage coming from that you would hate age restricted living like this? Do you understand the benefits that are garnered by people (of all races) when they elect to live in communities with people of like interests and in the same age bracket?

    Sorry Dave, but those old steroetypes you cast on age restricted living have been debated early and often since their beginnings and while some don’t like them, many of us do. So here’s the deal brother: You live where you want and i won’t think less of you for it, and conversely you can keep your antiquated (and quite wrong) impressions of how i/we live to yourself.

    Hoping you gain a wealth of knowledge in the year 2012.

  3. I think those 55+ would see things a bit different if there were suddenly communities that popped up saying ‘Under 50’ or, ‘No retirees’, ‘No snowbirds’, etc. You want a place that’s 55+ or better? They have them, they are called retirement homes. Intolerant people, regardless of their reasons why, are symptomatic of a greater issue in our country.

    Bill, you make rational points here, but, you also make the statement, ‘you live where you want’, which, frankly, given the subject matter is a contradiction in terms,

    1. I am 25 and I like the idea. I actually completely understand it. My opinion was the same five years ago. There are some kids who are perfectly fine to live next to or have living in a rental property, there are others who need to be in a delinquent center rather than allowed to destroy rental property or neighbors property. I would like to live in a older community because I like peace. I do not like the mas abundance of kids who have not been taught any manners.

      An illegal alternative that I would be fine with is voting out incapable parents, if there kids don’t have anywhere to go the state will take them. The lack of parenting skills is exactly why these communities were started in the first place. Their is no reason people should have to move to hide from kids, but it is currently the only option.

      1. This is the best statement I’ve seen yet. As for me I’m 66Y.O. and I live amongst several little Demons. They are constantly screaming and writing on the walkways, fighting and the like and causing Mayhem in general. The 10:00 O’clock rule is never enforced. What’s worse the Father who lives alone and right above us is constantly Screaming and cussing them like a drunken sailor. In other words it is not a properly managed building.

        As was suggested in your comment It seems you have hit the proverbial nail on the head. If they had parents who had a modicum of decency they would have disciplined them more effectively long ago. The problem would have been a lot less traumatic for all who live here and also for the kids too. As it is without good rules…when they grow up it is a higher likelihood they will run against rules that will put them in a state run lock up (Prison?) for many years and squelch any creativity and being a productive citizen. Just my opinion.

    2. I’m certainly not ready for the retirement home. Look I moved to one of these places. I’m too young for it and I’m 57 years old. I had my house painted. The whole neighborhood could tell it was being painted and I moved my car so it wouldn’t get painted across my street for 6 hours and next thing I got police knocking on my door who apologize to me for the less than neighborly request to move my car from in front of the neighbors house. We are talking a car that’s only four months brand new light color and not all beat up. . No bumper stickers. Now would you really want her in your neighborhood barking at your kids all the time? God forbid you have a party and people come to it. She’d be so upset it could kill her. I’m just saying people get old and grumpy. They aren’t medically unable to care for the,selves so let them live in their homes. It’s better for them. As for me I’m too young for the place I moved into. I’m not kidding that all the old women hate me because I still look good and I have a boyfriend not even 40. Trust me I don’t want their old wrinkled husbands. But they fear that and make life a bit unpleasant at times. But being 57 I am tolerant of these kinds of people and just don’t believe in disrespecting older people for many reasons but one being we just don’t know what they have endured in their long lifetime. We might be shocked to learn they been through hell and back. Empathy is a good thing needed here.
      I’m not going to go move into a totally over run with hyper 6-12 yr olds who’s parents are worn out and who don’t care, kid friendly neighborhood. I love my grandkids a lot but they are loud! I like quiet. I like having turtles in my ponds something that makes kids creep into your yard. It’d be one thing if they just looked. You catch my drift.

  4. Those communities you mentioned IiB would be illegal under the law while age restricted communities aren’t. However if they did build them, not sure it would make a whit of difference to me.

    Thanks for the rational comments comment, but here’s where we disagree: I get your point about the contradiction in terms, however it’s quite clear Dave has zero interest in age restricted community, hence he can live where he wants/chooses.

  5. 55+ comunities are every where I can see why the older generation enjoyes them so much they are beautiful I may not be 55 but I dont wish to live in cahos either and that seems to be the only choice I have.

  6. What hasn’t been mentioned here is that a huge majority of these seniors have health problems of one kind or another and can’t be around screaming kids and neighbors bassing out with their music. These communities have strict rules they adhere to. I have a sleep disorder that requires I get uninterrupted sleep every day or wind up in the hospital. A 55plus community allows that. The average rule regarding noise in a 55 plus place is that if you can hear your neighor at ALL they’re too loud!! If their music can be heard on the property AT ALL (car or apartment) they’re being too loud. And they will be evicted if it continues. My mother has severe sleep apnea and to get uninterrupted sleep or she could die… she can’t afford to be bothered by some little 20 year old punk playing his car radio or his surround sound next door. EVER!!! AT ALL!!! GET IT??? This is what these communites offer… so you little punks who don’t like it man up and search elsewhere when looking for an apartment. Your lifestytle isn’t acceptable in a senior community… and you’ll never change that cause the law is on their side for the reasons I mentioned. So if you don’t like it… who cares?

    1. So what happens when a 55 year old plays his radio to loud? Why can’t you just have rules restricting the activities you don’t like w/o discriminating against a group of people based only on their age. The fair housing act only didn’t put age in the list because seniors have a strong lobby. So yes age discrimination is allowed by law but it’s still discrimination. A senior making claims they don’t want to live around young people because all their kids are out of control or they all crank boom boxes all night is just offensive as a young person not wanting an old man living next door stinking of Ben gay and depends. Personally my biggest problem with buying a 55+ community (and yes I reek of Ben gay) is that to me the true test of real ownership is the ability to sell the property. You technically can’t just sell your home in a 55+ community. Or how about pass the property on to your kids? So do you really own it? Sounds like sort of.

      1. It’s real heard to sell think of your kids under age the toll the property will tak on them when you die. They will have to pay taxes, housing fees, ect and not be able to use it how long is it going to take to get a FAIR price for it. I don’t like living around some people but have no choice it would be discrimination. I would understand if the 55+communities where required to provide shuttle service to stores or other services due to health issues but most are just communities that want to discriminate against the younger generation and to manny are popping up taking housing away from people under 55. What if the younger people pushed a law to required driving / vision test every year for persons over 55. They would be singing a different song then.

      1. Kim I just turned 57 and I would love to move into a 55 restricted or 55+community but I live in Illinois and locations are scarce for people who don’t want 2, 3 or 4 bedroom homes. I visited a location and would probably get stares because I also look younger for my age but the staff was very nice and accommodating so I felt I could deal with women holding on to their husbands. Ha Ha. Unfortunately, as I said there are not many condo’s or town homes and I really don’t want or need a large house. So, I am very much in favor of age restricted or 55+ communities. I like the quiet and my grandchildren only visit from time to time.

  7. I am not 55+ and found the perfect townhome near me…. But it’s in a 55+ community, so I’m not permitted to buy it. It does seem discriminatory to me, and I was very surprised that the law allows it. I agree with Ignorance is Bipartisan; how would 55+ folks feel if other communities started advertising as 50 and under only communities?

    1. I would like if they would advertise this way! We could have the 50 under, 55+ and whatever. You can then choose the style that fits you. People who try to maintain property value will go to theHOA and restricted places.:-) i.m ready now!

    2. Just find another place and let older people have a few things in their favor. You don’t get much after you retire and so this is a come up in their favor. Let them be. As it is all the crime is done in their neighborhoods. Would you prefer to come face to face with a unstable fraile old woman or a fit 30 yr old who can kick your butt you come into her house.

      1. Wow, you guys sound so out touch with life. Do you listen to your selves? You really need to be around younger people more and give back to the younger generation and live a fuller life. BE BLESS

  8. Bill Pearson – I hope you tell Dennis Teel to calm down the way you did Dave. I am nowhere near the age of 55, yet I came to research if they are legal out of curiosity since I do some work for a Realtor. Why such vitriol, Dennis? My goodness. Not everyone who questions the legality of such communities is some punk who rents an apartment just to play loud music and bother the people next door. You need to chill out. Looks like that 55+ community isn’t helping you do that. You have done nothing but come across as an angry, irrational person who hates the world. That is sad. And I have made a mental note to check out my neighbors carefully when I do reach the age of 55 and start thinking about “old folk” communities. I would never want to live next to someone as miserable as you. Start enjoying life a little more and lose some of the anger.

    1. i think it’s interesting how most of you didn’t get my point.there’s good reason for these communities and yet many of you still see them as being age discrminatory in the sense that there’s no justification for it.i’m rather amused at how people attempt at using (failed)psychology toward posters they disagree with..accusing them of being angry,etc…that’s actually funny .i was making a point that i think many were either just unconcerned with or totally avioding in these discussions.55 plus communites are just in age restriction,for most residents living ina 55 plus community have health concerns that don’t allow them to live ‘just anywhere’..most 55 plus communities are not simply retirement communities.btw a retirement community is technically not the same as a senior living community.Retirement communites generally refer to a group of condos wherein old folks regardless of their health(in fact,most of them healthy enough to play golf) to retire.senior living communities are usually villas or similar that house more ill stricken residents than perfectly healthy.and btw,i’m not angry..but if you see the logic in what i say,please feel free to label me as being angry./no problemo.

  9. You did a pretty good job of telling him Sara, so i’ll just bow out of any kind of reprimand. Life goes by way too fast to be that short of tolerance on either side of the argument. Sadly, even in a place like Sun City we get some COP’s (crabby old people). I’ll never quite get it, but what the heck…to each their own.

    Andrew Blechman led the charge on age restricted communities in his book Leisureville. I know we become easy targets but i’ll never quite understand why people get so enraged about this type of living choice.

    Doesn’t matter really; hopefully people will respect others and the choices they make.

    1. @ bill..you serious? you’re patting sara on the back for ‘telling me off”?i surely have to wonder what’s wrong with you,mr peasron// i was making a point just as anyone here is.i choose however to not pat someone on the back merely because they told someone off that i too,disagree with./that’s childish.my point was that while some call age restricted communities an unjust thing,i can actually prove otherwise by case study and why the age restriction is present and how that the majority of residents living in these communities,need to be there due to health concerns./ and that to bash these places with a blanket stamp of age discrimination is actually the unjust circimstance.but again..i’m obviulsy angry,hehehehe….

    2. Bill Pearson,
      You said (typed) “i’ll never quite understand why people get so enraged about this type of living choice. ”

      I’m in my twenties. I found a home which is to my liking, location price and size. However, due to my age, I am not even given the option to buy the house. I believe people get mad about this “living choice” is because it effects them physically and emotionally (not getting the location and being rejected, respectively). They feel discriminated against and they rightfully should. They are being told where they cannot live due to something they cannot control, their age.
      With that said, in my personal opinion, I support these communities. I already can’t take the “younger lifestyle” and look forward to a “mature” neighborhood.

  10. My wife and I live in a 55+ subdivision and have done so for 7 years. I was 45 when we moved in as our community allows for the 20% to be 45 and older with no children living at home. We moved here because our kids are grown and have lives of their own. We also moved here because we had terrible experiences with past neighbors. We “thought” living in an “adult” community would provide a reasonable level of sanity amongst neighbors. We couldn’t have been more wrong. I’m not saying all residents are bad here but I am saying that our lives have been made difficult by a group of residents simply because of our age. My wife and I workout and maintain a healthy appearance and we look closer to mid forties even now. I was a former bodybuilder so when I go to our community gym I get looks and not the friendly kind. We get treated like we don’t belong. We see elderly people fighting over two inches of property. We see first hand, the HOA favoring the opinions and false accusations of the older residents. I guess they want to survive their jobs with the majority. In my career, I work closely with law enforcement and I hear horror stories about 75 year old women going fist to cuff over landscaping issues. I have been a victim of hit and run in the community and then they sent the police after me. I have had so many false allegation leveled at at us simply because we are younger and many of the residents are apparently bored and have nothing better to do. For the younger people making comments about these communities and how they restrict younger people, please consider that you may be dodging a bullet by being excluded. For us we are ever hopeful that somehow things will change around us and that better people will come in their place. What I am saying is that people are people. There is good and there is bad. The age itself is not of importance as much as the character of the individual. I wish we had more people here that are in their forties and early fifties just so we could have a better balance and the community would come together. Right now it’s more like the younger adults are on the outside looking in. I for one would hope that they would have younger communities for either singles or for young families. It just makes sense. When I was single I sought other singles and when married with kids I sought other young married people with kids. I am older now and like my community and what it offers. The fact that someone may be 75 while I am 52 is fine with me. I find the conversations interesting and enlightening. Most of the residents are really nice. Like any other community there are a few bad apples.

    1. You living in southern CA NEAR HEMET? Just wondering. It sounds like where I’m living right now but I actually am moving. I just hate being spied on all the time. I can’t put up a fence and got the idea from looking at my neighbors yard on a walk one day. I’ve seen this same type of court yard with other houses too. But I’m told no. I’m being harassed every month it’s something. But mvingnaintu easy I can’t find rent at 800 bucks a month anywhere in CA.

  11. i forgot to mention one thing ..i had to move in to a senior community to avoid punk kids bassing their cars and people hanging out on the property all hours of the night and of course there were the screaming kids in the daytime..sometimes at night in the wee hours.my calling them punk kids was factual and they were real incidents,not figments that were formed in angry person’s mind.if my description offended anyone i aplogize but they were real none the less.angry?? hehehe..not really,no.i presume the caps makes me people feel such./i never said that anyone who questions the legality of these communities is a punk ,etc etc..//an @Sara..i have no idea what your ilike as a person so i would never make deliberate ,rash statements regarding wjether or not i’d suffer living next door to you or not .in fact it would be quite frankly,embarrasing and immature of me to post something so harshly about someone directly, based on just one post.

    1. Dennis Teel,
      You’re “covertly” personally attacking Sara when you say “in fact it would be quite frankly,embarrasing and immature of me to post something so harshly about someone directly, based on just one post.” You’re calling her immature and an embarrassment.
      Just because you are given anonymity online does not mean you should abuse it and be cruel.

  12. Tongue in cheek Dennis, tongue in cheek. My real point is we need tolerance on both sides of the discussion. All of us have the capacity to lash out and rip, but to what end?

    My initial bashing of Dave was for going after Marianna and calling her ignorant. Sara in turn wanted me to rip you but she had done that and if you reread your post, you hadn’t chastised a poster, simply stated your views. So why would I?

    Deep breath, smile and enjoy life…no matter which side of the argument you fall down on.

    1. What’s odd ot me is that this issue or conversation exists to begin with ..These senior communities will be around forever..They’ve been around for over 20 and 30 years and I find it odd that people are only now having a problem with them as being an issue.They’re never going to considered as discriminatory ,and they’ll never disappear.They have a track record that works and that serves it’s purpose legitimately and doctors and psychiatrists will all agree thisAs an issue it’s it’s kind of moot ,,except for the ‘haters’ or those that are jealous.

  13. I am 53 living with my 55 year old fiancee in a 55+ mhp. The community had always
    Allowed a few people under 55, the youngest in the park is my friend and she is 46 and lives alone. She was allowed by the past managers. Well now there is a new management couple that are dictators. The man just informed me that they have done all the legal paperwork in the state of Florida to change the age restriction to absolutely NO ONE under the age of 55 is allowed. I have heard of other communities that have tried to legally change the community to seniors only, but were not able to change it because it was already run as an 80/20 community. I guess what I’m saying is that I’ve personally seen 2 communities fail in their attempt to change the status of the community. I’m not so much concerned for myself because i have my own home that i want to move back into. And i think that it would be correct to assume that my friend is grandfathered in? Please tell me if i am wrong. My real question is after seeing these other communities fail at their attempts, is this manager lying about this new status? Is it possible that they have managed to make a change that others have failed at? Is it lawful? At this time of year the homes are maybe 20 percent occupied, as the rest are snow birds that are only here 3-5 months of the year (not sure if that id of importance or not). But if there are already people under 55, some of whom he allowed, how can they refuse someone that may be 53 when they already have people under 55 living here? is he just being a blow hard dictator that (always) makes his own rules? Or can the park owner legally change the minimum age limitation after it had run 80/20 for the entire time that they have owned the property and also has been this way since the 1970’s. I would appreciate a response by email because I’m not sure if i can find this page again, as i just stumbled upon it and you seem extremely knowledgable on the subject. Thanking you in advance.

  14. My wife & I currently live in a 55 and older community and understand why they exist and the advantages they provide their residents.

    What I am curious to know does living in this type of community, mean:

    (1): Grandkids cannot be adopted if they are put in foster care?

    (2) Residents cannot become foster parents?

    (3) Residents cannot get pregnant or if they do they must move?

    (4) Residents cannot get married to a younger women who may still be able to have children?

    1. I hear a lot about restriction on children and why it is the way it is, but what if the 55 yr old after a year has lived in at 55+ community and decides to marry one who is 50, would that person have to vacate?

  15. It would depend on what the documents of the community calls for. In the original Sun City AZ, the deed restrictions have the obligation for at least one of the residents in the house to be 55 years of age. I suspect that is pretty common. We also state where a spouse is younger and the age qualified person would die, the spouse can remain as long as they don’t remarry someone less than 55.

    And for Joe, again the community documents you sign will spell out most of those answers. In most cases I think you will find questions 1, 2 and 3 will be yes while 4 won’t preempt someone from marrying a woman able to have children. Obviously if she becomes pregnant question 3 applies.

  16. Anyone have thoughts on this:

    How does a large national home builder advertise and sell homes with no age restriction, than 2 years later decide to convert to 55+. The family that bought into that community expected other families with children to purchase homes, and now these young children are stuck to live in a 55+ with no others their age.

  17. My parents bought a home in a 55+ community seventeen years ago. Now my mother is deceased and my father is living in an assisted living community. My sister and I have had the house on the market for over two years. A big problem in selling the home is that a small percentage of homebuyers are eligible to live there. And some who are 55+ don’t want to live in such a community. In today’s bad rap estate market, we are really hurting. Before buying, people should think about the difficulty they (or their heirs) will have in selling the house.

    1. I am one of the 55 and over residents. there are good things and bad things It is not as great as you think. yes, we have great amenities but are we able to use them. there are some many rules and regulations I feel like I am in a concentration camp. truthfully I grew up in the generation that you took care of your elder relatives and I mean relatives. Aunt, Uncles grandparents and so on we never would let them go away by themselves and supposable be so happy. Don’t believe it. I would rather have a little room with my relatives and be very happy giving them the money I spend for living with strangers. Do you know how many of old people with lots of money are unhappy because we are sent to old folks home? A lot and they are very lonely people cause there children leave them there visit them once in awhile and bragged to their friends what a great place their parent live BULLCRAP Sorry just my opinion
      and yes parents need to act like parents and need to take the responsibility of raising their kids to respectful and courteous people

    2. Your parents should have willed their house to a charity then you wouldn’t have to go through such difficulties. How dare they buy the house they wanted and how dare they live there 17 happy years. They are making it difficult for their spoiled brat to get the money that they earned to buy that house.

  18. Interesting comments Claudia. We went through a period of soft sales (like the rest of the country when there was a glut of foreclosures), but that has hardly been the case in the last two years in Sun City AZ. This year alone more than 2000 homes will sell in the first age restricted community in the country.

    Here’s the kicker though; you need to price them right. We’ve had homes on the market forever because they were priced at 2006/2007 price points even though the housing market crashed like it did. The simple truth is a property is only worth what it will sell for.

    The niche market for age restricted communities has always been around 10% of the senior population. I guess the moral to the story is to understand exactly what it is you are buying and how the associated costs/amenity packages that come with it will impact you at the point of sale.

    Good luck moving it and moving on.

  19. in a 55plus community if one owner is over 55 and the other owner is under 55 , what happens if the over 55 person dies does the spouse have to move??

  20. Each community should have their own set of deed restrictions that would govern should that happen. In Sun City AZ, ours allows the spouse to stay unless and until they remarry. If they marry someone of legal age (55 or older), no problem but if it’s a 45 year old widow and she marries a 45 year old they would have to move.

    Always check the community’s documents CC&R’s, deed restrictions, by-laws and articles of incorporation before you buy. There are almost always nuances and differences you should know before hand if at all possible.

  21. There seem to be quite a few 40+ Active Adult Communities listed on this site.
    I wonder how many young people actually have the funds and desire to live
    in a community with older retirees. The “retirement community” concept is just that…a place for retirees to enjoy.

  22. I have lived in a 55+ park for about a year, I became ill lately and my daughter came to help me she has 2 young children, they have been here about 10 days and will be going home soon. I gave notice to the owner about them being here there was no problem. It says in the rules that I am allowed to have guests for up to 15 days and no longer then 30 days. Today I was told by a resident that they were going to start a petition to either get me and my husband out or to remove the kids from the park. How can they do that I did nothing wrong but they seem to judge us. They said we could have them for the school break but not any longer these r residents the HOA I think they stand on the street and talk about us. So what can I do, I am going to have family over once in awhile. I do not feel they have the right to dictate to us when we can have guests or our grandchildren. The manager told them to put their complaints in writing. my daughter has decided to leave early. She only lives a few miles away but the point being she is the only child that lives close. I do feel better, but it is the principal.

  23. I have a question… My husband, and I, (mid 30s) and our two boys (11 and 13), are transferring to NC (from Maine) for his job, we won’t be making much and have been looking into apartments. We don’t want to move into some run-down, drug laden complex, (which our income and transfer funds only allow us) and are pretty easy going, calm family. I like the idea of a fitness centers, and maintained areas that the 55+ complexes offer. What are some things we can look out for or prepare for managers, so we can get into a nicer complex with reasonable rates? We don’t mind being quiet, and having curfews, we just want safety, and reasonable pricing!

  24. I live in a 55 and older community and can honestly say I hate it. There are some residents in here that would love to live in the 70’s & 80’s. I have lived here for 12 years, and the covenant committee in this development worries more about garbage cans being out and how many of the 7 dwarf’s are in anyone’s garden. The old biddies in here watch every move you make. I am 67 yrs. old and have made it this far in life without anyone over my shoulder. If I could sell my home today, I swear I would be out tomorrow. Great neighbors (who feel the same) but don’t buy in one of these restricted communities, you’ll be sorry. You can’t do anything without getting permission what a PITA!!!!

  25. Senior living communities are legal and that’s that.The place I live in doesn’t even consider the allowed 20% under 55..They recently in fact just evicted 3 residents who were ‘hiding’ their grown kids..3 of them on foot, going to work after the office closes,then coming back on to the property after work at 3 and 4am..I’m a day sleeper(from 9 to 5),so I’m up nights..i’m the only resident awake that late here.saw stuff residents didn’t expect anyone to see and probabl;y never would’ve been caught had I not moved in./these three ladies ..they could have moved into a family complex but instead moved here with he intention of hiding their kids.

  26. I am so tired of being told I am not “Old Enough!” to move in. I am mid 50’s, that’s plenty old enough. I too never had children and don’t want to live in an apartment complex and have to listen to them. I like children, I just want them to live somewhere else. I don’t want to live next door to or under 20 yrs olds blasting their music at all hours of the night. I just wished they had more apartment for middle age people. Here you have to 60+ and retired.

    1. you’re confused..if you’re not at least 60 and the minimum age accepted is 60 then you’re obviously not old enough..it’s simple but you seem confused.and there’s always somebody who feels they’re the exception to the rule…those are people who don’t like rules.

  27. There an old saying, “you can’t explain the winter to a mosquito!”. The mosquito does not live to see winter, and will never knows or understand the true nature of the winter, despite how well one tries to explain the winter and cold weather.
    I understand that everyone is entitled to their opinion. Just as one who will is liberal and sympathetic for the criminals of our society, until one has become a victim of a crime, or someone in their life has become a victim.

  28. I am one of thousands of Grandparents raising their Grandchildre. I am a 57 year old grandmother who is raising my six yr old grandchild alone. I am financially strained and my retireme My grandchild is a very good boy. My retirement looks pretty grim, so I need all the help I can get, yet I not allowed tolive in any I have applied for. I certainly feel discriminated against.

    1. I have my grandchild now also, so I cannot live in a over 55. They may change that someday, with over 75 percent of grandparents raising there grand children

      1. I have 2 grandchildren that I’m raising as well. My husband and I bought a park model in retirement community before we knew we would be raising our grandchildren. Now we will only be able to visit our future “nest” on vacations rather than move in at age 55. We are both 50 so we bought as an investment/retirement home. Planning on downsizing. I so wish we could just continue with this plan but bring the boys with us. I’m sure they will not make an exception – but considering all of the “Grandfamilies” that are raising small children – there should be some type of compromise.

  29. My wife and I are in our mid 60’s and we moved into a 55+ community one year ago. We researched the advantages and disadvantages of living in age restricted community that had a covenant. Also we talked to friends who live in such communities, and we decided that it would be the best option for us. Unfortunately, there is one family in the neighborhood that is causing tension and division among resident. They are a three generation family consisting of the grandparents, a grown daughter and her two children who are in their late teens or early 20’s. also, the girlfriend of the grandson is living with them. All six of these people have cars and parking quickly became an issue. They were parking two cars in the garage and the other four cars in the commons parking area, which is meant for guest of residents. There are only two commons areas for parking and they are taking all the spaces in this particular area of the community. This family creates a lot of activity in the neighborhood. Young people are constantly coming and going at the house. Radios are blaring–sometimes at 1am, tires squealing, disrespectful behavior to a couple of other residents. Lately I, and others, have seen what suspiciously looks like drug sales. My wife and I moved into this community because we wanted peace and quiet in a community of like minded people. That is the intention of these communities, but that is not what we are getting. The grandparents are nice people, but they are blind to the effect that their family is having on the rest of the community. They feel that they are being persecuted unfairly. I don’t know what they were thinking, but if we had been in the same situation with my daughter and her two children , we never would have moved into a community like this. This community was not intended for a three generation family and live in non relatives. By the way, there are at least three families in the neighborhood who have a college age young adult living with them. No one really minds because they do not create any problems. The family next door has a college age daughter, but you would never know that she is there. It is the same with the other two families.

  30. I just went and looked at a PERFECT house just now. Cheap, nice yard, good size rooms… then the guy next door told me that it was 55 and over in there. Ticked me off to know that, but then again my 3 small kids wouldn’t have anyone to play with and the neighbors would hate us. Makes me wish that I could start a community and tell people over 55 that they’re not welcome. The people who want these restrictions should go live in nursing homes and die already.

    1. Hey Lee: Thanks for sharing your thoughts. But rather than whining on this site, I’m providing a link to the Leadership Conferences website. It’s awesome because you can access individual states or tap into federal statutes regarding unfair housing. That way you can file whatever complaints you feel you need to get through tomorrow without so much tumult in your life.

      Here’s the link, have a great day: http://www.civilrights.org/fairhousing/laws/state-agencies.html

      1. I would like to know if there is a way for a 53 y.o to live in an adult community. Any insight?

  31. I currently live in an “open” townhome community and the mass majority of owners/renters are 55 and under. Now someone wants to change the 50 townhome community to a 55 restricted community. Now they want to get rid of the young families with children and “grandfather” existing young families in and when they leave they will apply the 55 and over HOA regulation. These people new this community was an “open” community and now they want to put a 55 and over age restriction to suit their personal needs. This is not right. I’m 66 and I absolutely don’t mind young families. I think it is great, especially during the holidays. I’m fighting this one all the way!!!!

  32. Home builders may want to consider offering senior community for those who want to live with their children. This seems to be a very contentious issue for so many so why not give the customer what they want?

  33. Gosh it saddens me to see all of this bickering back and forth. The senior communities do not house a bunch of kid haters. But the people that built the facility, who ever they may be, chose to designate what they paid to build to be used by Seniors. I don’t think that anyone should be angry at the fact that these types of neighborhoods exist. Some people have raised their families and have grandchildren, maybe even great-grandchildren but would like to be around people of their own age group. Being a Senior in a “multi family” neighborhood can sometimes leave a senior feeling lonely and isolated. Apartment complexes especially have younger people that are more apt to move frequently, where as Senior Apartments tend to have resident that stay for years. This helps Seniors live a longer, happier life which is precisely what I would want for my parents and or grandparents. Please remember there are two sides to these dilemmas.

    1. ahhh. Cheryl. finally someone speaks with some sense. It’s baffling. I wonder if the real problem here is people getting wound up because they’re worried someone else is getting something they’re not getting.

  34. I’m sorry to hear that grandparents don’t want their grandchildren to leave next to them that’s the reason they end up on this communities and they are dying in nursing home without children and grandchildren around it is so sad .

  35. A fascinating discussion is definitely worth comment. I do think that you should publish more on this subject matter, it might not be a taboo matter but generally folks don’t speak about these issues. To the next! Kind regards!!|

  36. people..55+ housing is legal..live with it cuz you ain’t gonna change it!!! bwa’hahahahahaha….I feel better now

  37. this isn’t a discussion as far as I can tell..it’s a bunch of people yelling age discrimination and others defending it..it’s not a discussion..it’s anger management on the part of the jealous readers..trust me..that’s exactly what it’s all about..i guarantee you that even if the 55plus complex I live in let young people move in ,they wouldn’t remain here..they’d be forced to keep volume down to a complete minimum..the walls are paper thin and can’t have surround sound speakers or any table top or floor speakers as the bass even at the lowest level carries through the walls like a bass drum. and NOBOY LOITERING on the property(hanging out)after 10pm and music is not to be heard from cars on the property anytime whatsoever…NO PARTIES!!! so yeah..let the young farkles move in..they won’t stay long..see THEY CLAIM it’s the age thing..discrimination…they wouldn’t like the rules being strongly enforced!! young people would last barely a week here..they’d get pee’d off and move..which is why it’s great for seniors!! so it would all come back to the property being attracted to seniors anyway and NOT youngsters..and the the issue would be moot and then young people would just find another forum to somewhere bitch in.//

  38. Is it possible to get a waiver? if your younger then the 55? My husband is a Ret. Vet and I am 52 and he is a little younger then me and our children are grown and we would like to live in a 55 community here in Virginia. How does someone apply for a waiver to get into the community?

    1. Hi Tamara,

      We’ll have one of our expert agents get in touch with you regarding this situation.

      Kate, 55places.com

  39. So I got a very important question I’m 29 years old married to my husband of 63 years old God forbid something happens to him this home we bought cash and is in both of our names will I loose the house and get ask to leave will I get kicked out of the 55+ community??

    1. Good Morning Benito,

      For a specific question like this I would advise checking with your Homeowner’s association. They’ll be able to give you the information on your situation.

      Thank you for commenting on our blog!
      Kate, 55places.com

  40. I do not know whether it’s just me or if everybody else experiencing
    issues with your site. It appears like some of the text within your posts are running off
    the screen. Can somebody else please provide feedback and let
    me know if this is happening to them as well? This might be a problem with my
    internet browser because I’ve had this happen previously. Thank you

  41. here’s a lot of the problem..those of you who claim you’re just under 55 say you should be an exception..if they lowered the age to 45 minimum ,there would be 44 and 43 year olds claiming exactly what you’re claiming..that they should be exceptions to the rule…understand?? if you’re under 55 you’re too young fotr a 55 plus..period..same with 60 and 65.. but everybody wants to be the exception..good grief

  42. Hello,
    I know this article is old but I’ve seen a few posts from less than a year ago. I hope to get some type of response but don’t expect it. I’m 36 years old and was diagnosed with Transverse Myelitis on Dec1 2013. My mother lives in a 55+ mobile home community. To cut down on living costs and to get help needed I am moving in with her for a while. I expressed my concern to her about this age restriction and she assured me it wont be a problem as there is a 30 years old with a 5yr old kid living across the street for the past year. I was just curious is there is any rules, regulations, or laws about a younger disabled adults moving in with a 55+ family member? I looked on their website and it does mention its a 55+ community but they have no policies, rules, or regulations posted anywhere on their site or any other sites referencing the community. Some real estates sites with homes listed in this community state 55+ age restriction and others don’t show any age restrictions. I know I wont be a bother to anyone since I’m quiet, probably wont even notice I’m there but kind of worried about the legalities.

  43. Hey Chad: Every age restricted community should have their governing documents available for home owners. Some won’t post them and in some cases they aren’t very open about them. Pretty sad but true. Your mother should have access to them.

    I’ll only speak to the original Sun City; just so you have a starting point. We fall under both State/County and Federal protections and our community documents mandate the requirement of at least 1 person living in the home being 55 years or older. Children over 19 years of age can live with their parents as long as one of them is 55.

    The Fair Housing Act of 1968 was the beginning of the legislation and in 1995 the Federal Government added The Housing for Older Persons Act. Here is their criteria:
    To qualify for exemption, a community must show that:
    >It is intended and operated for occupancy by persons 55 years of age or older, and
    >At least 80 percent of the units are occupied by at least one person who is 55 years of age or older; and
    >It provides for age verification by reliable surveys and affidavits; and
    >It has published and adheres to policies and procedures that demonstrate its intent to qualify for the exemption.

    Get those documents and start reading> I suspect there’s a chance you’ll be able to live there.

  44. Thanks for the response Bill.
    80% seems like a high number. That’s like needing 5 adults living in a house with only 1 of them being under 55 if I understand correctly. Either way I appreciate the response 🙂

  45. I just read the first 8 or so comments at the top of the page. It’s ironic and hypocritical to attack a couple of seniors for wanting to live in a senior community, calling them hateful for wanting that. It’s not hurting anyone for them to do so, and there are many, many more housing opportunities for people who are NOT seniors, and/or who have kids, so they’re not taking anything away from anyone. Why can’t we let people live the life they want without attacking them and calling them names like “idiot”, “ignorant” and “putrid”? Their intent is not to hurt people, whereas the name-calling and hatred and anger DOES have that intent. So, you folks can resort to your name-calling and anger, but the only hatred I see is yours.

  46. Hello all, been reading the commentary over the last few years. I am a 50 yr old with a 4.5 yr old non verbal autistic child. I live in a community that has pockets of 55+ communities. I can see the need for communities that support the culture, values and physical needs of the older generations. There is also the same justification for the young and even more so for the disabled . My particular situation involves a handful of hatefull neighbors who believe their will is law. We have been asked to move several times because of their belief that this area( not designated 55+) because of the majority of residents being over fifty five should not have to recognize the needs of children. The area (Lake San Marcos ca.) has a history of mob rule. Most recently, one of the older neighbors took pictures of my child and posted them on a website trying to further his agenda of removing us from the lake. We have been here for ten years and do not plan on going anywhere. It seems that there are many rights for children in these communities under the fair housing act, HUD, ADA, I can post the URL’s if anyone is interested. Warm regards…

  47. I’ve been looking into the option of an age restricted community (I’m 55). We bought our current home in a new subdivision about 10 years ago. Yes, you have trash in every neighborhood (regardless of age), but we’ve had more trouble with unsupervised children than anything else. We’re talking about teenagers destroying the fencing, picnic tables and playground equipment (often in broad daylight) at the neighborhood park, a brick thrown through a neighbors window (again in broad daylight), rocks thrown at cars (ours was damaged) and other types of vandalism. I get a little weary of cars driving by at all hours with radios blaring and loud parties/music (that thankfully the police will shut down). I’ve raised 3 kids of my own and I don’t think it’s asking too much to want to be removed from this type of environment. (I don’t go on Disney cruises either.)

    I’ve looked around a little bit and while there are TONS of neighborhoods without restrictions, there really aren’t that many restricted to the 55+ crowd, so I’m not sure I understand some of the hateful comments. To each their own.

    1. Ok, I understand there is a desire for a community without children living there. My community has gone further. Children can be on the property 14 days a year, this is BS. If my grandkids want to visit 3 or 4 times a year for a week , can they really enforce who visits in my condo . I’m not talking about overnights just visits if the lived close or stay in a hotel. Next your a fifty year old couple. No kids never had them don’t want them. Why can’t you live in the 55 community its a number. The intent is to exclude children. I know some 55 year old couples that raise more he’ll thEn some 45 year old couples. I hate the.condo boards always trying to tailor a new rule for their friends or one person who complains about a small issue.

  48. If a person wants to buy a senior home and won’t turn 55 years old until march in 2016, can it be acceptable for them to purchase the home before?

    1. I asked this question a couple of years ago when I was looking at a 55+ community. I was told that no, at the time of the signing of the mortgage/deed, the buyer must be 55 years old as per the covenants of the community.

    2. I know that California is the place where most litigation starts. I will soon be putting together a plan for action to eliminate this form of age discrimination. Being retired and wanting to live a safe and happy life shouldn’t have to begin at 55. There is no reason that a retired person age 50 or even 40 isn’t decent and responsible enough to be kind and respectful of their neighbors. If you created a neighborhood that kept all people out that had red hair instead of under 55 it would be history in minutes. This stuff makes no sense at all.

      1. 55+ communities have stringent rules..for example absolutely no hanging out on the property after dark!! swimming pools closes at ten pm exactly.NO MUSIC heard from cars (ie no boom cars)or you’ve breached the lease..NO music heard from neighbors at all..ANY noise keeping the neighbors (who often VERY OLD an have illnesses) will not be tolerated,that includes normal child noise like playing noises heard through the walls…the management ‘NOR THE TENANTS in these places DO not appreciate and will complain about foot and car traffic going on and off the property all hours or even late hours of the night)t and these are just some of the reasons these places are for seniors..and yes..55 years old is considered a senior in this country..young people wouldn’t last for two days living in one of these places because of the stringent rules that exist and they won’t change them for your kids nor just because of your “rights to hang where you want just because you pay you pay rent”..people who complain that they can change the laws regarding 55plus and retirement complexes(age 62 and over) at an attempt to banish the ‘age discrimination’, you might as well give up on that..even if you could possibally do so,these complexes would retain their originial rules (which they have the right to do)and you wouldn’t want to live there anyway…i think it’s absurd to get worked up over these age restricted complexes because you are not going to ba able to change the laws..theres’ good reason these places exist..this poster that claimed he’s going to attempt at changing the law ,obvously does not understand the law regarding these places ..his attempts will be futile..just as they should be..trust me.you people need to be concerned about other issues and cease the petty jealousy.

  49. Obviously every community has it’s own CC&R’s, but in Sun City AZ you can buy at any age. The better question is can you live there before you turn 55? Again, you need look at community documents. In our case an under-age person can be here for 90 days, so there is leeway for someone close to 55.

    Where ever you are considering buying, get your hands on the CC&R’s before you buy.

    1. I just spoke with Sun City in Menifee CA they have the same policy. Buy at any age but must be 55+ to live there. All that has to happen is enough people under 55 buy and then the 80% owner occupied 55+ goes too low and they lose their charter. I don’t understand why they think it would be a good idea??

  50. I live with my grandmother in a 55 and older community, from the time I was 19. When she died, she left me the property, and because I can’t afford to move, I have been living there alone. Is this illegal? They are threatening to evict illegal tenants in my community, but I don’t think I am.

  51. I live in a 55 plus moblie home park in Washington Sate and have a question in regards to Park Management.
    The park recently hired a new manager and the man and woman have a young son . Does this in anyway put the 55 plus of the park in danger of now having to allow families into the mobile home park?? This has me and many of my neighbors alittle worried that now there is a child living in the park they will no longer beable to refuse to rent to families.

    1. Hi Terry, every community is different. Many allow a small percentage under the age of 55. Your best bet would be to ask a realtor who knows the area best.
      Stefanie – 55 Places

  52. We are ” snow birds ” that have rented a spot in the same 55 plus RV community for 10 years. This winter when we got here we find people in their 40s living here. We were told it was a law that they must rent 20% of the spots to people under 55. Is this correct? All the other 55 communities I have contacted state they do not rent to people under 55.

  53. I am buying a home in a 55+ gated community in California. My question: Do I have to get permission from the HOA to allow my 55 year old boyfriend to move into my home? We are both 55. I however am the home owner.

  54. We live in a 55+ rv resort in Az. This summer the park sold and they hired new manager who are in their 40s. They live in the park but are not considered tenants, so the 55 rule does nor apply to them. We were told the 80% rule applies. Since the manager are “under age”, does that mean younger people can rent space here? If they are not allowed to rent a space, is that discrimination?

  55. I am recently disabled and will be moving from my current home. Can I rent a townhouse in New York that has been restricted to 55+ community. Keep in mind I am almost 55 and this townhouse is in a perfect location or I would not care. Can I qualify because I a permanently disabled?

  56. This comment section is hilarious.

    I get why 55 and “better” communities exist but it still seems discriminatory to me. What if I wanted to open a 54 and under park that didn’t allow old fogies? It would have the best shuffle board and bridge facilities in the country and no geriatrics are allowed to enjoy them! We would have playground facilities but no dentures, prune juice, or Depends allowed!

    I would love to do it just to see if I would have the ACLU and AARP on my door immediately.

    Based on what I see here, there is no chance I would ever want to move in to these neighborhoods of wrinkled up old people just finding things to complain about while sitting in paradise. Go out and enjoy yourselves and your children and grandchildren. Look for the good in life rather than for something to complain about. And don’t even think of moving into my community!

    1. Trust me, we won’t be moving to your area. That’s the whole purpose of the 55+ areas. You can open a 54 and under park if you want. Its not about complaining its about we have done enough for our kids, time to move on kids and leave us to privacy and quiet. get it yet?

    2. “Under 55” – how can you honestly say to “Look for the good in life” while using such unimaginably hateful words to describe older people?

      Old fogies?
      No dentures, prune juice or Depends?

      You are certainly missing out on Life with this attitude. Our seniors are treasures to be respected, admired and cared for. Ladies and Gentlemen of their generation knew about hard work, sacrifice and Love.

      Good luck finding anyone to care about you in your Twilight Years.

  57. I have raised my kid and raised grand children parents these days do not raise there kids right I have a sister and law 73 years old still raising grand children I my self would like a place with no disrespectful young kids these days to live with noooooo kids

    1. I have raised my kids and raised a grandchild parents these days do not raise there kids right they are very disrespectful my sister and law is raising 3 to 4 grandchildren and ages between 12 to 21 and she is 73 I myself would like a place with noooo bratty kids to live in peace,,,,,,,,

  58. Ok. 55 is still relatively young, and at that age you are still able to take care of most of your needs. But what will happen when you get really old and need a lot of care? Not saying ALL elderly people need care, but many, MANY of you do. What then? The everyone around you will most likely be as frail and in poor health. See if the HOA will come and take care of the residents.

    1. That’s the point of 55+ communities, they have facilitates to meet their needs that aren’t available in other communities.

  59. I’m 65 yo and have lived in a 55+ community for 10 years. Yes there are many restrictions BUT all the restrictions are just common sense. I have children and grandchildren that I love dearly. My children work all day and spend their weekends running the grandchildren to all kinds of activities. When they visit or I visit it is quality time. If I lived with them I would be babysitting or be alone most of the time. I live in a community where there is always something to do. I spent my days with people who have similar interest, we have fun! We knit or sew for charities, we have fundraisers for the needy, we serve meals at shelters, we party, we drink, we laugh, we share photos and stories of our families. Yes our families are limited to 30 days a year, but that is overnight visits. We all love our families to visit and we love when they go home. Their type of activities is a faster pace. We are slowing down, peace and quiet is actually what we refer to as our pace. A 55+ park (ours is gated) is safe, we all understand the health issues our friends are dealing with and we all are there to help the neighbor who is sick. We know when something isn’t right. A regular neighborhood everyone is busy will they notice when that 70 neighbor hasn’t been out for a few days? We check on each other. Why complain about 55+ parks, we are tired and old but we are safe and happy. Our kids don’t have time for us due to jobs and their children. We’re not sitting around waiting for people to visit, we are making the best of our lonley years where everyone is to busy for us. We own our little house (not a mobile home), which is very inexpensive, they sell very quickly, we have great amenities and we pay very small hoa dues, affordable if on social security only, its safe, we have friends and neighbors who worry, care and help with anything but most of all we are happy, isn’t that what you’d want for your parents, isn’t that what you’d want when your older? Its not age discrimination its understanding, if youre not retired you can’t understand how important it is to have people around that understand what its like. Its a lifestyle you can’t understand until you get there.c

  60. I am 57(my wife is 45) and just bought a home in a 55+ community about 6 months ago. We just found out that my wife is pregnant(not planned but overjoyed!). Can the HOA force me to sell?

  61. I would love to live in an entire town that didn’t allow kids. We were tortured every day by neighbors who rented their home. The husband was in his 30’s and disabled so he was home all day with their 4 children and all of their relatives children. Most of the relatives were single moms who had no job, so they could sit in our neighbors back yard
    with their screaming children all day and evening. We couldn’t even sit outside. The screaming was non stop. We had owned and lived in our home for 18 years. I was ready to have a nervous breakdown from the non stop noise. We finally moved to escape. Parents just don’t discipline their children anymore and God forbid if anyone tries to say anything to them. I do not remember screaming non stop when I was a child and I don’t remember my friends acting this way.

  62. The people who argue for adult communities know they are wrong. They know they are intolerant. They know that it’s all about not wanting to put up with the inconveniences of younger kids. They know they were noisy kids at one time too, but they choose to say they were “better” kids. What seniors won’t take responsibility for is that these “bad, noisy little kids” are the offspring of their OWN KIDS. It is true that the measure of Grandparents is how their Grandkids turn out, because the grandkids reflect the parenting skills (or lack of) of their parents. Points is…The apples don’t fall far from the tree. YOUR generation produced the little kids you seem to hate being around. Older generations produce the world circumstances that we live today, so if you don’t like it, then you should spank yourselves in the fanny and take steps with all your money to change it.

    The younger people would rather not have the old farts jamming up the buffet lines on cruise liners, but they don’t have the stupidity to suggest they not go on cruises.

    1. That old adage: “it is better to remain silent and be thought a fool, than to speak and remove all doubt” need be updated to include the keyboard.

      Just saying eh?

  63. The apartment complex I live in was recently bought, the new owner is great, i hear rumors that he is planning on turning this into a 55 year age restricted apartment complex. It’s an old apartment complex and he is making much improvements–I’ve been here 2 years, I’m 53 disabled with ms…would my disability qualify me as an 80% occupant? Or should i prepare myself for my lease not being renewed in the near future and start looking for a different apartment? I am so close to the age restriction, i haven’t wanted to get older this much since i was 15 waiting to get my DL.

  64. Can a senior housing community exclude a 40 year old disabled adult child from living with his 73 and 79 year old parents? Would this be discrimination against a disabled person since the son must live with his parents?

  65. This is discrimination plain and simple regardless of the laws.
    I am a single working adult.
    I recently moved to an area where all rv/mobile home parks are 55+
    I came here in my travel trailer to work and literally can find no place to live within 30 miles of my job!

    These laws are discrimination just like every other public policy that has been changed the past 100 years.

    old holding back the young while they wait to die

  66. I personally believe in freedoms, freedom of choice. If you want to live by children, then go for it! If you want to be in a senior or adult community, that’s fine too! When I read these responses I am saddened that our society has become so intolerant and unaccepting of our right as humans to make choices that are best for us. Why should it impact your life if your neighbor want’s a kid free zone, or visa versa. It truly shouldn’t matter. When did we become so intolerant of each other?

  67. I personally hate that senior communities exist. My wife and I are looking to buy a home, we dont have a lot of money and we live and work in LA county which is known for overpriced houses and limited availability. Of course every listing we come across in our price range is ONLY for SENIORS. How lame is that? We’re quiet, we don’t have kids, we just want a decent place to live that wont make us broke. Senior Communities discriminate against younger couples and families by taking up all the real estate and not allowing anyone but the 55-62+ crowd in.

  68. I have 2 grandchildren that I’m raising as well. My husband and I bought a park model in retirement community before we knew we would be raising our grandchildren. Now we will only be able to visit our future “nest” on vacations rather than move in at age 55. We are both 50 so we bought as an investment/retirement home. Planning on downsizing. I so wish we could just continue with this plan but bring the boys with us. I’m sure they will not make an exception – but considering all of the “Grandfamilies” that are raising small children – there should be some type of compromise.

  69. Use birth control
    No kids
    Less divorce
    Less financial stress
    Less food stamps, section 8 and other freebies
    Less stress more time for real fun
    Less people to have conflict with
    Less ignorant people who want to populate the earth with more ignorant people
    Better quality of life
    Don’t want to be sucked into the American dream tha is really a nightmare
    Kiss my grits!

  70. Ronald Frump, in agreement with Dave, is most factual in his comments about this situation. In fact, based on the commentary, graciously provide by R. Frump, I started a Care2 Causes/Care2
    PETITIONS: also via Facebook:

    Age discrimination against younger residents should be just as illegal as age discrimination against seniors. THIS IS BASIC HUMAN RIGHTS!

    1. Age discrimination can assist older people to keep out the younger adult drug dealers. I support age discrimination to keep these thugs away from grandma.

  71. 55+ is the Law. Don’t like it? Change it.

    p.s. Anyone know of any “No Dog” Communities? I love animals, including dogs, but their owners are INSUFFERABLE ! Curb your dog, folks. And keep it inside YOUR home if it tends to be vocal so that the 8 neighbors surrounding you can get some sleep… 🙂

  72. I live in an over 55 in MA. But it isn’t really an over 55. Next door the ex con lives with his mommy after getting out of jail, now we have school bus vans we have to be careful of. Not to mention one of our rules is to keep the grass mowed and junk should be stored in a shed. Next door the shed has fallen apart. Junk is eveywhere and their oil tank is out in the open unprotected. I should’ve just moved into a family park or bought another expensive house.

  73. Are there state law restricting the number of families living in the same house in a 55+ community regardless of relation?

  74. I plan to move to a retired community even if it is not specifically 55 plus but the age composition is older adult or retired adult. Often it is not the children who are the problem but drug dealing millennials and older. I had to move from a beautiful place where a middle aged but under 55 man was openly dealing drugs. I support age segregation for the safety of older residents. Many of these residents are single or widowed older women living alone. I do not want Donny the Drug Dealer living in my building. Often drug dealing families consist of the middle aged parents and their college kids. No thank you. Give me an 80 year old neighbour any day.


    All these old people commenting here illustrate why I would never want to live in an old-folk’s community. I’m a boomer and ashamed to be one. Our parents were the greatest generation; our generation is the worst. I have no plans to encroach on any of your dying/dead neighborhoods filled with selfish angry judgmental people constantly filing complaints about each other and spending all of their time worrying about what their neighbors are saying/doing. (Ask me how I know!)

    I’d rather have dozens of noisy kids playing on my street than one old whiner. Life is a lot more attractive than the death of the spirit that drives SOME old people to complain incessantly. Diversity is the human condition. I’m all for people who feel otherwise moving into walled compounds and hiding there. I feel sorry for them, but not enough that I want them living next door to me and complaining.

    1. Here’s the better news for all of us that simply enjoy life in age restricted communities…we won;t have to live next to someone like you who appears to be even more judgemental than any of the 40,000 plus of us living in the always peaceful and serene Sun City Az.

      Praise the Lord and have a great life…most of us are.

      1. The median home price in our community is now over $300,000, and a 3 bedroom apartment goes for about $1200-1400/month and the median income is around $43,000. Now they’re going to use up valuable real-estate for a senior apartments a few blocks from our complex. Land that would serve everyone equally, seniors and young people alike, if people like you didn’t have the government sponsoring your entitled attitude that by merely existing long enough demands special housing privileges because you’d ‘rather not’ have to live next to young people.

        Sure. Any new development will eventually relieve some of the demand. But if the 100-some new units were available to everyone that relief would be felt much sooner and more directly.

        So next time you’re out mowing your lawn in your, just consider the implication of your 60-plus lifestyle.

  76. I have lived amongst a whole lot of ADULTS whom were worse than ANY kid running and playing around. Have any other person ever been disturbed by a horrible, rude, inconsiderate adult? I just do not see why people have to be unreasonable. After all, we were ALL kids! Why do people forget….that they were kids and now don’t want to allow kids to be kids….? We get total peace…..when we die. Let people live and stop making laws that create anger and haters…and NOISEY neighbors. I have had neighbors that had their TV so loud that I coiuld here every word and ….you hate kids running and having fun? Wake up people. You live and then you die. Why live in anger and be against people who are living? I love tp hear kids play and be kids. Then they grow up an become cantankerous jerks. “I’ll take kids anyday!”

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