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    Millsboro is a small town located in Southern Delaware, just under an hour away from Dover. Millsboro is a laid-back town that offers locals a close-knit community feel. Close to the beach and plenty of state parks, Millsboro is the perfect location for retirees who love escaping into nature.

    Climate & Geography

    The climate in Millsboro is humid subtropical, which is characterized by all four seasons with hot, humid summers and winters that are cold to mild. Residents can expect slightly less sunny days than than the national average, more rainfall than average, and less snowfall throughout each year.

    The town lies within the Atlantic Coastal Plain region of the United States, making much of the surrounding terrain low, flat land. The northern border of Millsboro is largely surrounded by water, as it borders Millsboro Pond and Betts Pond. These two ponds are actually a part of Delaware's inland bay system that stretch out from Indian River Bay, an inlet that connects to the Atlantic Ocean. Iron Branch also runs through Millsboro.

    Recreation, Culture, & Entertainment

    The Millsboro area offers residents lots to do in terms of outdoor recreation. Cupola Park is situated alongside the water, and provides residents with access to boat ramps and fishing opportunities. Additionally, there are a number of state parks in the surrounding area, providing locals with plenty of opportunity to explore all that nature has to offer. Millsboro is just 20 miles away from Delaware Seashore State Park, where locals can surf and swim during the summer months. Peninsula Golf and Country Club features lush green golf courses, as well as amenities like a spa, fitness classes, and a pool.

    Besides outdoor recreation, Millsboro also has plenty to offer locals with an interest in history. Nanticoke Indian Museum, which is listed as a national historical landmark, is a Native American museum in Millsboro. The museum features a variety of artifacts and teaches visitors about how Native Americans lived in years past.

    Millsboro offers members of the community a number of both local and commercial restaurants throughout the town, as well as plenty of festivals and events during the year. Millsboro is just under an hour away from Dover for anyone who is interested in more extensive shopping and entertainment options.

    Cost of Living & Taxes

    The cost of living in Millsboro is just slightly higher than the national average, and lower than the state average. Health care costs are the highest index, while grocery and utility costs are just slightly above average. The cost of homes, housing, and transportation are all below average. 

    Delaware is considered quite tax friendly to retirees. Social Security benefits are fully exempt from state income tax, and although all other forms of retirement income are taxed, residents who are 60+ are eligible for a $12,500 deduction. Property taxes are also quite low and the state has no sales tax. 

    Health Care

    Delaware ranks very high on Gallup’s Well-Being Index, coming in as the No. 8 state in the country.

    There are no hospitals in Millsboro, however, Nanticoke Memorial Hospital is located in nearby Seaford, and Atlantic General Hospital is located in Berlin, Maryland. Bayhealth Kent General Hospital, located in Dover, is ranked as the No. 3 hospital in the state by U.S. News, and is rated high performing in nephrology.

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