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Florida’s Top 8 Lowest-Priced 55+ Communities

by Bill Ness on 143 Comments

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The Villages is the largest active adult community in Florida offering homes in every price range beginning from well under $100,000.

After getting a great response for our new Advanced Search feature, we decided to use it ourselves to find the best low-priced communities in Florida. Our search focused on communities which met three criteria: all community sizes, an age-restriction and new construction homes. We further restricted our search to communities with homes priced in the low $100s or under. Of the 12 results, here are the eight communities we think are best:

1. The Villages – The Villages, FL

With over 75,000 residences, including single-family, attached and manufactured homes, The Villages is a complete town unto itself. This sprawling community spans three counties, three zip codes and over 20,000 acres. It features resort-style amenities, retail centers, restaurants, banks, post offices and other convenient services.

2. On Top of the World – Ocala, FL

Residents at On Top of the World enjoy three championship golf courses, multiple clubhouses, beautiful grounds and numerous social and recreational amenities. The community is divided into several distinct neighborhoods with a mix of 10,000 single-family and attached homes in a wide range of styles and prices.

3. Pelican Preserve – Fort Myers, FL

Whether looking for condos, single-family homes or attached homes, active adults have many options at Pelican Preserve. This gated golf community is located just 15 miles from downtown Fort Myers and 40 miles north of Naples. Active adults who move to Pelican Preserve will enjoy a plethora of recreational amenities including a spacious clubhouse and a 27-hole golf course.

4. Trilogy Orlando – Groveland, FL

Trilogy Orlando is a pedestrian-friendly active adult community which boasts beautiful grounds and a prime location in Central Florida. This relatively new community is still under development, but construction of the 57,000 square-foot amenity center is well underway with completion scheduled in 2012.

5. Heritage Isle – Viera, FL

Designed as a collection of individual villages, Heritage Isle is a lovely enclave within the larger Viera master-planned community. While the community has its own amenity-rich clubhouse, residents can also enjoy hitting the links at the adjacent Duran Golf Course. When it comes to residences, homebuyers will find many styles of condos, single-family homes and attached homes.


Budget-friendly 55+ communities still offer luxurious amenities such as this gorgeous swimming pool and spa at Arlington Ridge in Leesburg, Florida.

6. Solivita – Poinciana, FL

The Tuscan-themed Solivita community enjoys a prime location in Central Florida just 35 miles south of Orlando. Solivita’s scenic lakes, wooded preserves and two championship golf courses create a lovely backdrop for the community’s nearly 6,000 single-family and attached homes.

7. Arlington Ridge – Leesburg, FL

Active adults who are looking for a more intimate community may prefer Arlington Ridge. This brand new community broke ground in 2011 and, upon completion, will contain 629 single-family homes. Residents will enjoy exciting resort-style amenities such as a large clubhouse, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, sports courts and a championship golf course.

8. Sun City Center – Sun City Center, FL

Located just 25 miles south of Tampa, Sun City Center is an active adult community that was originally begun by Del Webb in 1961. Since 1972, various builders have taken over development of the community leading to an interesting mix of neighborhoods, homes and amenities. Today, both resale and new construction homes are available in a range of prices and styles.

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  1. I have looked at SummerGlen in Ocala and think it is a beautiful, sensible choice with good prices, and I like the sound of the builder and his business/building practices. I don’t see that community on this list. I admit I would be partial to Ocala because it is a good distance north of most of the traffic and hub-bub of the more southern communities — IF I were going to Florida, which I’m not.

    I wouldn’t touch The Villages with a 10-foot pole. Gentlemen, is somebody paying you to advertise them? You may be able to get in there for a decent price, but after that, they nickel and dime people to death. I am so glad I didn’t listen to my friends and move there. They’re the ones constantly being henpecked by their nosey neighbors about all kinds of stupid, childish issues — like Christmas lights. C’mon! To be really active there, you have to be very rich or highly in debt to the credit card companies.

    1. Marianna, we appreciate having you as a loyal reader of the 55Places.com newsletter and blog. Your comments are very helpful to thousands of active adults who are considering retirement locations. Keep your feedback coming!

      To all our readers, just to clear up any misconceptions, 55Places.com is an entirely independent website devoted to helping mature adults locate, search and compare 55+ and active adult communities all around the country. We do not accept money from builders to promote their communities on our site.

      The descriptions about the communities on our site and our blog articles are unbiased and based on extensive research, community tours, resident (and non-resident) feedback and a variety of other factors.

      Regarding The Villages, some people love it. Others hate it. You may see this community mentioned on our site or on our blog more than other communities. The fact is The Villages is by far the largest and most successful selling active adult community in the country. With over 75,000 occupied homes, they are clearly an attractive option for many retirees so we want to make sure we give them adequate attention on our site.

      For us at 55Places.com, it makes no difference if our readers choose The Villages in Florida, Sun City in Arizona or a quiet little neighborhood in North Carolina. The important thing to remember is that everyone has different motivating factors when it comes to selecting the perfect community and home. We hope that you find our site useful while you consider making one of the biggest decisions of your life.

      And, of course, making a decision about where to move gets easier as you have access to more information, feedback from others and reviews from people who live in or have visited these communities.

      So Marianne, thanks for being so active on our blog. Your comments are read and appreciated by many.

      But just to clarify, 55Places.com has never accepted a dime from any builder to get to the top of the list on our blog. There are plenty of sites out there that do that, but we are not one of them.

      Happy Searching!

      Bill Ness
      55Places.com Owner/Founder

      1. Bill — I accept your clarification. I was just asking, not accusing. I’m glad you are not bought by the developers/builders.

        I’m sure there are many happy Villages residents, but I hope readers at least consider the warning flags that are written by me and others on this site. I have no personal bone to pick with the Villages, but I do know how it apparently has changed certain people from down-to-earth souls to materialistic, simon-says type robots.

      2. Since this sight is three years old do you ever update it. Actually looking for something in the Naples area in the s.w. area. Independent Living facility

      3. While you may be able to buy affordable homes/condos in these places, I can assure you that the HOA and CDD fees for several of them are outrageous! We couldn’t begin to afford any of the new houses in Sun City Center because of all the monthly/yearly fees. The Villages fees are outrageous! You’re article is VERY misleading.

      4. Almost NON of the listed communities are UNDER $100k. And the list has not been updated in years. This article is a suckers bait.

        Emilio Rodriguez

      5. I am 56 and my sister is 60. We want to move to an affordable 55pls because we still need to work. Unfortunately our business probably will not work in Florida. We have a kids transportable service. Any recommendations

    2. I currently live in Rolling Greens MHP in Ocala. I am looking for a comparable MHP further south. Must have golf and heated pool.

      1. Hi
        If you are still looking , try Country Aire Estates in Dade City. A 55+ MHP that is resident owned, several great sites are available.
        Ps, I am a resident there and have no financial gain if you or anyone else replies. Check us out.

    3. Hi coming Friday from Freehold nj what 55 pl would u concider. I am 57and my sister is 61. We were thinking of villages not reall now! Pls any suggestions would help. Not too expensive
      Thank you

  2. Don’t know how you missed The Royal Higlands and the Monarch Country Club of same. Have spent several days looking around the community and didn’t see one home that wasn’t being kept up beautifully. The folks seem very friendly and they have an indoor pool as well as an entertainment center.

    1. We have being looking at Royal Highlands and Dell Webb and love both of them. We in Ocala and will be glad to leave here. We live in Quail Meadows and it’s nothing but all about the club house. There’s no golf course which is fine with us. But we all paid a $1000 per each home and there’s 500 some homes here to take over the roads and then we was told we would get a GATE here. After some company took over are Sub. That got all put on the back burner. We live on 32nd street which is the Only street that gets all traffic all day and night so we’re sick and tried of it. So we are looking for a place that cares about the people that live there. Just saying do not think about living here you will be sorry. We will be glad to get out. We want to enjoy are life’s and not Liston to all kinds of Loud Cars and Trucks with Very Loud Music all day and night going by. We pick up Trash in our yard all the time along we Beer Bottles. Enough is Enough. Good Luck to anyone that lives here and moved here.

  3. We have just purchased a home in Arlington Ridge and we love it. We are not ready to retire for several years but look forward to vacations and long weekends away from the cold New York winters. Very pleased to see it on this list.

    1. This is funny! I used the term “simon says” in my message to Bill Ness above, then scrolled down to see your screen name — I can’t believe it!!!! LOL! It was not done on purpose — just a crazy coincidence!

      1. Hi JoAnn,

        Our site deals only in sales, but you can find valuable information on rentals here.

        Patrick – 55places.com

    1. Am looking for a 55+ community to rent 3-4 months near Tampa area. Am thinking of moving to fla. Am a female senior citizen. Thanks.😊

      1. Hi Nedra!

        Our site deals only in the purchasing and selling of homes, but you can find valuable rental information here

        Thank you,
        Kerri- 55places.com

    [ie: least expensive monthly expenses] $150-$200k 2BR/2BTH/w/wo DEN/ DOUBLE CAR GARAGE with well-maintained grounds
    thru out the community

  5. I love Solivita. It’s my favorite. The thing holding us back is the crime rate in the Poinciana area. My cousin lived in Kissimmee and moved to Winter Haven because it’s going downhill. Poinciana is an area within Kissimmee.

    1. Cocoa beach?? Are you kidding.ugh!! There’s more pretty places in Florida as.I do live in Florida also on the list for a retiree home I’m shooting for a place in Naples

      1. Naples Florida is pretty to look at, but rent before you buy. You may decide that it is not for you. The traffic in ‘Season’ is awful. Check out the crime rate also. And, the history of fires in Golden Gate. Lately, bears have been seen frolicking in people’s pools. This is unprecedented, but it has become more and more on the local news that bears are seen in Fort Myers also.

        I tell you this not to discourage you, but to give you a ‘heads up.’ I have lived in Lee County for over 30 years. I have seen a decline in both services and safety. Home invasions recently in Collier County have forced some residents to hire armed guards to protect them from it. Please check out the reports for yourself. Do you really want to live in Collier County?

      2. I am responding to the negative comments about Naples and Collier County. I retired here 2 years ago and love it. All places have areas that have crime. I’m in Naples, but couldn’t be further removed from what you have described. The gated community I live in is lovely and very safe. There have been a few home invasions in the homes of billionaires, but I doubt if any of us on this site have to worry about hiring armed guards! The culprits were caught invading an Orlando mansion.
        If you are looking for PARADISE (caps on purpose) I suggest you check out everything wonderful that Naples has to offer.

  6. Hello,

    Do you have listings of new mobile/modular home 55+ Fl communities with affaordable monthly lot rental/hoa fees, under $400-500. monthly? Quiet communities in peaceful areas with nature, ok if shoppoing centers 20 minutes away or so. Not for party or golf or boat people-just those who want to retire quietly from chaos. Thank you for your time.


  8. Are there similar properties in Orlando? We are looking for a nice condo with a screened in lanai near Disney, but we don’t want to spend a fortune.

  9. Use to live in Kings Ridge, Clermont, Fl. Loved it. Would move again, but fees are now from $300.00-$310.00. Taxes are high any where in Lake County. They do have some good buys now in there. Most home was built in 1996-1997-1998. So many amenities, but no restaurant.. Two golf courses-two pools.

  10. any 55 over communities in florida where there are more 50 something then 80 somethings> what are the general rules for visitors? Looking for lots of amenities

      1. We just bought a home in Timber Pines which is an over 55 community in Spring Hill, Florida (approximately 35 miles north of Tampa). We loved it so much that within one month of ownership I convinced my best friend to buy a house around the corner from us, which she did! We’ve rented at The Villages on numerous occasions and at first considered buying there, however, we found it too pricey. Our house in Timber Pines was half the cost of one in The Villages and it possesses charm and character, something that the cookie cutter houses in The Villages simply have not got. We love the old growth trees in Timber Pines as well as our close proximity to the Gulf of Mexico. The Villages is far too busy and crowded from January to April. Take a look at Timber Pines, the amenities are gorgeous and the price is right. I can’t wait to get back there this Fall!

  11. i have lived in a solstice community in central fl. for almost 2 years and i can tell you it was a bad move on my part i was totally lied to as well as other residents they have gone up every year on lot rent and for the life of me i can not understand this pass of tax we have to pay considering we do not own the land so be very carefull if you are thinking of buying in a land leased community in florida.

      1. Thanks about Solstice. I have been looking at them on the web, They conveniently don’t discuss the land lease issue and how much it would be. Live on fixed income which makes me nervous about increases!

  12. Looked at Sun City Center (South Hillsborough County)-specifically focused on Kings Point for a week last month. Kings Point has much newer and nicer amenities, but the golf is all separate and yet $400-480 per month HOA! Wow…nice selection of older to newer condos and duplex condos, but trying to decide if the HOA is worth it. Another challenge is we determined after a week of looking with a realtor, that 85% of all the various associations don’t allow pets or have a 20-30 pound limits for your dog. Ouch-my gold retriever is too precious to give up.

    1. I am with you about the fees! Outrageous! and what is w/ the dog limit. Not everybody has a little dog. We have a 88lb mixture that is a big baby, and inside. We take him everyday to the local dog park. We want to move to Fl. but no place will allow him. Florida is supposed to be dog friendly and has places on beaches and dog parks. I am w/ you ugotzeus, I am not willing and would never give up our best friend!!

  13. hello,
    Maybe someone can have a shout out and help locate and apartment senior plus in and around disney.
    If so give a hollar.


  14. Hello,

    Recently widowed in manual wheelchair. Looking for an adult park (55+) rental, handicapped accessible, affordable, golf cart friendly very desirable. Located in west central Florida. Thanks.

  15. I’m looking to rent (in the beginning to make sure I’m in the right place) a 2 bedroom, 2 bath, furnished MH in a gated +55 park that allows dogs,

  16. we have looked in the leesburg-clermont area and are very interested in the communities and lake harris , anybad feed back. we like , Arlington ridge , plantation and kings ridge

  17. As for the lady heading to cocoa Beach .why??
    Live in Florida there’s. So many beautiful retirement places to choose from all according to your needs .stay away from cocoa Beach

  18. Summerglen in Ocala is not a great place to live. It’s so far away from anything. Has many nosy and downright nasty people in it like the Villages. Old people with nothing better to do. Though there are some nice people scattered about. It’s the most pesticide/herbicide/fertilized carcinogenic community I’ve ever seen. Very disappointing.

    1. Henry

      Thank you for your input regarding Ocala. I was always curious about that area.

      June 16, 2014

      1. Unless you are politically/socially conservative, forget Ocala, Lady Lake, Sumter, etc. There is simply no tolerance for liberal points of view. I lived in the villages for 5 years and fled. Be extremely careful of moving to Central florida if you have health issues. Health care in the area isn’t even substandard; it’s third world. Right now, trying to find a place in Tampa Bay close to good health care, culture, and reasonably priced. May be too much to ask. we may end up just buying a house in a community. Any suggestions?

  19. we spent 14 years in Hawthorne@leesburg fl, a mobile home park, which is a very secure gated community, very well maintained, with their own emergency and fire team-two buttons in each home to push in emergency. it has has approximately 1200 units with 2000 residents, who own a share. Monthly maintenance fees were reasonable, and were increased SMALL AMOUNT ABOUT EVERY 3 YEARS, They have over 100 acivities, wih golf nearby. If you are looking for a GREAT resident owned park check it out. Because of health issues we had to go back to Ohio to b near family. It is approximately 3 miles south of Leesburg fl on route 27 . . Resells are available from 25,000 up.

    1. Al,
      Am looking to move back to Fla. within the next year and am not sure of the location. Single lady and want to bring my Mother for short stays, with two dogs and plays golf…is this where I need to be?

  20. I am impressed by the 55 plus communities in Mission, Texas, a community on the Texas-Mexican border ( next to better known McAllen, TX). There are three good sized communities there where the owners do most of the maintenance and keep the HOA to less than $400/year. Most homes are independent houses that have low maintenance, “desert” landscaping.
    Don’t be put off by the talk of crime along the border. The small cities there are among the safest and best managed in the USA. The biggest problem for my wife and I is that she works (bank teller) and in the border area, Spanish is required.
    Are there other communities in the US with similar plans?

  21. We are trying to decide on buying in either Port St Lucie,Fl. or Viera,Fl. We want a. 55+ amenity filled community convenient to shopping,airport and recreation. Thanks for any info or advice.

    1. Vitalia in Port St Lucie, part of Tradition (a new created town west of i95) seems to be very popular — growing.

      Check it out!

      1. That seems reasonable to me. Granted, this was written in 2015. Still it couldn’t have gone up that much in 2 years. Where, then do they “stick it to you” as I’ve read others say about The Villiages?

  22. In Ocala, Country Town Village is nice. It’s not 55+, but the few kids are well-behaved. Nice to move the grand kids close. Lot rent is only $235. No HOA. Quiet neighbors, safe, in town, really close to medical complexes. Not a lot of amenities other than a pool, but it’s a nice, quiet place. It’s close to shopping, airport and recreation.

  23. Has anyone looked into Saddlebag Lake Resort just 8 miles of Lake Wales on Hwy 60. It is a small well-kept gated community (with gate and security))? It has lovely
    pool, Tennis courts, nice shuffleboard area, fishing or boating lake. It has Mobile home lots, places for rent, many new Modular homes. If you are trying FL for the first time, it has lots of older well-kept places for sale for surprisingly low prices. It
    is a very active community with bingo, dances and all the amenities you expect. HOA. Drive by and take a look….we did and fell in love.

  24. I’m a single woman with a golden retriever looking to find a reasonable rental in the Clermont area to be able to look for something permanent. Liked Kings Ridge. The Villages is not for me. Nobody know where I can look for a rental?

  25. I am retiring soon, We like to fish and swim, but the wife and I don’t golf. What is a nice gated community preferably away from a lot of tourists and big cities? Thanks, Texas or Florida, but we prefer Florida

  26. I am looking for an community where you are on the water – river or ocean an able to kayak in nature without motor boats constantly going by and where there are other activities like a pool, pickle ball, hiking, nature places , scenic and is affordable and allows larger dogs! And has lots of artists!

    1. Thank you for your interest Lynn! Someone will be reaching out to you shortly to help you find the perfect home.

      -Kate, 55places.com

  27. Hi, I wondering if there are any pet friendly parks in southwest Florida? Also, I have looked into a few parks and although they are 55 and older the median age seems much older, are there parks where it’s residents are closer to 55? Maybe parks that tend to be on the “green” side as in a community garden, recycling, and such? Am I asking for to much? Lol

    1. Hi Vicki,

      Thanks for leaving us a comment. We’ll get you in touch with an agent as soon as we can to help you find your dream community.

      Kate, 55places.com

  28. Hi!

    Have visited Zellwood Station Modular 55+ Park.It’s Beautiful. Well kept.Golf course,swimming pools,fishing,stores close as well as churches.pet areas.

  29. Just moved to Hawthorne at Leesburg. Well kept. Most mobile homes are older but look like houses. A lot of activities and it is a place you can age in as they do offer transportation a few times a week to banks or stores. Still adjusting but so far it seems like a secure and friendly place. Not expensive. Most homes in the 30,000 to 40,000 range. Resident owned so you are not renting the land..you own a share. No animals (although I understand some have a cat or bird). On a river and Harris lake and gated.

    1. Thank you for your review. I am considering Hawthorne since I have a son in Leesburg. I am a little concerned because there are several “rules”, more than most but that may be why the place is so nice.

      1. Hi, we are really looking into Hawthorne anyone live here now . Any tips would help. We will be leaving our family in Texas but want better weather and more stuff to,do.

  30. I am looking for 55 And older rentals, I am no longer able to tolerate severe cold weather. Preferably between Jacksonville and Ocala,kissmmee,etc. From October thru April. Any suggestions?

  31. Thank you for the info on Heritage Isles in Viera,Fl. We are also interested in a community called Lake Ashton. but are not familiar with the area . How close is it to shopping and a major airport? Thank you for any info

  32. I am a 62 year old woman, lived in Clearwater-Redington Beach area for years. I will be relocating back to Florida sooner or later, will have a 15# dog and a 60# lab. I want a mobile home that allows larger dogs, but know Florida and want a MH community built in a safe location (I’ve lived through hurricanes and tornadoes there). Sarasota is my first preference, but I’m open statewide. But central FL is a bit too closed-minded for me, I’m a photographer, so prefer nothing with high restrictions or high HOA fees. Thank you everyone.

  33. We are looking for a gated community that has at least 1 acre lots and allows large dogs. Please contact us to help us find this.

  34. Hi…
    We are looking to locate in Central to Southern FL in a retirement community. It is difficult to contact people and get answers to pet restrictions. We have an 85 pound Collie / Gordon Setter mixed breed, non-aggressive dog and wonder which communities would accept him. It is frustrating talking with realtors and people at community desks, some say.. oh don’t worry, there are big dogs here, but we do not want to waste out time and find a place and then realize the dog can’t come. Could someone please let me know which ones accept dogs of that size. Thank you.

    1. Good Morning,

      Thanks for leaving a comment on our 55 Places blog! I will reach out to you to help you find the best community for you and your dog.

      Kate, 55places.com

    1. Hi Alan,

      I will have one of our expert agents reach out to you shortly with information about Boyton Beach.

      Thank you!
      Kate, 55places.com

  35. We are also in search of a mh park in the Clearwater/Largo to Sarasota stretch with share or lot ownership and reasonable monthly hoa fees. Must accept two friendly dogs 40-50 lbs. We appreciate any advice.

    1. Has anyone received any replies on this blog? I’d be interested in hearing if anyone else has similar desires as ours. Thanks!

  36. I want to move to Florida from Louisiana…I would like to rent an apartment in a west coast community….I want to be able to work part-time also..Looking for rent around 600.00/month…Is this possible? Thank-you.

  37. My husband and I are looking for a community that has half acre lots or larger and allows a large dog. We won’t move anywhere if we can’t take our lab with us. Also, we would like to purchase a home that is not on leased land.

    1. Do do you have location preference?

      Are you taking Fl?

      You can respond if you would like.

      We too are searching and have done extensive work locating the right location and community for us.


      1. hi sir I want to move to fla for6mths a year and rent but don’t like crime and over crowded towns. Iove the ocean and think maybe west coast would be cooler I have been told. have you been nthere long and where do you reside If I made ask. please reply asap.. Thank You!
        Sincerely Deb!

  38. My wife and I are 83 and 78 respectively. We are looking for a quite place near businesses, like pharmacy, hospital, and grocery store. Please, send us a list of properties that fit these criteria. Rent of about $800.00/m. with 2 bedrooms and two baths. thank you

    1. Hi Emilio, unfortunately our website does not showcase rentals. These sites should help you in your search: snowbirdcondo.com, vrbo.com, and craigslist.org

      Best of luck!
      Stefanie – 55places.com

    2. For a quiet, excellent place for older seniors, check out Good Samaritan Villages in Kissimmee. Affordable to purchase for sure, not sure about rentals, probably higher than $800… but a wonderful place offering many services for healthcare and household help.

  39. We are looking for a resident owned 55 & over park in Southwestern Florida ( Port Charlotte and south ) that accepts 2 small 15 # dogs. Looking at 60K and under, with low HOA fees. Would love to be able to drive to the Gulf within a few hours !

    1. Hi Debbie,

      Resident owned communities are available throughout Fl. We too looked into this. What we like about them is that they appeared to be well managed.

      However and if not mistaking it requires owning (buying) a share. This is in addition to the home purchase and can be quite costly. If you choose not to go this route then your monthly fees are usually more.

      Buying and owning a share usually divides the monthly fee in half.

      The problem that we felt about this is it can be a bit political. What I mean by this is those who own a share think they have more rights and tend to keep an eye on those who do not.



  40. Me & husband looking for a 55 over community or condo 2 bedroom pet friendly to rent or houses to rent they r medical pets no carpet in coconut creek preferably we would like to start looking thank yoy

    1. Dear Angelina,

      Our website only showcases information on purchasing a home. Snowbirdcondo.com, vrbo.com, and craigslist.org are great resources to help your rental search.

      Best of luck!
      Stefanie – 55places.com

  41. My husband 66 and myself 56 would like to know where we can find an affordable community that we can pay for with our social security benefits. Do they exist? And if so where . We would love to live in Florida but be able to afford it as well.

    1. I happen to come across your post and wondered if you llooked at seven lakes in fort meyers, fl…We are in the same boat a 1bd. 1ba 70,000, its a condo although there are larger units, Villa’s and attached Villas. Amenities our bountiful along with free golf. I added everything all up and would cost us about $625.00 for ALL utlities, taxes, Insurance and.amenities

  42. We are interest in finding a place where the monthly fees are not so high would love a pool without paying all that money out each month is there such a plce

    1. Hi Blanche, most communities that have amenities have monthly fees to keep it up. These fees also cover cares like mowing your lawn, raking your leaves, landscaping, etc. Some fees are less than others. Where exactly are you looking?

      Stefanie – 55places.com

  43. Two families looking for 55 and over park rentals with pets. Prefer 2 bedroom rentals. Can you direct us to a few parks? We would like the month of February as the designated time.

  44. I am hoping to move to the West Coast of Fl soon. I am 72 and have 2 small dogs. I’d like to buy a very inexpensive 2-1 or 2-2 mobile home in a senior community. But I live on $1100. a month SS, so must find the cheapest lot rent. I’d like to be within a 50 mile radius of Tampa Fl. Can anyone help? Thanks

    1. Hi there, check out Valencia Estates in Lakeland, Florida. It is central and about a half hour from Tampa and 45 Minutes to Orlando. The lot rent is $358.00 per month and there are some reasonable two bedroom, 1.5 bathrooms. It is going for $6,800.00. It is a 55 + small community.


  45. looking for a 55+ community in the clearwater area preferable. if not then mid fla. we have a condo and a home so we need in the 100.000.00 range or less and plan on selling our home and then moving into a higher range,we just dont want a payment except HOA fees, Can u help us? Thank you ,

  46. We want active 55+ community near Hollywood, Fl area. 4 to 6 months or more rent. Price range $800 or under. Need handicapped accessible.Nice area & facility. Visiting Son in Hollywood starting on Nov. 18th, 2015. Please advise asap. Thanks. I’m 78 & wife is 73.

  47. My wife and I are looking to buy a home in 55+ community in or near Clearwater/Brandenton Fl. . We have 2 dogs and are retired with fixed income so monthly fee would need to be under $150. per month. Is there anything out there?

  48. Was going to retire in Fl but property taxes are so high. Do not want to pay over $3200.00 ever! Looking for 2/2/2 under 2000 or as close to that w/o going over west coast Tampa to Sarasota area

  49. Hi there, check out Valencia Estates in Lakeland, Florida. It is central and about a half hour from Tampa and 45 Minutes to Orlando. The lot rent is $358.00 per month and there are some reasonable two bedroom, 1.5 bathrooms. It is going for $6,800.00. It is a 55 + small community.


  50. People keep saying that search engine optimisation isnt beneficial, are they right about search engine optimisation?
    p.s Don’t take advice from the Warrior Forums 🙂

  51. We r looking for a long term rental in Ocala…55+ communities…NO MANUFACTURED HOMES PLEASE…..$800 to $1000…3/2/2 U FURNISHED…we have 2 indoor cats….non smokers….MUST BE LONG TERM

    1. Hi Ann,

      Our site deals only in sales, but you can find valuable information here.

      Best of luck in your search!
      Patrick – 55places.com

  52. Interested in purchasing a single home $150.
    Condo the same, that allows animals LOW hoa fees.
    gated – shuttles

    1. Hi Cindy,

      Thanks for reaching out. One of our expert partner agents will be getting in touch with you shortly.

      Patrick – 55places.com

  53. We selected Hudson FL as our first move to a 55 plus active comm. but we want to move new Leesburg or New Smyrna Beach are/Edgewater and lease for 12 months at least to start. We are looking for a permanent home 2/3 bedrooms, min. 2 baths, newer mobile home/modular or stick built.
    Can you give us names of Real Restate or Property Management Companies who may know of leases in places such as the above including The Villages and Lake Mount Dora and others? Thank you.

    1. Hi Joyce & George,

      Our site deals on in sales, but you can find valuable information on rentals here.

      Patrick – 55places.com

  54. We’re intending to move to the Gulf Coast of Florida (preferably the Emerald Coast [Pensacola to Panama City Beach]} toward the end of next year. Could you please provide information on any 55+ communities in that area so we can do the necessary research beforehand? We accidentally stumbled upon a community named Savanna Club in Port Saint Lucie, FL. It’s a magnificent community but not in our chosen area. Is it possible there is anything similar where we are intending to settle? Thanks.

  55. Interested in 55 plus in Sarasota area. Prefer NO PETS ALLOWED. Anyone know of a nice double wide.? Reasonable priced. Single female retired. Golf course not necessary. Not rich.

    1. Hi there,

      Thanks for reaching out! One of our expert partner agents will be getting in touch with you shortly.

      Patrick – 55places.com

  56. Are there any 55+ communities in Florida with very low or no HOA fees? Do I really have to be an “active” adult? The amenities listed read like a summer camp. Aren’t there any 55+ neighborhoods with no pools, tennis courts, bocce, etc, etc? I’d be interested in a nice quiet community with no archery or swing sets or trampolines. Whatever is wrong with just a simple housing tract with a volunteer association with a simple age restriction?

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