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    Arroyo Grande is a coastal city in San Luis Obispo County, California. It’s best known as one of the "Five Cities" in the Central Coast region. Retirees that are seeking a beach town with enjoyable weather year round are sure to appreciate Arroyo Grande. 

    Climate & Geography

    Arroyo Grande has a temperate-mediteranean climate. The average annual high temperature is in the high 60s and the average annual low temperature is in the mid 40s. The average annual precipitation is roughly 14 inches of rainfall. 

    The city is a mix of suburban neighborhoods in the southwest portion, and more rural areas in the northeast. It is bordered by the other four of the Five Cities: Grover Beach, Oceano, Pismo Beach, and Shell Beach. The larger city of Los Angeles is approximately 170 miles southeast.  

    Recreation, Culture, & Entertainment

    The year-round warm weather and close proximity to the ocean allows for an assortment of outdoor activities. There’s a good amount of vineyards and wineries scattered throughout the city. Active adults frequently take a stroll and bike ride through Lopez Lake Recreation Area, James Way Oak Habitat and Wildlife Preserve, and Biddle Regional Park. Shopping ranges from antique shops to a fashion mall. The larger city of Los Angeles is near enough for residents to take day trips and explore a wider variety of activities. 

    Cost of Living & Taxes

    The overall cost of living in Arroyo Grande is higher than both the national and state average. The primary factor is the extremely high cost of homes and housing, which is nearly triple the national average. Although grocery costs are also slightly higher than average, health care, utilites, and transportation costs are all below. 

    California is not typically considered very tax friendly to retirees. Social Security benefits are fully exempt from taxes at the state level, however all other forms of retirement income are fully taxed and the only income tax relief offered to retirees is a senior income tax exemption, which simply doubles the standard exemption to anywhere between $258 to $516 depending on filing status. Property tax rates are relatively low, but because of the high cost of homes this can still be a substantial expense. There is a homeowners' exemption to help reduce this cost, and there is also a program available to residents that may allow them to defer property taxes. Sales taxes are the highest in the country, but medicine and groceries and not taxed. 

    Health Care

    Arroyo Grande Community Hospital is located directly in the city but currently has no rankings. There are two highly ranked medical centers and hospitals located within 70 miles of Arroyo Grande. They are Goleta Valley Cottage Hospital and Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital. Goleta Valley Cottage Hospital is ranked high performing in hip and knee replacement. Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital is regionally ranked and ranked high performing in five adult procedures/conditions.

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