There are many new exciting activities and hobbies to discover.
There are many new exciting activities and hobbies to discover.

Retirement allows active adults a lot more time to spend on their passions and hobbies. Fortunately, as technology evolves and fads change, exciting new hobbies seem to appear every year. In fact, in just the past fifteen years a variety of new ideas and activities have surfaced, giving active adults more choices on how to spend their free time. Here is a list of some of our favorites.

1. Blogging

With websites like Wordpress and Blogger, making free templates readily available, it’s never been easier to start your own blog. Blog topics range from sports to fashion to cooking and practically everything in between, and it’s a great way to get your thoughts out into the web community. With the popularity of blogging rising, it's now even possible to turn this hobby into a side job by monetizing your blog.

2. Zumba

In the 80s, there was jazzercise - today, we have Zumba. Part fitness program, part dance party, Zumba classes combine cardio and aerobic aspects to create a fun and holistic workout. Many active adult communities offer Zumba classes, but even for those without easy access, a number of videos are available online allowing you to practice from home. There are also varying levels of difficulty, so almost anyone can take part.

3. Mobile Gaming

Before smartphones, you needed a computer or video gaming system to play any form of digital gaming - now you just need an app. From Angry Birds to Candy Crush to good old-fashioned Tetris, almost any game is now adapted for smartphone play or use on an iPad or tablet. Additionally, social media platforms like Facebook offer games within their sites as well.

4. Pinterest

To some, Pinterest may just be another social media website - but to the DIY-ers, it’s a hobby all its own. Filled with a variety of recipes, craft projects, and home improvement ideas, you can create your own Pinterest boards full of ways to pass the time. Think of it as a way to gain inspiration for your other hobbies, with the built in convenience of being able to organize those hobbies in one place.

5. Geocaching

If you ever dreamed of hunting down hidden treasure, geocaching may be your opportunity. Thanks to GPS technology, adventure seekers can use navigation to play a game of hide and seek with boxes containing a variety of objects from logbooks to small trinkets. According to the official geocaching website there are millions of containers stashed in various locations across the globe waiting to be found.

6. App-Building

There was once a time when only those with computer programming degrees could create their own smartphone apps. Luckily, great strides have been made to make this a more accessible hobby for practically anyone. Using app builder platforms, no tech knowledge is necessary to create your own game or organizational app for your own use, or even to put in the App Store for others.

7. Wii

A relatively new gaming system, the Nintendo Wii has become especially popular with the 55+ set. As opposed to the sedentary video games of the past, the Wii allows gamers get up and be physically involved in whatever it is they’re playing. And almost every classic game has now been adapted for the Wii, including Mario Kart and a variety of arcade-style games.

8. Digital Scrapbooking

Thanks to technology, you can now preserve your memories without all those scrapbooking supplies. Digital scrapbooking is the next frontier in technological craftiness, letting users scan or upload photos to place into pieces of two-dimensional art. Software kits can be purchased online, and the web platform makes it easier than ever to share your handiwork with family and friends via email or social media.

9. Online Fantasy Leagues

While the first fantasy football draft technically took place in 1963, the game’s switch to an online platform was much more recent. Now sports enthusiasts can compete with other fans from all over the world in online fantasy leagues, updating their rosters while they check their morning emails.