Softball is growing in popularity at active adults communities throughout the country.

It's pretty well known that sports are a terrific way to bring people together. By participating in a sport, especially one that requires teamwork, a person can maintain an active lifestyle while also working together with both new and long-time friends to achieve their goals.

Whether that goal is to simply win or to just have some fun, the benefits of team sports are endless. Perhaps one of the best sports to try out, especially for active adults, is softball. A variant of baseball that is played with a larger ball, softball moves at a faster pace and is generally an easy game to pick up.

If you’re living in an active adult community and looking for a fun way of bringing the community together, softball is a prime way of doing so. Like other sports, softball is all about teamwork, encouraging players to work together and build trust in order to come out as champions.

Social in its nature, softball is a great way for residents to build new and long-lasting relationships with their fellow neighbors. If your neighborhood does not have a softball league, don’t be discouraged, you can always start one yourself. Read on to hear ways that you can start your own softball league within your community.

Finding the Right Players

The first step that you’ll need to accomplish is to actually find players. A good starting point is to leave an ad on the community bulletin boards. Social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter also serve as great resources to get the word out. Whatever the case, make sure to reach as many people as possible so that you have enough people to start forming teams. Typically, each team is comprised of 9 players, but you might also need to find umpires too.

Depending on how competitive your league will be, a productive next step would be to hold tryouts. While it is likely that not everyone will be as skilled or familiar with softball as others, it is always a good idea to have an understanding of everyone's skill set so that it is easier to place them on the right team in a position best suited for them.

Locating a Field

Next, you’ll need to actually find a place to practice and play games. Numerous active adult communities have softball fields within the community. Robson Ranch in Eloy, Arizona, Evergreen at Flowers Plantation in Clayton, North Carolina, and Plantation at Leesburg in Leesburg, Florida all have softball fields that host games and tournaments. Some communities even have their own stadiums dedicated to softball, such as Sun City Huntley in Huntley, Illinois and Sun City Festival in Buckeye, Arizona.

Should your community not have an actual softball field, don’t worry. A good idea is to get in contact with your local parks department or community center and see if they possibly have a usable field. Make sure to ask in advance so that they can put time aside to give you the best slot possible.

Making a Legitimate League

Having your teams established and your field picked out is important but what’s equally essential is having the right equipment. To properly play softball, you’ll need everything from balls, batting helmets, and bats. It might be a good idea to ask around the community to see if anyone has anything laying around or if anyone is willing to donate their stuff.

If you’re having a difficult time finding anything, then you’ll likely have to put in a few dollars. One good tip is to look online on sites like Amazon, Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, or eBay, or even the newspaper for good deals that’ll hopefully save you money.

Finally, though it is not essential, you might want to eventually get uniforms for your team. A great means of building commodity between each team member, a uniform gives credence to your softball league being a legitimate organization. How much one delves into the uniform depends on each team but a lot of teams simply wear matching t-shirts.

Have Fun!

Most importantly, remember to have fun! While a hard-earned win is always a great feeling, you’ll hopefully walk away with more than just a feeling of accomplishment. By being part of a league, you’ll perhaps gain some new friendships and a new favorite pastime as well.