Perhaps the only downside to finding the best place to retire is the process of moving in. Moving is always a stressful time, both physically and psychologically exhausting. Having the right support can make all the difference in the world. If you are moving for the first time in many years or downsizing to a smaller home, assistance from a friendly and compassionate moving professional may be exactly what you need for a smooth transition.

From empty nesters moving for the first time in decades, to children who are helping their parents move into smaller homes, apartments, or retirement communities, the personalized services offered by Senior Move Specialists meet the unique needs of any client. The mission of Senior Move Specialists, or “Senior Move Managers,” is to help people who have been in a home for many years simplify the moving process and prepare for a new environment. Their expertise in the arts of organizing, de-cluttering, and downsizing help to ease the stress and various anxieties inherent to moving.

Senior moving specialists offer a level of expertise and caring that sets them apart from ordinary movers. The personalized services and attention they offer allow clients to feel as though they are being taken care of by actual family members instead of hurried or jostled around by impersonal moving companies and real estate agencies. Although senior move specialists oversee the entire moving process from start to finish, clients are welcome and encouraged to oversee the moving process and provide instruction every step of the way.

Because a senior move specialist is a hired professional and not a family member, their experience and expertise allows them to be objective while acting as a voice of authority when dealing with emotionally charged situations. With focus and sensitivity, they help their clients make difficult decisions with as little stress and disruption as possible. Just find the best place to retire, and let the senior move specialists help you get there.

Senior Move Specialists:

  • Can provide clients with detailed floor plans of their new home which help illustrate which items will fit so that the clients see what they are able to bring with them to their new home and which items they can not.
  •  Offer recommendations as to what to do with the items they are not able to bring with them and arrange for such items to be sold or donated.
  •  Document the value of items that are sold or donated for clients’ financial records and tax filings. * Help to preserve the layout and character of the original home by documenting furniture arrangements and decorating layouts.
  • Recreate the living space so that clients adapt more easily to a new environment and quickly feel at home, even after an extensive and disruptive change.
  •  Either act as movers themselves or contract out the physical labor to a trusted company. * Welcome the direct involvement of clients, from planning and packing, to unpacking and settling in.
  •  Assist clients with locating the right realtor to sell their current home, purchase their next one, or explain any procedural or financial aspects of moving that may have changed since the last time they moved.

With millions of Baby Boomers reaching retirement age and looking for the best place to retire very soon, the senior moving industry is growing quickly. Many specialists have come to this expanding industry from careers in gerontology, nursing, and social work. Others have migrated to the industry because of their profound desire to help people and do more for their community beyond simply bringing home a paycheck. It is the desire to help people and form more than a business connection which makes senior moving assistance a very different brand of moving service.

For more information about some of the best senior move specialists and to learn about the reputable and authorized specialists in your area, visit the National Association of Senior Move Managers