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Location, Location, Location VS. Price, Price, Price

by Bill Ness on 1 Comment


Make a list of pros and cons to help determine if you should choose price or location. In real estate, a common catch phrase is “location, location, location.” A home in a great location may be more likely to hold its value, while also placing you closer to local attractions. Yet, you ca

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Celebrate Life at Encore at Atlantic Shores, NY

by Susan Quilty on No Comments


Residents enjoy a true small-town environment, where everyone cares about each other. In East Long Island, New York, Encore at Atlantic Shores provides luxury living for active adults aged 55 or better. This upscale townhome community has a prime location, just a few miles from South Shore Beaches

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55places.com Unveils New Website Design

by Megan Boldrey on 8 Comments


Check out our new web design. 55places.com is excited to announce the launch of our newly designed website. One of our main goals was to improve our website to make it more user-friendly, simple-to-navigate and mobile friendly. We wanted to provide visitors an easier way to find and research the per

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Top 5 States for Military Retirees

by Stefanie Acevedo on 1 Comment

Take full advantage of any special military exemptions that each state might offer for retirement. When it comes to relocating for retirement there are many things to take into consideration besides climate and attractions. While Florida, Arizona, and Texas are popular destinations for active adult

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10 Useful Apps for Baby Boomers

by Stefanie Acevedo on 1 Comment

Make everyday tasks easier with these amazing Apps, right at your fingertips! Whether on a smartphone or tablet, apps now days are designed for more than just entertainment. Baby Boomers have been using a variety of useful apps for managing time, balancing checkbooks, staying fit, and keeping in tou

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