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  • Once a year, announces its 50 best-selling active adult communities. However, we thought it might be fun to take a look at which communities are the hottest sellers month-by-month in order to see how buying trends change. Let's see what happened in June.
  • Across the country, there are many stunning active adult communities that offer luxurious resort-style amenities and beautiful homes in attractive settings. Sometimes these lavish 55+ communities are expensive because of all the amenities and services they offer to homeowners. Location may also play a factor in why some of the most expensive communities have homes listed above the $1 million price range. Retirees who don’t live on a fixed budget may have the means to splurge on an expensive home in a luxurious 55-plus community. While there are hundreds of active adult communities, we’ve only selected communities with a 55+ age restriction to narrow down for this list. So if you have a healthy bank account and fat retirement savings, then check out these 10 most expensive age-restricted communities in the U.S.
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    Baby Boomers lived through some of the most exhilarating, uncertain, and defining moments in our country’s history. From the passing of the Civil Rights Act to the moon landing to Beatlemania, Baby Boomers have seen it all.
  • Across the country, new restaurants are opening everyday and enticing clientele with their impressive menu that will hopefully generate enough buzz to keep them around for a few more years. But studies have shown that most new independent restaurants will close during their first year of business. The remaining restaurants that survive their first year will typically only get a five-year lifespan. With these statistics, it’s alarming to know that only a few classic restaurants have survived the odds and stood through the test of time. Boomers who continue to visit their classic eateries today can rejoice in the fact that their restaurant is still in business and hopefully for many more years to come. Check out these old restaurants from across the U.S. that are still in business and offering delicious dishes along with a side of rich history.
  • It’s always a good idea to bond with the grandkids. Sometimes, it’s difficult to figure out what can be done, especially because there’s such an age gap. However, when you are looking for a fun bonding activity, there are five that you can do at almost any age – and your grandkids are sure to love the time spent together.
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    For years, veterans proudly served their country and when it’s time to retire, choosing the right location is just another battle. Military retirees are often faced with different challenges than other Baby Boomers heading for retirement. Military retirees are usually younger in age when retiring from service, which is between the ages of 43 and 47, while other active adults are typically heading for retirement between the ages 55 and 65. Not only are some of these veterans retiring early, they also have to get used to being a part of a civilian lifestyle and environment again. It may be difficult for some vets to get reacquainted with their new lifestyle due to post-traumatic stress disorders, injuries, and other side effects of war. That’s why it’s important for veterans to retire in states where they will have the best opportunities for a comfortable retirement. Retired vets should look into states that have a strong and supportive veteran community, accessible VA health facilities, a healthy economic environment, affordable housing, and great tax exemptions. With all of this to consider, here we list the top 10 states for military retirement.
  • Whether you live on the golf course or in a cart-friendly community, you’re going to want to see some of the unique carts that creative owners come up with.

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  • Each year 55 Places reveals its prestigious list of 100 most popular active adult communities in the country. These communities earned their spot and made it on this list based on the number of visitors to each community’s page on over the past year. Check out the profiles of the top ten communities followed by a list of communities rounding out the top 100.
  • When you buy your dream home you think of all the possibilities it will bring like space for your growing family and a large backyard to entertain your guests. But sometimes we don’t consider how the home will impact us as we age. Staircases can be difficult to climb daily, high cabinets are tricky to get to, showers become slippery and dangerous, and small doorways aren’t convenient anymore. We don’t typically like to think about aging, but this is a reality that we all must face.
  • All of these large age-restricted or age-targeted communities provide a variety of home styles as well as a rich lineup of amenities sprawled across acres of beautiful landscaping with endless options for physical activity and social recreation. It’s all up to the homebuyers’ preference on where they want to live and what type of neighborhood they want to be a part of to enjoy their Golden Years. Here are 15 of the largest active adult communities in the nation:


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