Retirees in 2015 are living in a golden age of information. Almost any question you have can be easily answered by a quick Google search. In most instances, this is great news, but in the case of healthcare, it’s easy for those answers to be misconstrued or flat out false, depending on your sources.

Here, we’ve compiled a list of reputable resources for healthcare questions and answers from common baby boomer illnesses to retirement insurance plans. But when in doubt, remember that it’s always best to contact a doctor if you have questions about specific symptoms.


The American Association of Retired Persons is a great resource for all kinds of topics important to retirees, but they often cover healthcare in great detail and with input from highly reputable experts. They cover everything from cognitive function to getting enough sleep, with daily content to help you live a happier and healthier retirement lifestyle.

Benefits Check Up

This site, run by the National Council on Aging, helps retirees identify benefits they qualify for based on their specific situations. This can help struggling retirees pay for things like medication and food once they are no longer able to work.

Confused by all of the health insurance options out there? This site includes articles, expert analysis, and even a glossary of important terms to help you better understand and choose a health insurance plan as a retired adult. The best part is, they have a help line you can call so you can talk to a real person about the different possibilities.

Eating Well

While not specifically a site for Baby Boomers, Eating Well describes itself as the place “where good taste meets good health,” a reputation it truly lives up to. The site offers thousands of recipes with different dietary considerations for every ailment from a gluten allergy to diabetes.

NIH Senior Health

Run by the National Institutes of Health, this site is a comprehensive resource made specifically for seniors. It’s also incredibly easy to navigate. You can search topics by first letter, and almost everything you could think of is covered by the experts here. It even includes videos on various health topics like exercise and doctor appointments.

So whether you’re looking to improve your diet, develop an exercise regimen, or better understand your options when it comes to health insurance, there’s a website or blog out there for you. Check out these sites and take what you learn to live a healthy and happy life in retirement!