If you want a pet without having to deal with all the hassle, check out these 6 low-maintenance pets!

If you want a pet without having to deal with all the hassle, check out these 6 low-maintenance pets!

Many people find that when they have more time to spend, they can find companionship and appreciation in owning a pet. However, for those who don't want to deal with the constant upkeep of high-maintenance pets, there are several easier options to choose from. Making the decision to own a low-maintenance pet can yield several benefits such as improvements in mental health, stress, a healthier heart, and can even help seniors take better care of themselves.

Here is a list of our top pets that don't require too much time to care for, but are ideal for those looking for a new and interesting low-maintenance companion.


Whether it's a single fish or a miniature aquarium, this is not only a low-maintenance household pet, it is also a great stress reliever. Depending on the type of fish you own, the costs can range from very affordable to pricier for rarer fish. You would usually need to feed fish small amounts of food about twice a day and clean their tanks once or twice a week with fresh water.


Not only can you take them out of their cage to show off, having a turtle as a pet is also relatively easy to maintain. Unlike other pets, you don't need to feed them daily and, depending on their size, only need to be fed about four times a week. Since turtles also produce waste almost immediately after they eat, you can feed them outside of their tanks to reduce the number of times you would need to clean their cage.


Before you go to your pet store to purchase a bearded dragon, remember that not all lizards will have the best temperament for your lifestyle. However, geckos are a great type of lizard for beginning reptile owners. Not only can they withstand a great deal of handling, they can also survive in normal room temperature and live between 15-20 years.


Although these cuddly creatures require a bit more effort than the previous pets, they are extremely independent when left in a cage with an exercise wheel, accessible water, food pellets, and toys. These pets like to sleep throughout the day, so the best times to introduce them to friends would be in the evening or early morning.


You can create a genuine connection with birds, who are often smarter than most people think. These animals come with distinctive personalities and require less maintenance. Cockatiels, canaries, and lovebirds are relatively quiet and beautiful birds that require feeding only twice a day. Be sure to keep their cages clean and water bowls fresh and you're good to go!


These slithery reptiles are intelligent and enjoy living in a cage where they can hide and climb. Like most pets, their water needs to be kept fresh and, since they are also carnivores, be prepared to feed them prey ranging from live rodents to large insects once or twice a week.