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A Year in Review: 1957

by Karl Schuster on No Comments

In 1957 you could find the Quarrymen touring, until Paul McCartney came along that is. Courtesy of Reddit In many ways, 1957 was a transformative year in American history. Major cultural shifts, fueled by unprecedented post-war economic prosperity led to a fundamental redefinition of what it was to

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Study: Retirees Move in Order to Downsize, Reduce Expenses

by Brad Mitchell on No Comments

New study sheds light on relocating retirees. It’s no shock that as Baby Boomers reach retirement age, many questions about the housing market need to be asked. Builder Online dissected the numbers recently released in a Transamerica Center for Retirement Studies report on the state of retireme

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Notable Boomer Women

by Mayra Rocha on 1 Comment

Oprah is just one of many notable Boomer women. Baby Boomers, who were born between the years 1946 and 1964, experienced some of the nation’s most historic moments. Within this generation, there were many influential Baby Boomer women who helped pave the way for others through political activism a

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Retirement Planning for Women

by Mayra Rocha on No Comments

These are some great tips for planning your retirement as a women. Everyone knows it’s important to save money for retirement. And if you’re a woman, then there are a different set of challenges that you may face. Studies have shown that women tend to live longer, take more time off from work to

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Where U.S. Presidents Retired

by Elliot Crumpley on No Comments

See where some of the most influential presidents retired. Following four to eight years in the White House, U.S. presidents pack up their belongings in 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and head elsewhere after a new head of state is sworn in. As former presidents retire from their demanding roles, they

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Top Reasons Active Adults Choose a 55+ Community

by Mayra Rocha on 1 Comment

Coral Lakes is a prime example of why active adults choose to live in 55+ communities. What makes a retiree move from their family home and into an active adult community? There are several deciding factors that motivate Baby Boomers to leave their familiar surroundings and venture into an age-restr

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