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  • While many think retirees are living a vacation-like lifestyle already, it’s still nice to get away with the entire family to create new memories. But sometimes planning a vacation that the whole family can enjoy is difficult because certain locations don’t appeal to all parties involved. That’s why it’s important to pick a vacation spot that caters to the parents, grandparents, and children because everyone needs to have some fun while on vacation. Instead of the typical family vacation destinations like Disney World, which can be overwhelming for retirees and sometimes kids too, check out these other vacation spots the whole family can enjoy.
  • You have heard of projects performed by volunteers in your community, city or state and may be a volunteer yourself. Organized voluntary citizens work with churches, civic organizations, corporations, and other groups to help those who are in need. Volunteers help build houses, with Habitat for Humanity, while others provide and administer vaccines for children in Africa, South America and other countries with a need. Voluntourism offers the opportunity to travel and volunteer at the same time and you need to know a few things before you try it.


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