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    Located in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains, Asheville, North Carolina is known for its historic charm, a thriving music and arts scene, and an eclectic shopping and dining experiences. Because it's in a higher elevation, Asheville is cooler than other parts of the state, but still offers four distinct seasons. Here are few great activities for active adults in Asheville, NC.
    Stunning oranges, brilliant reds, vibrant coppers and yellows: These are not all the colors you'll find in a rainbow, they are the colors of breathtaking fall foliage you can witness throughout the state of New Jersey. Timing your visits to witness the peak colors can be tricky, since it doesn't last too long and varies depending on where you plan to travel.

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    What's the best part about being a grandparent? You get to spend quality time with your grandkids, and afterward, you can give them back! There are so many places to take your grandkids in The Garden State that we can't list them all in this limited space. But here are a few choice destinations that have all the ingredients for fantastic family memories.

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    Though camping is a fun and exciting pastime for many, it isn't an activity for everyone. While the idea of getting to experience the outdoors and take in some scenic sights can be appealing to some, there are those who aren't eager to part with the luxuries of their home, However, a recent trend called "glamping" is on the rise and might prove to be the solution.
    Active adults are taking to the water - but in a refreshing new way. River cruises are becoming increasingly popular among retirees who desire to explore new destinations, relax in the lap of luxury, and take a vacation like none other. Especially popular in Europe, river cruising consists of three main activities: dining, cruising, and touring.

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    There are over 200 public and private golf courses in The Garden State, with options to please golfers of all skill levels. If you're hoping to play a lot of golf in your retirement, New Jersey is the place. Here are some of the best courses in the state and the 55+ communities near them.

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    If you prefer nature and wildlife, small towns and emerging cities, and you don't want to give up year-round sunshine, Central Florida may be the perfect place to call home. Quite a few fun, affordable 55+ communities can be found from Ocala to Sebring, including Spruce Creek Country Club in elegant Summerfield and Lakes of Mount Dora in picturesque Mount Dora.
    Texas boasts a tremendous variety of recreation activities for active adults. Thanks to its wide-open spaces and mixed terrain, residents, and visitors can explore the kind of outdoor adventures they like best. There is excitement and beauty around every bend, from pristine lakes and rushing waterfalls to stunning canyons and rolling hills.

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    Lighthouses have always had magical auras that draw people to them. Their lights serve as beacons to ships at night and connect visitors to land, water, and a sense of adventure. In New Jersey, there are 11 lighthouses, and they happen to be located in some of the most scenic parts of the state. Here's a look at five of the most popular if you're looking for a lighthouse-themed road trip.

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    Northern Arizona is home to a number of popular retirement cities, including Flagstaff and Prescott. What residents love about living in this area is its easy access to some of the state's best outdoor recreation options. From world-famous destinations to lesser-known spots, we're sharing some of the best ways to enjoy the great outdoors in Northern Arizona.


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