modern master bedroom with bed and chair and sun coming through window

How would you like not one...but TWO master bedrooms?

The National Association of Home Builders predicts that dual master bedroom suites will be in 60 percent of custom homes by 2015. Some of these builders claim that more than a quarter of their new projects already have two master suites. Not since the Victorian era have there been so many requests for dual master bedrooms.

The trend is growing especially fast for older Americans, who may need the extra room to accommodate a multi-generational family, from aging parents to grandchildren. His-and-her wings can also provide a sense of relief from a marriage, as privacy is a precious commodity in a long-term relationship.

Though the subject of dual master suites can be touchy, as society regards sleeping together as a marital obligation. If a couple is not sleeping in the same room, it’s something to wonder and talk about–maybe there are problems with the marriage? Maybe the couple is no longer intimate?

No and no. Interviewers, couples and sociologists claim separate suites have nothing to do with sex and intimacy. This new trend has more to do with comfort and different sleeping preferences, such as covers or no covers, music, reading, surfing the Internet well into the night, waking up or going to sleep at different times. Basically, boomers aren’t willing to sleep in a less than ideal environment. They want and need rest to facilitate their active and healthy lifestyles. And with separate rooms, couples are sure to have a more peaceful atmosphere.

There is a need for separate rooms if a partner has snoring issues—it can be impossible to get an adequate amount of sleep. Also, the realities of future illness or disability might necessitate separate bedrooms. Furthermore, it can be a problem if one half of the couple is an early bird and the other half is a night owl. When couples are on different schedules, one wakes the other as they get in and out of bed.

Dual master bedrooms are growing popular among today’s active boomers and are a home building trend of the future—for whatever reason—you can expect to see more of these double master suites in the future.