Sun City Texas in Georgetown has a long list of great amenities, clubs, events, and more that will keep residents busy all year long.

Walk into Sun City Texas at any point during the day, and you are likely to find groups of retirees socializing, playing sports, and possibly even having a drink at the on-site bar, Wriggley’s Pub. The expansive 5,300-acre community boasts dozens of clubs and activities and a beautiful array of homes. However, talk to any resident and you will learn that the welcoming and social community is what draws people to live here. 

“A lot of people come and stay here for a couple days and loved how welcomed they felt,” said Kelly Katsus, both a resident and real estate agent in the community. “People really make an effort to talk with them and share how much they love living here. 

Sun City Texas opened in 1995 in Georgetown and will have nearly 7,500 homes upon its completion.  Residents can choose from varied duplexes and single-family homes at affordable prices. Most homes range from two-to-three bedrooms and range in size from 1,132 square feet to just over 2,000. Residents can also pick from a variety of home placements, with luxury options typically resting alongside the pro golf course. 

With the temperate weather and the sheer number of activities, your time at home may be limited in this community. Sun City Texas has something for just about everyone, with activities ranging from everything from a hoppin’ singles club to pickleball to a life sciences club. 

“When people move to the community, they don’t realize they have hobbies, because they have never had time to foster them,” said Katsus. “Sun City Texas allows for people to explore their interests and really jump-in and make friends in the process.”

Facilities include three 18-hole golf courses, which are ranked some of the best in Texas. Additionally, residents have access to over nine miles of walking and biking trails, 12 tennis courts, four pickleball courts, eight bocce ball courts, a softball field, and a gardening area. Residents can also spend extra hot days inside working on crafts, reading in the expansive library, or taking an aquafit class. 

However, as reflected in its activities, perhaps one of the best parts of Sun City Texas is the residents themselves. Terry Hamman, a real estate agent in the region, who has sold dozens of properties in the community, says “Sun City Texas is comprised of people all over the country and world.

People move there because they learn about the community, the fun that happens there. It’s not like many other communities where there is a mass exodus for half the year, people want to stay and foster their relationships with their neighbors, kick back and enjoy life.”

Sun City Texas is a convenient 30-miles outside of Austin, where you can find a variety of music genres, arts, and nightlife activities outside the community.