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55places.com Resources

How to Find the Best Place to Retire

No matter what kind of active adult community you may be looking for, 55places.com makes it easy for you to find the best place to retire.

Active Senior Communities

55Places.com has information on active senior communities across the U.S, with partner agents in 21 states specializing in top senior communities.

Staying Active with Chair Pilates

If you’re looking for the best place to retire for active adults, consider a community that offers a Chair Pilates program!

3 Ways to Use the Internet to Stay Connected During Retirement

55places.com highlights three easy and wonderful ways you can use the internet to stay connected to friends in senior communities across the country!

3 Benefits of Continued Education at Retirement Communities

Interested in continuing your education post retirement? Learn which retirement communities offer the best programs today!

Best Place to Retire for Working Retirees

Some active adults travel the world after they retire. Others just spoil their grandkids. But hey, not you. You’ve got a different plan. You’re going to enjoy your retirement to the fullest extent possible—by heading right back to work.

Best Place to Retire for Intellectual Retirees

Admit it—you like to learn. Whether you’re picking up a new book on technology, listening to the latest podcasts from MIT or Stanford on your iPad, or talking about something you’re passionate about, you thrive on being able to learn something new every day.

3 Things No One’s Telling You About Senior Communities

55places.com covers the three things no one is telling you about active senior communities. Read the full story!

5 Places You Can Take College Classes For Free

55places.com reviews five ways you can take college courses at your active senior community for free. Continue reading!

Best Places to Retire If You Love the Outdoors

Have you always loved the great outdoors? Read more to learn about the best places to retire for outdoor enthusiasts.

Socializing Benefits of 55 & Older Communities

Choose 55 and older communities and choose better health. Learn about the positive effects socialization on health post retirement.

Meet Top Agents at 55 and Older Communities

Interested in touring real estate at 55 and older communities? Whether nearby or far away, our agents can help you start the process.

3 Ways to Simplify Your Move To An Active Adult Community

From selling your old house to settling into your new home, we give you 3 tips to simplify the transition into an active adult housing community!

Active Adult Living and the Healthy Lifestyle

From golf courses to Zumba classes, 55places.com discusses the important relationship between active adult living and leading a healthy lifestyle.

Retirement Terms You Should Know – Senior Communities

Searching for senior communities? From age restrictions to home types, 55places.com helps you get one step closer with these frequently used retirement terms.

The Benefits of a Community – Active Adult Communities

From special events to fitness centers, 55places.com explains the benefits of active adult communities, and why they’re more than just a home.

Active Adult Communities

55places.com gives you the information you need about active adult communities. Discover what the "active" lifestyle is all about.

About Retirement Communities

Use 55places.com’s plethora of information on retirement communities throughout the country to find the best place to retire.

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