How would you transform your loft space?

How would you transform your loft space?

During your search for a home in a 55+ community, you may have come across loft spaces. Not quite a bedroom but also not a den, it can be difficult to decide how to use this space. You could, of course, just leave it empty. But why, especially when there are so many great options for turning that into a worthy area?

Here are five great ways to turn your loft into a fully functioning room or into the indoor paradise you didn't know you needed.  

1. Root Cellar

Many Baby Boomers probably remember when most homes were built with a root cellar (sometimes called a fruit cellar). They may have fond memories of going down to the root cellar with their parents or grandparents, storing the fruits and veggies they had so lovingly canned or grabbing some foodstuffs for the evening meal. If your home has a loft, you could easily turn that space into a makeshift fruit cellar for long-term storage for items such as canned goods, emergency supplies, or other items you don't need on a daily basis.

2. Indoor Playhouse for the Grandkids

What kid doesn't love a playhouse? If you have a loft you are no longer using and if your grandkids visit frequently, why not turn it into an indoor playhouse for them? You could have it professionally built or simply make one yourself by adding a barn door and some makeshift windows. Then add a few colorful features to it and voilá! Or, you could even build a teepee or a fort with some old bedsheets or animal patterned fabric.

3. Illuminated Focal Point

You can easily turn your loft into an illuminated focal point for your home. If you have a half-wall, consider removing the wall and adding a wrought-iron feature in its place. Then you simply have some bookshelves built around the walls with a built-in light fixture that will accent your books and almost seem to glow at night. This is a great way to make your home feel even more warm and inviting.

4. Indoor Garden Feature

Similar to the illuminated focal point, you could remove the half wall, install a wrought-iron feature, and have a light fixture added to the room. However, rather than books, you could make that room an indoor garden. You can do this with either live or artificial plants and trees. You could also have a water feature installed for a soothing trickling stream sound. Just remember, if you use live plants, you will have to come up with an easy way to water them. That could be some sort of sink attachment with an extension handle or slow-release waterers.

5. Design a Themed Room

This idea could be anything that makes you happy. You could design it like a romantic getaway (think Paris or Milan), a cruise, or your favorite beach spot. Doing so would allow you to use that space on special occasions when you want to do something different without spending a lot of money or ever having to leave your home. Doing this also makes it easy to change up when you decide you want to do something else with that space.

Or you could turn your loft into a "memory lane" room. This would involve dividing it into sections with each section representing a fond memory. For example, you could make one section for family pictures, one for vacation memorabilia, and another one for major milestones. You could also make this a room of your overall favorite memories. Kind of like having a memory box or trunk, but with this idea you can actually display your favorite things so you can easily look at them and take a trip down memory lane anytime you want without having to pull everything out of dusty boxes.

The Bottom Line

Just because a loft is often seen as an unnecessary room doesn't mean it has to go to waste. Use some of these great ideas or think outside the box to come up with some ideas of your own. You'll be glad you did because not only will you have fun doing it, but you will also be left with a space you can be proud of for years to come.