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    Palm Coast is a small city in Florida situated close to big cities like Daytona Beach, Orlando, and Jacksonville, where many of its residents commute for work. The city's museums and parks gives residents plenty of opportunities to explore.

    Climate & Geography 

    Palm Coast experiences more sun and rain than the national average and has high temperatures reaching the 90s and low temperatures reaching the mid 40s. The coastal location allows residents to enjoy hikes and walks through the many parks located in this city.

    Recreation, Culture, & Entertainment 

    Located in the Atlantic Coast, residents of Palm Coast can take advantage of all that is to offer from the tropical setting. Local attractions include Washington Oak Gardens State Park, Princess Place Preserve, Waterfront Park, and Jungle Hut Park. For shopping and dining, the European Village is a go-to with beautiful historic buildings, residents can shop in the fresh market, dine in at the local restaurants, or simply enjoy a late night walk around with the beautiful scenery. 

    Residents can also enjoy local beaches Jungle Hut Park and Varn Park. 

    Cost of Living & Taxes 

    The cost of living in Palm Coast falls below the Florida average and a little higher than the national average. This city is affordable with the median home cost falling below national and state averages. 

    Floridians pay sales tax and property taxes levied by the county but do not have to pay personal income tax to the state, while also offering exemption programs for widowers, veterans, or disabilities.

    Health Care

    Palm Coast has many options for health care, including Coastal Healthcare Partners, Florida Health Care Plans: Palm Coast, and Palm Coast Medical Center.

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