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    Tavares is a city located in Central Florida just northwest of Orlando. Mostly surrounded by lakes, Tavares offers residents many natural parks that present a variety of options for outdoor activities. Besides this, its affordable cost of living and proximity to the amenities and entertainment of Orlando make it a popular retirement destination.

    Climate & Geography

    Tavares’ geography mainly consists of flat, low-lying land with marshes and swamps throughout the region. The city borders several lakes, including Lake Eustis, Lake Dora, and Lake Harris. 

    Like much of Florida, Tavares has a humid subtropical climate with hot and humid summers and mild winters. The area receives more rainfall than average, no snow, and an abundance of sunny days.

    Recreation, Culture, & Entertainment

    Surrounded by several lakes, Tavares features many natural parks that offer plenty of opportunities for outdoor recreation. Kayaking, boating, fishing, and hiking trails are available at many of the parks, and Wooton Park has space for seaplanes.

    Residents can learn about the area’s history by exploring the Lake County Historical Museum or appreciate artwork at the Lake County Museum of Art, both located in Tavares.

    Tavares also hosts plenty of events and festivals throughout the year, such as Rocktoberfest and the Annual Boo Festival. Additionally, the city is home to several local bars and restaurants. Less than an hour away from Orlando, residents can take a day trip to this bigger city to experience everything that the area has to offer. 

    Cost of Living & Taxes

    The cost of living in Tavares is just slightly higher than the national average but lower than the state average. Health care, housing, and grocery costs in Tavares are all below the state and national averages.

    Florida does not impose an income tax, making it a tax-friendly state for retirees. The combined sales tax in Tavares is 7 percent, which is average for the U.S., and property taxes are below average.

    Health Care

    According to Gallup's Well-Being Index, Florida ranks in the top 20 states and the Orlando metro area ranks in the top 75 communities.

    Tavares residents have easy access to quality health care. AdventHealth Waterman, which is rated high performing by U.S. News, is located in the city. There are also several high performing hospitals nearby, including Leesburg Regional Medical Center, South Lake Hospital, and Villages Regional Hospital.

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