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  • Lifelong learning encompasses more than classroom education. Life experiences, formal education, and recreational pursuits all lead to new ideas. Yet there are times when life seems to be stuck in the same old day-to-day pattern. Read on for some suggestions of ways to challenge yourself and explore new ideas. All of these suggestions are great for everyone, especially active adults.
  • Villas and townhomes and duplexes, oh my! When searching out an ideal active adult community, prospective residents often face confusing terminology when it comes to home descriptions. A similarly designed home may go by multiple names from one community to the next. Conversely, various Realtors or websites may use different terms to describe the exact same home. What does it all mean?
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    From its earliest days, the city of Atlanta took shape as a bustling railroad town. The area has a long history of attracting lively visitors and new residents from diverse backgrounds. Today, with its southern charm and mild winters, Atlanta has become a hot spot for active adults. Atlanta’s humid sub-tropical climate might not be everyone’s cup of tea, yet many active adults feel that its mild winters make up for the hot and sticky summers. Those new to Atlanta should expect summers with average highs around 90 degrees and lows in the 70s. Winters are mild, though an occasional light dusting of snow is possible, and rain is abundant throughout the year. With a relatively high elevation of 1,050 feet above sea level, Atlanta’s climate is a bit more temperate than other parts of Georgia.

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    There are many challenges that affect retirement planning for women. On average, women have a longer life expectancy and a lower median income than men. Due to their primary parenting or caretaker roles, women often spend a significant portion of their lives outside of the workforce, or working part-time jobs. Women are also less likely to have employer sponsored 401K plans, and twice as likely to depend on Social Security as their primary income after retirement. There are many questions women should ask themselves when planning for retirement: How much money will I need? What sources of income will I have during retirement? What if my spouse dies before me? How will the cost of living change over time? What if there is an emergency?
  • Descriptions of the golf courses at active adult communities often include a mention of the golf course designer. What does this say about both the golf course and the community? Golf courses are often the central feature of an active adult community. Their design must incorporate beauty, challenging play, and flexibility for players of various skill levels. In many active adult communities, prime home sites feature golf course views. A professional golf course designer understands how to balance beauty and playability to meet both the needs of golfers and the surrounding homeowners.

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  • At we encourage questions from our readers. Here is a recent question we received from John B. of Ohio: Q: We are looking for a waterfront community with boat access in east Tennessee or the surrounding area. We would prefer to stay around $200,000 or under. A: Tennessee is a beautiful place to live, and the cost of living is about 10% below the national average, which makes it a great retirement location as well. Though there are few age-restricted active adult communities in the East Tennessee region, there are many communities that are ideal for retirees. We did some research on the area and have found a few options that meet your specific criteria.
  • Every winter, active adult snowbirds flock from northern climates to America’s warmer southern regions. While many of these retirees are coming from the northern United States, some of them hail from neighboring Canada. Though Canadian snowbirds share much in common with their American counterparts, crossing the border brings additional concerns. Doug Gordon is one Canadian snowbird who has been wintering in the United States for the past eight years.
  • There was a time when an active adult community was unlikely to succeed if it didn’t have its own golf course. Nowadays, age restricted communities come in all sizes, and their amenities do not necessarily include a golf course. In fact, intimate active adult communities with few amenities are also becoming more prevalent. As active adult community builders are designing communities to attract buyers with various interests, different categories are beginning to emerge. There are sprawling resort-style communities with anywhere from 1,500 to well over 7,000 homes, and more intimate communities that may have as few as 100 homes. Each type of community offers its own retirement lifestyle.

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  • While a resort-style community may appeal to many active adults, others cherish the dream of a rural retirement. These retirees imagine tranquil living in a picturesque home, perhaps nestled in a wooded area or situated near a scenic lake. The small towns in these rural locations have their own charm, without the hustle and bustle of popular, tourist-friendly retirement destinations.
  • recently released the latest and greatest statistical data regarding demographics of users based on age and sex. What’s really exciting is the continued baby boomer Facebook boom! Year over year, from February 2009 to February 2010, Facebook users age 55 to 65 more than doubled from 3% to 7%.


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