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    Each year many active adults retire to communities all along the east coast. To make the most of their retirement funds, retirees often search for areas that have low taxes and other financial incentives. Delaware is one great retirement state that offers low taxes, including no sales tax. If you are interested in retiring to Delaware, here are eight communities worth considering.

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    Though they are situated only about 120 miles apart, the Arizona cities of Tucson and Phoenix each have their own distinctive characteristics. Many people who have lived in both areas tend to prefer one over the other, but the reasons behind the choice often come down to personal preferences. When comparing Tucson and Phoenix, you should first evaluate what you are looking for in a retirement town.
    Homebuyers over the age of 50 have different needs than younger people who are buying their first homes. They may also be coping with the emotional difficulties that come with selling a long-held family home. A Realtor who holds a Seniors Real Estate Specialist (SRES) designation is specifically trained to understand the needs of older clients and offer them appropriate guidance throughout the buying or selling process.
    When shopping for a new home, active adults often come across the same buzz words over and over again. However, these catchy phrases may mean different things to different people. One feature that is commonly mentioned is the “gourmet kitchen.” Just what is it about a kitchen that makes it “gourmet” and how is it different from a regular or a “designer” kitchen?
    Sun, sand and sensational cities. South Carolina has a bit of everything and retirees are taking notice. While there are many reasons that explain why active adults choose to retire in South Carolina, a few that top the list include affordability, a desirable climate, beautiful coastal communities, a rich history and a variety of spectacular golf courses.

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    California is known for its beaches, wine regions and celebrity hot spots. However, residents know that it is also a state that boasts miles and miles of hiking trails. This makes it easy for anyone to add hiking to their regular weekly routine. Avid hikers can discover their own favorite trails in both state and local parks, or even within the borders of some large active adult communities.
    While Sun City and many of the earliest communities were opened with a 55 and older age restriction, there are now many Arizona age-restricted communities designed with even younger active adults in mind. The lower age-restriction offers the benefit of allowing builders to sell to younger buyers and giving new residents a chance to settle in sooner.

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    October brings the colors of autumn, a time of harvest and a certain ghoulish holiday. Though Halloween is known as a favorite among kids, they aren’t the only ones who have fun getting into the spirit. An empty nest may mean the end of trick-or-treating, but it also gives parents a chance to reclaim the holiday with their own adult Halloween party.
    While sun and surf draw many retirees to coastal retirement hot spots, other active adults prefer a destination that offers all four seasons. Illinois is one midwest state that offers a variety of amenities that keep residents entertained year round. In addition to their outdoor attractions, these communities include clubhouses with indoor swimming pools, lounges, fitness centers, arts and crafts rooms and more.

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    Between the difficulty of our current economic situation and the increasing ease of starting home based businesses, many Baby Boomers have left their 9 to 5 jobs in favor of working from home. Their newfound careers are greatly varied. Some jobs are within the same field as their previous careers, and other jobs lead Boomers in a completely new direction.


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