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    by Elliot Crumpley on October 31st, 20151 Comment

    An early retirement is a dream for most American workers. Stories of entrepreneurs retiring in their 40s have us all thinking: “Is it possible for me?” Although retiring that early is not possible for everyone, what about clocking out for the last time at 55 or 60? Is an even earlier retirement possible?

    by Elliot Crumpley on October 30th, 20155 Comments

    Although many look upon retirement with anticipation, some may feel more fearful once they move into a 55+ community. A recent study found that 21% of current and soon-to-be retirees worry about not having a purpose in their golden years, while 34% of current retirees miss the social connections that work provided. Whether it’s having a career or a strong social network, a lot of retired workers struggle dealing with the boredom that having seemingly endless downtime can bring.

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    The Salt Lake City area provides a beautiful paradise that active adults can enjoy. Baby Boomers who love outdoor adventure will have plenty of options to hike, ski, bike, climb, and camp along majestic canyons and mountains. The area also offers opportunities for boating and other water activities on the Great Salt Lake. Retirees will love living among nature, vast open spaces, and national parks while having easy access to big-city attractions and entertainment in bustling downtown Salt Lake City.

    by Mayra Rocha on October 28th, 20156 Comments

    Studies have shown that owning a pet in retirement is beneficial to Baby Boomers for a variety of reasons. The bond between active adults and their pet can essentially establish a positive connection that helps them enjoy their golden years. A pet can become part of your family and provide comfort as well as unconditional love during retirement. Here, we list just eight reasons why you should own a pet in retirement.

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    Retirement savings is often a touchy subject for those inching closer to the day when they clock out for the last time. After all, the field is rife with anecdotal evidence and outdated information that seems to dictate the conversation about retirement savings. This leads retirement-ready workers to think that they are going to have a very comfortable retirement or be unbelievably impoverished, when the opposite could be true.

    by Mayra Rocha on October 26th, 20152 Comments

    When the weather gets too cold to enjoy the outdoors, some people become less active because they’d rather be in the comfort of their own home where it’s warm. It’s important for retirees to stay active because of all the health benefits associated with daily exercise. Baby Boomers can avoid this seasonal slump and get rid of their winter blues by taking advantage of all the indoor exercises available. Here, we list 10 indoor exercises to try this winter.

    by Bill Ness on October 24th, 20151 Comment

    A charming community in Garden City, Idaho, Willowbrook has the perfect small-town neighborhood setting: photo-worthy grounds, scenic ponds and streams, and quaint single-family homes for active adults.

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    As developments are designed and new homes are put on the housing market a growing trend for builders of active communities has been to construct homes on smaller lots. The median lot size for new houses has decreased approximately ten percent since the late 1990s. In recent years, the homes being built had been larger, but increasingly smaller homes are being placed on smaller lots too.

    by Elliot Crumpley on October 22nd, 20158 Comments

    Active adults waiting for new construction homes near Sacramento have to wait no more: Lennar Homes has begun development of their newest 55+ community in Northern California, Heritage El Dorado Hills.

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    The Seattle-Tacoma area is thought of as a place of opposites: unrivaled beauty and unrelenting gloom, sprawling urbanity and endless green spaces, spiraling towers and seaside serenity. It’s for all these reasons that some retirees seek out the Seattle-Tacoma area for retirement.


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