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Monthly Archives: November 2015

The Best Places to Retire If You Love to Ski

by Samantha Reid on No Comments

Active adults who enjoy the great outdoors should consider retiring near a ski resort. Retirement means having more time than ever to take up new hobbies, or reinvest time in an old favorite. If skiing is your pastime of choice, there are plenty of active adult communities from coast to coast that w

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How to “Pay It Forward” in Your Community

by Samantha Reid on No Comments

Now that you have the extra time, have you considered giving back? You can start in your very own neighborhood! Active adult communities pride themselves on just that: a sense of community. While you may not have known your neighbors before, people are moving into 55+ communities for a sense of cama

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Moving Long Distance for Retirement

by Elliot Crumpley on 18 Comments

Are you really ready to move? Here’s what you should do before you make a long-distance move for retirement. Many retirees dream of the day when they ditch the snow shovel for the last time for the warm and bucolic life in a temperate climate. But are you ready to toss your belongings into a t

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Retiring in a Master-Planned Community

by Mayra Rocha on 5 Comments

Master-planned communities are becoming popular for retirement. You may have seen the term “master-planned community” when searching for a new 55+ home but didn’t know what it meant. A master-planned community is a type of residential development that includes a mix of homes constructed by var

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6 Reasons Why Active Adult Communities Are Perfect for Singles

by Mayra Rocha on No Comments

There are many benefits of living in a 55+ community when you’re single. Single retirees often wonder if moving into an active adult community is a good fit for them. Some don’t know all that 55+ communities have to offer. Active adult communities are not just about real estate. They offer m

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An Established and Affordable 55+ Community in Maryland

by Samantha Reid on 2 Comments

Crestwood Village is an established 55+ community in Maryland that offers great amenities. If you’re an active adult looking for an exciting retirement lifestyle without breaking the bank, look no further than Crestwood Village. With a prime location in Frederick, Maryland, just an hour outside of

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