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  • If you prefer a movie marathon to running a marathon, then there is an active adult community for you. Some of the best active adult communities offer amenities that cater to movie lovers by offering movie nights, film clubs, and on-site theaters. From large communities offering state-of-the-art movie theaters with sound systems to smaller neighborhoods with media rooms and big screen TVs, these active adult communities are bringing dozens of residents together who love the silver screen.
  • From the “purple mountain majesties” of America the Beautiful to John Muir’s, "The Mountains Are Calling, it’s hardly a secret that the world’s peaks are both beautiful and inspiring. But what many don’t know is that mountain living is also extremely beneficial for one’s health. And there are some truly unexpected reasons why the body benefits from living in the hills. Here are five reasons why living in the mountains might just be one of the best choices you could ever make for your health.
  • Lennar’s premier active adult community in historic Williamsburg, Virginia is the ideal retirement destination for Baby Boomers who are in search of resort-style living. Colonial Heritage, which was named one of the 50 Best Master-Planned Communities in the U.S. by Where to Retire Magazine in 2015, offers homeowners world-class amenities and elegant home designs set within a prime location that’s home to scenic parks, cultural attractions, and a vibrant downtown area.

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  • Being young at heart enables you to see the humor in life and the ability push fear aside and try new things. This is as true at 65 as it is at 18 and staying young at heart has a positive effect on your overall health. Having a hobby that focuses your attention on an activity that you enjoy is another way to stay young at heart and gives you a common interest with others who participate in the same activities. The following are hobbies that will keep you healthy and provide hours of personal and physical satisfaction.
  • A rather new concept in Western civilization, ‘Mindfulness' is an ancient practice found in a wide range of Eastern philosophies and incorporates elements of Taoism, Buddhism, and yoga. It is a method of bringing awareness to the present moment of your thoughts, feelings, sensations of your body, and your surrounding environment. Researchers have found that those who practice mindfulness can tune into the present moment instead of living in past regret and the what-ifs of the future, allowing them to live a more positive lifestyle.
  • Many people find that when they have more time to spend, they can find companionship and appreciation in owning a pet. However, for those who don't want to deal with the constant upkeep and and high energy handling of high-maintenance pets, there are several easier options to choose from. Making the decision to own a low-maintenance pet can yield several benefits such as improvements in mental health, stress, a healthier heart, and can even help seniors take better care of themselves. Here is a list of our top pets that don't require too much time to care for, but are ideal for those looking for a new and interesting low-maintenance companion.

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  • What makes your active adult community the best in the country? We wanted to know, so we asked active adults all over the country to tell us why they love their 55+ community –– and as an added incentive, one of the respondents won a brand new tablet!
  • Maintaining your physical health increases your life span and ability to enjoy life now and in retirement. There are numerous ways to exercise, whether you're 18 or 80. Running, jogging, or doing some laps in the community pool will help you maintain a healthy lifestyle. A post-workout routine will help you to receive the most benefit from your workout, whether exercising to lose weight or add bulk. Following are five important things to do after your workout that will help you get the most from your exercise regimen.
  • Baby Boomers flock to active adult communities because they provide vibrant and exciting lifestyles with a welcoming and social atmosphere. Residents living in these retirement communities are encouraged to participate in unique activities, clubs, and special interest groups where they can socialize and mingle with their neighbors as well as explore new hobbies that spark their interest. Some communities are more active than others and offer countless amenities, multiple clubhouses, hundreds of social clubs, special events, activities, and endless options for recreational enjoyment.
  • Whether you are thinking about retirement or already retired, it is likely that your income will be lower than its current level. Learning to live frugally does not mean giving up the things you enjoy, and budgeting your funds will be more important than ever. Frugal living can help you maintain a comfortable lifestyle in retirement if you are careful and find ways to cut expenses that are not necessary.


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