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    After the leaves turn colors and, in much of the country, the gray skies and snow arrives, many of us find ourselves with spare time that was once occupied by outdoor activities. Hobbies, whether as an individual pursuit or group activity, are a time-honored way to spend one’s time. A good hobby, though, isn’t about just whiling away the hours, it should produce something useful or beautiful, whether that’s something tangible like a meal or scarf or intangible like a new experience, perspective, or friendship. Here are some fresh takes on some of the most popular winter hobbies.
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    The sales center at the highly anticipated Latitude Margaritaville in Daytona Beach, FL will open Monday, October 30 for tours. Deposits on home purchases will not be accepted until the sales launch on November 13, but prospective buyers will be able to preview the interactive sales center and get a sneak peek of the lifestyle Latitude Margaritaville will offer.
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    Chances are you started planning for retirement years ago through regular savings, a 401(k), or investments. Now more than ever, access to your retirement accounts are at your fingertips in the form of smartphone apps. Whether you’re looking to check your 401(k) or keep an eye on the stock market, you’ll always be able to know where you stand in terms of retirement. While these apps are helpful for checking where you stand when it comes to retirement, it’s important to know that these apps are more for daily guidance than to use for setting a firm retirement goal.
  • K. Hovnanian Homes has begun the first phase of construction on a new active adult community in Chester, Maryland. Situated along the banks of the Chester River, Four Seasons at Kent Island will feature single-family homes as well as five-story condominium buildings along the waterfront.

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    Active adult communities around the country cater to many different hobbies, activities, and personal interests with the goal of cultivating an exciting lifestyle. Some of the most highly regarded communities include features like golf courses, pickleball, arts and crafts classes, cooking classes, book clubs, and woodworking. Many of these communities provide great ways for active adults to continue their lifelong passions, or to even pick up new hobbies and skills while making new friends.
  • Some of the most desirable features of any active lifestyle community include maintenance-free homes, proximity to golf courses, and abundant recreational options. Charbonneau Country Club is one of those rare communities that has it all. Located in Wilsonville, OR, Charbonneau Country Club is a premier active lifestyle community just outside Portland. The prime amenity within the community is the 27-hole golf course, which includes a pro shop and driving range. The community’s location provides waterfront living, quick access to Interstate 5, and a scenic setting near forests and hiking trails in Western Oregon.

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    A night spent at the theater is a night spent immersed in a great performance free from the distractions of mobile phones, social media, and TV. It is, unfortunately, an all-too-rare pleasure for most in today’s fast-paced, constantly connected world. With retirement comes the precious commodity of free time that allows ample opportunity to take in a show.
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    Waterbury, and its surrounding region in Western Connecticut often fly under the radar of 55+ homebuyers, especially those unfamiliar with the region as a whole. Whether you’re from the area or not, the region’s history, cultural attractions, and ideal location make this an appealing place to call home.
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    The alluring second home in a scenic locale is a dream that many share while relaxing in their favorite vacation spots. There’s a lot to consider, but with proper planning, a vacation home can become a special place for a homeowner to escape to. If bought hastily, however, the property can become a big headache, so there are a few things to consider.
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    Throughout most of the United States, autumn is unmistakably associated with the harvest of fall squashes and gourds. Simply put, the pumpkin has a cultural significance that, for instance, the humble butternut or small acorn squash do not. With evidence of cultivation going back at least 10,000 years, the pumpkin is one of the earliest documented Mesoamerican crops, predating even the domestication of corn or beans.


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