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    Living in a 55-plus community means opening new doors. It means finding the home you want to retire in, being part of a community, and enjoying life without the hassle of home maintenance. While living in a 55-plus community might require less lawn mowing and leaf raking, it doesn’t have to mean a lack of physical activity. A prime factor in the growth of age-restricted communities over the last few decades is – unsurprisingly - to stay active in retirement. Communities across the country are focusing on providing modern amenities and classes emphasizing the best ways to use them. It’s likely once you move into an active adult community, you’ll be overwhelmed at all the ways you can spend your leisure time.

    by Elliot Crumpley on December 7th, 20165 Comments

    Whether you've lived in the desert for many years, or are considering a move there, you're aware that there are certain advantages to the lifestyle, but did you know there are some aspects of living in the desert that are great for your health? Back in the 19th century, before modern medicine existed, people of means would often move to different countries in order to take advantage of entirely different climates, particularly ones that were warm and dry. While they certainly didn't know quite as much about how the body worked as we do now, there was definite wisdom in choosing an arid climate to promote health. Here five ways that desert living can help to keep you healthy.

    by Elliot Crumpley on August 26th, 20167 Comments

    Living on or near the water has more benefits than just its inherent beauty. It can provide health benefits that sooth the soul and offer a peace not found anywhere else. There are many lakeside, riverside, and ocean front homes across the country. Whether you are looking for a home in Alabama or Washington, finding one on the water will give you more than a home by offering health benefits for you and your family.

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